7 Undeniable Benefits of Running – Start Running Now!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Running is the favorite way to kick start a day for many people. Apart from motivating you to show up early, running also helps in various ways both physically and mentally.

Sadly, most of us choose to adopt a sedentary lifestyle and no wonder the heart diseases and Cancer account to around 80% of deaths in our country.

Running should be a part of your daily life. Even if you are a bodybuilder, running at least for a mile on a good treadmill or outdoors helps you a lot in many ways. In fact, running is the best way to get that ripped abs; spot fat reduction isn’t practical.

Are you waiting for the stars to align and start running? I’ll help you align those stars.

In the previous post, I’ve presented some brain benefits of running. In this post, I’ll present some of the undeniable reasons why you need to start running today for your way to fitness.

7 Reasons To Start Running Today

#1. Running pr​​​​​omotes heart health

Running is the most active form of cardio workout. Like other cardio workouts, the running helps greatly in promoting heart health and also preventing blood pressure.

While running the blood circulation will be more, resulting in increasing the capacity of the heart to pump up the blood and also running improves the elasticity of the arteries reducing the risk of blood pressure.

People with blood pressure can benefit from running even within 3 weeks of starting a strict running regimen.

Is running improve blood circulation in your body it helps you to stay active throughout the day without any laziness.

#2. Running boosts physical strength

Running increases your endurance and stamina.  it also helps you to work out the core muscles and various leg muscles like Quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and also gluteus maximus.

Quadriceps is the largest muscle group in the body the workouts like squats primarily focus on this muscle group.

Running, especially the sprint running helps you grow your quadriceps. The endurance running helps you slim down the quadriceps muscles.

Calf muscles are necessary for you to get a forward momentum while running. So, regular running helps you improve the muscle tone of calf muscles.

Hamstrings are also very important muscles for running, but the fact is that these muscles become tight as you run extensively.

So, to avoid any tightness related injuries you need to properly stretch your leg muscles after running.

Running overall results in great muscular legs, The long distance running build lean muscles and also help to burn fat.

#3. Running prevents Cancer

According to the American Medical Association people who run or exercise daily have reduced risk of certain kinds of cancer.

Running increases the amount of cancer killer cells in our body and helps to control the growth of cancerous cells.

“In men who met the study’s exercise prescription of an hour of aerobic activity per day, six days a week for a year, we saw a substantial decrease in the amount of cellular proliferation in the areas of the colon that are most vulnerable to colon cancer”- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

“It is discovered that people with the highest levels of physical activity were 7% less likely to develop any kind of cancer than those who exercise the least” – JAMA

#4. Running helps in weight loss

Running, when coupled with proper fat-free diet, significantly helps in burning body fat and getting that flat tummy.

Cutting out carbs and getting protein sources in your diet, helps you in losing weight, quickly.

It is also proved that people who exercise and run more often, have more sensitive awareness towards the food they eat and tend to only choose healthy food and avoid craving for junk food.

This mindset that you get from running is very essential for weight loss.

For bodybuilders who are willing to shed tummy fat, sprint running seems to be a great choice.  Rather than wasting your time for spot reduction using crunches and planks, running seems to be an overall great option.

#5. Running keeps diabetes under control

Any aerobic exercises like running help you to reduce blood sugar and reduce your resistance to the insulin.

With the reduced amount of blood sugar in your body,  you can lower your medications and have more freedom when it comes to what to eat.

In some diabetic patients where the blood sugar level is very high then walking or brisk walking may be preferred over running because of some risks involved.

However, you need to consider consulting your physician about running if you have moderate to severe diabetes.

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#6. Running beats anxiety

Running helps you to beat negative emotions.  running has been a great help for people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and also the panic attacks.

When running your brain releases a feel-good hormone called endorphins. This chemical is responsible for what we call runner’s high. A surge in this hormone levels results in improved mood and way of thinking.

When you make running a daily habit it forces your brain to rewire for decreased anxiety and negative thought patterns.

#7. Running boosts cognition

Running has excellent anti-aging properties and also helps you to prevent age-related cognitive decline.

The clinical review called “Trends in neurosciences”, reported that exercise results in structural changes to the hippocampus and also prevents neurodegeneration and alleviation of depression.

Running increases to neuroplasticity of your brain and helps your brain to strengthen and reorganize the synaptic structures which cause structural and functional enhancements in your brain. The neuroplasticity also increases the brain’s ability to form new neurons.

Running also improve the ability to recall information giving you an impression of greater memory.

It helps you clear up your mind, enables you to do multitasking, and increases your ability to focus.

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