6 Best Commercial Gym Equipment Brands

With the COVID crisis, it’s no surprise equipment gym brands are in high demand right now. Working from home and working out from home is hard as it is. So why not look into the best gym equipment brands online to make an at-home gym successful? (and actually useful).

If you are a dedicated person to fitness, it’s important to know the types of gym equipment brands so you can decide if the item will fit your physical needs and financial budget.

Whether it’s having an online class on the screen of your equipment, or a bundle of gear specified towards your body goal, you may want to become knowledgeable about high-quality gym equipment brands and each of their benefits.

Investing in a gym piece is a major decision, as you don’t want to buy something that will easily break or not last as long as you wanted.

Read further about the types of warranties these companies have to ease your sports equipment shopping stress so you can focus on the benefits of each piece of gear.

Commercial Gym Equipment Brands:

Below is a list of the top six gym brands and a snippet about what each company stands for and sells.

  • Technogym provides fitness equipment, services, content, and programs to serve their mission of wellness – whether it’s nutritional, mental, or physical. Originated in Italy.
  • Life Fitness has been in business for over fifty years. This company has built fitness solutions to benefit both the exerciser and gym owners.
  • Nautilus International was created in 1970. This company revolutionized fitness, incorporating its Nautilus cam design in a variety of training and cardio equipment.
  • Precor Fitness designs and manufactures commercial and at-home workout machines, focused on experience design in sustainability.
  • Sunny Health & Fitness creates high-quality fitness products, distributes them, and imports them with over a decade of being in business. Specializes in cardio equipment.
  • Valor Fitness focuses on quality strength training equipment, sold individually or in bundles for boxers, trainers, or even Olympic athletes.

Visit each brand’s website for more information when you keep reading about the company what they have to offer.

Technogym Vs Life Fitness

About Technogym

Technogym offers extensive products and services for all types of users including beginners to intermediates. The products aim to create specific solutions for fitness-related goals, such as training strength, losing weight, or staying fit by toning up.

Technogym credits its name to what the company offers – technology-driven, home gym equipment. This is what makes it so unique to differ from any regular gym.

Yoga Mat, Elastic band, Dumbbell

Some products that are techno-driven are the multifunctional bench, touch screen treadmills, or the built-in virtual apps on ellipticals composed of work out videos, and tracking with display consoles.

Although it’s on the pricy side, these machines are one of the most modern fitness equipment you can find on the market – designed for wellness advocates and at-home workout lovers.

Although it’s a bit on the pricy side, you can ask for a quote on the price. They offer training kit bundles including:

  • Complete Workout Kit (Elastic bands, loop bands, foam roller, exercise mat, mobility ball, Technogym case)
  • Core Mobility Kit (Foam roller, exercise mat, jump rope, water bottle, towel, duffle bag)
  • Compact Support Kit (Elastic bands, loop bands, jump rope, mobility ball, backpack)

Prices range from $400-600 each. But, remember they included the essentials for you and is a accumulative of high-quality pieces so you don’t have to individually search for each product to satisfy your need.

Technogym’s equipment can be found on their store on Amazon.

In contrast to Life Fitness, one of Technogym’s competitors, Technogym over shines Life Fitness by its built-in technologies in the equipment.

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness cardio equipment doesn’t have a built-in TV’s, as you have to buy a console separately, and assemble it yourself. Technogym’s machines come with it and is touch screen, an obvious technology upgrade with a sleek design.

What’s good about Life Fitness is that the products are cheaper so you can buy many for a faculty or to provide for your at-home gym. Better yet, if you already have a TV on your gym’s wall, you can save even more money on not buying a console.

Woman running on a treadmill

Other than that, Life Fitness has many benefits for anyone wanting high-quality workout equipment that lasts long. “Halo” is a digital tool that tracks your exerciser traffic. Simply download the app and connect it to your machine your using.

It has customizable consoles and training programs to curate your workout exactly how you want.

Life Fitness bundles include:

Check out their personal Amazon store here.


Technogym warranty covers free replacement of any defective parts to repair the function of the part or replace the entire product if deemed to not be repairable by the company. Warranties include:

  • Standard equipment warranty (parts: 2 year)
  • Additional coverage with a service contract (travel and labour: 5 year. Parts for repair: 5 year)
  • Preventative maintenance (Two scheduled maintenance visits per year to maintain the equipment in excellent working condition. Immediate repair during your scheduled service visit whenever possible. Other parts ordered for a follow-up visit where necessary. 5 year)

Life Fitness specifies that all units retain warranty coverage that was stated for the year the product was purchased. Their warranties include:

  • Cardio warranty (Treadmill: 7 years. Elliptical: 2 years)
  • Strength warranty (Row GX: 5 years. Lifestyle GX: 5 years)
  • The published labour warranty for commercial strength is 30 days out of box, warranty contracts will cover labour for 90 days.

Nautilus International Inc. Vs Precor

About Nautilus International Inc

Nautilus products specialize in cardio equipment for training athletes that can aid their strength and pace as the level of the machine increases with their stamina.

What differs this company in comparison to others is that it not only tracks your personal data and workout stats but includes virtual coaches, training buddies with a personalized app. So, you never have to work out alone.

Recumbent bike Workouts

The app virtually gives you a personal trainer while you work out, telling you your metrics and congratulating you on your successes.

By using the Nautilus cardio suite, it challenges you virtually to succeed in your fitness goals of the results you desire.

