About us

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts. We like all forms of exercise, be it running, swimming, Yoga, pilates… you name it!

All the content that we produce is through our personal experience or of those around us. Please do not take anything mentioned on this website for medical advice. If you are seeking a medical opinion, we strongly suggest that you speak to a doctor or a healthcare practitioner.

If you want to communicate with us, please send an email at siteoutreach (at) yahoo (dot) com

Meet the FitnessAbout Team

Rachel Ann , MEd, OTR, OTRP

Rachel HeadshotRachel Ann Tee-Melegrito is a licensed Occupational Therapist in the Philippines and in the United States. She has a Masters in Education with a major in Child Development and Education.

Rachel loves keeping herself and her family fit and in fine fettle. She is also a teacher by profession and passion. She currently teaches at one of the top universities in the Philippines.

An INFJ-T, Rachel is introverted yet idealistic, a perfectionist yet also a sensitive, empathetic person. She is a creative individual who loves learning, reading, designing, and writing.

She lives in the Philippines with Kenn, her husband, Cali, their daughter, and Pepper, their Mini Schnauzer.


Aswathy Suresh, RYT, BBA, MBA

Aswathy Suresh is a blogger and a writer based out of Ontario, Canada.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200 Yoga Alliance certified), she is an avid yoga enthusiast. She has a penchant for writing about health and wellness and FitnessAbout is her chosen platform to express herself.

There are 2 kinds of book nerds in the world—the ones who dive into the pages right away, and the ones who savor the scent of a book before reading it. Aswathy certainly belongs to the latter category.

In her spare time, if you will not find her practicing Yoga, you will find her settled into her favorite corner, nose in her book and oblivious to the whole wide world!


Sarah Santos, BA

Sarah Santos HeadshotSarah is a fitness nut who loves working out. Be it yoga, Pilates, or working out to a fitness instructor’s tutorial at home, she makes it a point to incorporate at least 30 minutes of vigorous physical exercise every day. You can almost say that she is addicted to the endorphin kick she gets after an intense work out session.

Among all physical exercises, Sarah favours cardio the most. Whether it is positive 20 degree C or negative 10 degree C outside (yes, that is quite par for the course where she stays), she is not the one to miss a 2-5k run to improve her mood.

Sarah loves writing around topics related to health and fitness. She has a 3-year degree (B.A) in Media, Information, and Technoculture from one of Canada’s top universities.