Forget Your Excuses via These 10 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill


Did you know that adults need at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week?

According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, people need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate workout weekly to stay fit and healthy.

You may also be well aware that age is a risk factor, so as an adult, it is, indeed, mandatory for you to maintain sound health for your longevity.

You may wonder how you can make this possible. Jogging and brisk walking are certainly the physical exercises that can give you your required dose of energizing workouts every week.

However, you may find it challenging to get up and head to the gym to use the treadmill.

You may be a busy working professional who lacks time to engage in regular workout routines, or you may lack the motivation to stay committed to a workout plan.

Now, you see your home treadmill at the corner of your warm home or the gym. Did you know that this exercise machine is the answer when seeking consistency in workout routines?

Check out these ten convincing benefits of running on a treadmillwhich will help you forget your excuses of not using it to fulfill your fitness and wellness goals:

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10 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

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1. You can achieve your weight-loss objectives very fast.

Shedding those unwanted body pounds is one of the most obvious benefits of running on a treadmill.

Running for merely 20 minutes at 10 kilometers per hour (kph) will already help you say goodbye to 229 calories.

If you can run for 12 kph more, you will get to relish burning 300 calories more.

Plus, you can follow the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) principles, alternating the repeating rounds of moderate and slow speed or use the treadmill’s incline.

Combined with a healthy diet, you do not have to wait for several months to lose weight and keep fit.


2. You achieve sound cardio-vascular health and improved muscle tone.

Obesity, hypertension, and having high “bad cholesterol” levels are serious medical conditions that pose a severe threat to your cardiovascular health.

It is never too late to keep these diseases at bay and to keep your heart healthy through the help of treadmill exercises.

By performing your workouts regularly, you can reduce the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or the “bad cholesterol” in your body while increasing the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or the “good cholesterol.”

You can, therefore, feel assured that your heart is healthy and you can safeguard yourself against getting a sudden heart attack.

Another of the many benefits of running on a treadmill is the incline feature of the running machine which makes the muscles in your legs, buttocks, and calves robust.

If you walk or jog with small hand weights, you can even keep the muscles in your arms perfectly toned, too.

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3. You can achieve the proper walking and jogging postures.

When using the treadmill, one of the goals is for you to achieve the ideal “road form” which is the proper posture that you should have when walking or jogging.

The exercise machine helps you reach this correct body position by encouraging you to walk or run as if you are doing it on the actual road.

Are you plodding or over-striding? Or perhaps you are not lifting your knees properly?

Apparently, no other fitness equipment can help you address these concerns and achieve the correct body posture other than the treadmill.

You, therefore, have to stand upright, roll your shoulders backwards, position your chin up, and keep your eyes looking forward.

With the mirrors in your home gym or at the actual gym, the treadmill can help you find out if you are executing the right form while running on it.

4. You can measure your progress in your fitness goals.

Working out outdoors may not offer you the specific statistics that indicate your progress with regards to your fitness goals.

You may not find out the essential figures and save them for your reference later.

Hence, you will find yourself left in the woods when it comes to understanding how far you have advanced in your weight-loss and wellness targets.

But the treadmill has built-in digital monitoring features that provide its users the essential statistics such as the time, distance, calories burned, speed, and the heart and pulse rates.

They help you determine how much you have climbed and how far you have run or walked.

Therefore, you can estimate as to whether you are on the right track to reaching your fitness targets or otherwise.

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5. You can develop your capability to focus on what matters.

Let us face it: Using the treadmill can be monotonous because you are just focused on staring at the view in front of you for several minutes.

This fact is one reason why people lose the motivation to hop on it and perform their necessary moderate aerobic exercises.

But did you know that among the benefits of running on a treadmill is that it offers mental training which improves your concentration abilities?

If you are engaged in race-training, you are eager to win that long and tough marathon.

Hence, you certainly need to be laser-focused on your goal of a victory and woolgathering is positively discouraged.

And how can you achieve that? Through the help of the treadmill, of course. Furthermore, if you feel sleepy while using this fitness machine, you can challenge yourself.

In 20 minutes, you can try to get your heart rate up and see how many times you can keep it to that level and then bring it down while jogging on the treadmill.

6. Your desired exercises or “fantasy workouts” are within reach.

Walking or running outdoors merely offers you the ground you can run on which could either be level or uneven.

You cannot tweak your physical exercises there, unlike when you use a treadmill. Are you thinking of running a three-mile hill? It is possible with the treadmill.

Would you like a challenging terrain because you are tired with the same jogging or walking grounds you always do? The treadmill can give it to you.

Are you preparing and eyeing to win an out-of-town marathon? You can get ready for that through race-training with the treadmill.

These benefits of running on a treadmill also include the exercise machine having a digital monitor that helps you enjoy the fun and exciting built-in workout programs.

They make your physical exercises more challenging by offering variety to your incline or speed.

As you can see, this fitness equipment facilitates you to simulate any physical exercises that you desire. Variety is the spice of life, and it is also true with the treadmill.

Hence, you can have mixed exercises or have something that will make you feel relaxed and energized throughout the day.

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7. The treadmill offers the safety and peace of mind of the indoors.

Walking or running on the road certainly exposes you to the risks of unwanted distractions and hazards.

Road traffic, fast and noisy vehicles, negligent and reckless motorists, dust, and smoke are just some of the unwelcome elements that could undermine your workouts.

Besides, you have to be concerned about the weather. If tomorrow is a sunny one, then, you can carry out your outdoor workout plans.

But what if it will be overcast tomorrow with high chances of rain? Then, you will not be able to enjoy a day out of rewarding physical exercises.

Meanwhile, among the benefits of running on a treadmill is that, since the exercise equipment at the comforts of your home gym in your basement, you are free from these disturbances.

Your indoor workout session with this exercise machine enables you to focus on completing your exercise plan for the day and nothing else.

Therefore, achieving your fitness goals will not take you a long time since no obstacles are getting in your way.

8. You can relish comfortable, consistent, and exciting workouts.

The treadmill is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable fitness machines to use. It is also convenient because you can enjoy using it at the comforts of your own home.

Therefore, you have the option to be laid-back as much as you want, including with the selection of workout outfits that you would like to wear.

You can also engage in your other leisurely pursuits like reading, listening to power dance music, or enjoying a comedy on TV while you use the treadmill.

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9. The treadmill offers the ideal level surface to walk or jog on.

You may be experiencing body pains which may hold you back from engaging in your treadmill workout.

But you should not worry because walking and running on the treadmill will not make your discomforting feelings worse.

The flat, predictable, and even surface offered by this exercise machine helps in making you feel relaxed and revitalized.

You can have the peace of mind that you deserve without having to worry about getting injured or tripping over on the uneven ground, too.

10. The treadmill can be easily folded, transported, and stored away.

Most fitness machines require a spare room or a permanent corner where you can lodge them.

This reality can be taxing for you especially if you live in a small space like a studio apartment unit or a bungalow.

However, today’s treadmill models save you from this concern. You can easily move most of them around your house.

Besides,these exercise machines can also be stored away in a closet or a storage cupboard when you do not need them.

Apparently, among the benefits of running on a treadmill is that it offers a lot of positive possibilities which includes a myriad of health and wellness advantages.

The treadmill enables you to stay motivated in reaching your fitness targets without having to procrastinate or feel lazy.

Learning about these ten convincing benefits of running on a treadmill, indeed, renders your excuse of “not having enough time for treadmill workouts” truly invalid.

Therefore, have a lovely day enjoying your workouts on the treadmill and bidding those unwanted pounds goodbye!


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.