Alexis Ren Diet, Workout & Lifestyle

Alexis René Glabach, professionally known as Alexis Ren, is one of the most incredibly bodied celebrities in Hollywood and different international catwalks. Rene has amazed the fashion and fitness world with her exceptional aspects and stunning figure ever since she was 13.

Alexis Ren is an American model and social media phenomenon with millions of followers on social media. She performed ballet for more than a decade, before making up to modelling at 13.

Since then, Ren has been appearing in various adverts such as Final Fantasy XV mobile game- not forgetting the activewear line that she launched as Rene Active.


In 2018, she emerged as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie star of the year, and she performed it to the 27th season finals where she was announced among the celebrities in the Dancing with the Stars contest.

Alexis Ren’s social media followers can attest the striking things about her workout and fitness trend. First, her weekly workout schedule features at least five days of exercise- several times per day.

However, her workouts typically don’t involve ballast training at the gym. Instead, she concentrates on a brilliant combination of dedicated ab workouts and cardio regime such as Pilates, running, hiking, boxing, and yoga.

Furthermore, her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube feeds are loaded with lots of updates concerning her daily workout and fitness routine. The most stylish update she has ever posted is her incredible 10-minute ab workout.

Alexis Ren Diet

When it comes to nutrition, Ren is relatively strict. Her major refrains include bread and alcohol, although she also abstains from red meat, fast food, and gluten. She spreads her nutrition needs to a minimum of 6 smaller meals, meaning she doesn’t hold to a three meal a day. 

Ren eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. As you can imagine, her time feeding does not allow eating after 7 pm, and she does not have fruits after lunch. Rene drinks at least 2 quarts of water every day and consumes a minimal amount of sugar. 

Ren has regularly been posting fresh ideas about maintaining her phenomenal figure. She states that she experienced an eating disorder sometimes back, but since then, she established a commitment to nutritious eating. Below are tips and methods that she has been sharing over the years, including everything from breakfast to supper and snacks.


  • She prefers coffee fairly more than tea as the first thing in the morning.
  • Smoothies blended with berries and fruits.
  • Gluten-free pancakes, no sugar but just a few eggs.


  • Kale and chicken salad or basically plenty of vegetables and protein to sustain muscles.
  • Mixed bowl of fruit. Even if Rene loves fruits, she only have them for breakfast and lunch.


  • Rene doesn’t bear late-night munchies, but for dinner, she likes veggie burgers with organic avocado and lettuce bun.
  • Banana ice cream, mostly blended xxxx with almond milk.


  • Blended fruit salad with pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberries, and watermelon.
  • Chocolate-free trail mix
  • Raw carrots
  • Rice treats with almond butter

Rene does not consume junky diets, which helps keep her body lean and toned. However, she also relies on a few supplements to enhance her look and satisfaction.

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Alexis Ren Lifestyle

When it comes to lifestyle, it is not all about hot bod or such. Rene loves watching documentaries and some bit of TED talks. She also takes clothing design and developing her activewear business gravely. But to maintain the bod hot, Ren applies coconut remedy every night and then scrubs it off in the early mornings to make sure she isn’t so greasy.

Being from Santa Monica, California, you may probably wonder how this American celebrity can be such a summertime enthusiast. Rene says that she loves the sun and won’t turn her face from the sunspots. In fact, she says she thinks of it as her battery, or charger- the reason why she like travelling so much.

Rene also loves creativity. She creates arts using photos, clothes, or even her own body, providing an added touch to her sentiment. On her bikini outfit, Rene says that she has extra clothing to sleep in than she does to go out and that the fact explains a lot about who she is. She also declares that she like challenge, but on the other hand, she minds being categorized.

Here we have a video of Alexis Ren’s 10-minute ab workout.


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  • How can you maintain your lifestyle like Alexis Ren?

Although they normally have dieticians and personal trainers, models like Alexis Ren put a lot into their everyday diets and workout routines. This implies that there are substantial work and training behind these models, and they entirely understand the effect of the menu and the workout fitness combination.

With Twitter around, together with its whole variety of short statements and simple ideas, you don’t have to go for ages to elaborate explanations on how you can maintain your lifestyle like a celebrity.

Ren has a perfect Twitter feed with all sorts of info and inspirational concepts to strip away your calories and help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Here are some of her practical tips that you can count on;

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day
  • Regularly count the calories burned  every day
  • Abstain from eating bread during the day
  • Don’t depend on large meals, instead of split your diet into smaller snacks
  • Exercise regularly without skipping a day of training.


Apparently, Alexis takes into account the whole essence of having an effective workout regime, along with a proper diet plan. That means if you are to attain a fantastic body posture, you should never target for a lousy diet with more activities at the fitness clubs, as they only lead to disappointment.

And if at all you are to adhere to the Alexis Ren’s diet, workout and fitness routine, it would definitely demand some practice and effort. You might also need some clever hacks such as the abs routine to elevate you to your goals, of course with some few supplements.

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