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We are all about fitness! FitnessAbout is a passion project for health and fitness enthusiasts experimenting with different fitness routines and exercise equipment.

We love everything about fitness – be it practicing Yoga in the mornings or going for that strenuous cardio workout in the gym that will burn a thousand calories!

In FitnessAbout, we bring to you the latest and the best in health equipment and fitness trends so that you can keep healthy and fit.

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Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are ideal for people who like a good cardio workout but suffer from joint pain or carry overuse injuries because of extensive training in the past.

Elliptical machines put much less pressure on your joints and give you an upper body workout as well, along with working out your big lower body muscle groups.

Elliptical Machines

It is scientifically proven that elliptical machines are less stressful on the feet than overground running or walking and using the treadmill1. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for elliptical machines for a small apartment or full-sized elliptical machines for your basement, we have you covered.


Who doesn’t like a good run? But if it is too hot or cold or rainy outside (which is the case during most of the year in most parts of the world), the run goes for a toss.


So having a good treadmill at home can be a life savior for the fitness aficionado. Treadmills come in all sizes, ranging from compact ones that are perfect for condos and apartments to full-sized treadmills with HD TV and internet connection.

Exercise Bikes

One of our favorite games growing up was biking around the neighborhood with friends. For many people, cycling continues to be a primary form of exercise.

And cycling is great for the body. Studies suggest that indoor cycling has a positive impact on many of our vitals like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood oxygen levels, and body mass index2.

So whether it is spinning that you like or just hopping on to that recumbent exercise bike for a nice little workout, you can get all the information that you want, right here.


So if you have come this far, stay with us and explore the latest in the world of health and fitness.


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