They offer a limited-time Winter Sale including:

Shop all Nautilus products in their Amazon Store.

Regarding the virtual aspect, Nautilus seems to provide more personalized metric tracking than Precor, as their virtual technology is limited to tailored workout videos but no personal trainer to tell you your metrics.

About Precor

Nonetheless, Precor has many beneficial aspects that differ from their competitors with a software called “Preva“, including personalized features, touch screen consoles, and popular cardio workout videos in the equipment screens.

It tracks your progress by showing the number of calories burned, alongside your target to meet your goal and predicts the number of days in order to do so.


Best Budget Elliptical Home Use

To purchase, you get a quote from the retailer. Better yet, you customize your cardio equipment to tailor to your gym or personal needs by using their portfolio feature.

Precor bundles include:

  • The 600 line (Recumbent Bike, Elliptical, and Upright Bike)
  • 700 line (Treadmills, Elliptical, and Adaptive Motion Trainer)
  • 800 line (Treadmill, Ellipticals, Adaptive Motion Trainer, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike, and a Stair Climber)

You can buy Precor products on Amazon here.


Nautilus warranties include:

  • Cardio equipment is 10-15 years. Parts & Electronics is 3 years.
  • Nautilus has the option to repair or replace any exercise equipment that requires warranty service with a new product.
  • Nautilus may offer a limited credit reimbursement towards the purchase of another product(s).

Precor warranties include:

  • Commercial cardio: Parts: 3 years. Motor: 5 years. Frame: 7 years. Console: 3 year
  • Commercial strength: Parts: 5 years. Frame: 10 years. Surface finish: 1 year
  • Home fitness: Parts: 5 years. Motor: 5 years. Frame: Life. Console: 3 years.
  • Spinning: Parts: 2 years. Frame: 10 years. Belt: 10 years.

Sunny Health & Fitness Vs Valor Fitness

About Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health Fitness carries elite fitness machines including treadmills bikes, and everything else a fitness advocate needs. They carry the top-notch machines made from manufacturers in China and Taiwan, with excellent craftmanship.

This company believes in quality for every product being built. From a standpoint of this ideology, they became one of the fastest-growing fitness companies on the market.

Best Rowing Machine With A Screen

Their products come in a variety of colours and designs, making it more fun of a shopping experience. It will satisfy to your preferred look out of their various options.

Sunny Health Bundles include:

  • Squat Assist Row-N-Ride (comes with 7 piece fitness set, zippered sports bag, cooling towel)
  • Elliptical Trainer Bundle (comes with 7 piece fitness set, zippered sports bag, cooling towel)
  • Cardio Bundle (Dumbbells and stepper)

The Amazon store includes easy to navigate categories for a reasonable price.

Find Sunny Health Fitness products on their personal Amazon store.

In contrast to Valor, one of Sunny Health’s competitors, Sunny Health & Fitness have more focus on the little additions such as safety spotter arms in their squat rack, or a device holder on the elliptical.

About Valor

Valor is more focused on the durability and the means to an end on what the product does and leaves out little parts that would portray thoughtfulness to the product.

However, Valor has very effective home equipment with individual staple pieces for your workout including plenty of cross-training products and accessories.

Woman using jump rope

What’s different about Valor is that they are specialized in high-quality training products, selling to the niche of boxers or trainers – instead of the popular target market of cardio fanatics. They have a category designated for strength and everything you need to become stronger.

Valor bundles include:

  • Fitness kit 1: Home Gym Bundle (Aerobic step platform, ankle wrist weights, and adjustable speed rope)
  • Fitness kit 2: Home Gym Bundle (Balance board, mat with detachable pad, and resistance band)
  • Olympic Bench Bundle
  • Home Gym Kettlebell Kit (35 lb kettlebell, resistance bands and speed jump rope)
  • Rack attachments and cable machine attachments (sold out but usually on sale)

Valor has an online store featured on Amazon here.


Sunny Health and Fitness warranties include:

  • Warranty A – Indoor Cycles: structural frame 3 years. Parts: 180 days (for all)
  • Warranty B – Accessories: structural frame 1 year.
  • Warranty C – Asuna products: structural frame 5 years.

Valor warranties include:

  • Most products have a 3-year warranty underuse of specified weight load guides as outlined in the product description and under proper use.
  • Fitness machines: 3-year frame, 2-year pad, 2-year cable
  • Kettlebells: 3-year, bumper plates: 2 year
  • Chin-up bar: 5-year warranty

The Verdict

Invest in Technogym equipment if:

  • You are a dedicated person to at-home fitness
  • You are an advocate for advanced technology
  • You prefer a modern/futuristic looking gym

Invest in Life Fitness if:

  • You want easy to use machines
  • You don’t need an attached TV console (or wouldn’t mind purchasing a separate one)
  • You like the simple, traditional look

Invest in Nautilus International Inc if:

  • You thrive with others working out than alone
  • You want a personal trainer but can’t go to the gym
  • You can easily use technology

Invest in Precor if:

  • You love working out to cardio videos
  • You like touch screen technology
  • You want an in-depth metric tracker (or to burn calories)

Invest in Sunny Health & Fitness if:

  • You want high-quality cardio machines (for fraction of the price)
  • You want a variety of design options
  • You like bonus helpful features (such as a phone holder)

Invest in Valor Fitness if:

  • You are training or boxing
  • You need essential training gear
  • You want to increase your strength

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