Top 20 Best Running Blogs On The Internet! 2022 Update

As a fitness blog, we have some readers who are very interested in running and participating in weekly marathons.

By realizing this, to keep you guys motivated to wear on your shoes and run, here I’ve listed the top 25 running blogs that ensure that you stay motivated. Make sure you bookmark these sites, as we’ve carefully ranked them according to their popularity and quality of information they contain.

As an avid runner, I tend to browse these sites occasionally to get some inspiration.

Here you go.

Note: I’ve ranked the below blogs based on my observation and the popularity of these blogs by looking at some site metrics. There may be some chances where blogs that deserve a higher place are somewhat lower.

#1. Science of running


This blog is run by Steve Magness. He is a performance coach, author, and lecturer. He has written books like Peak Performance and the Science of Running.

He also runs a podcast called – “Magness & Marcus on Coaching” which is most loved by running-enthusiasts. In his podcasts, he interviews some of the best athletes.

The analysis of the training regime and psychology of the winning athletes is what I liked the most on his site.

#2. RunnersWorld

Runners world

This is the most famous blog out there in the running space. The popularity of this blog increased when Alex Hutchinson, the author of the “Sweat Science” blog started writing for RunnersWorld.

The blog covers all the information about running ranging from nutrition, training, to running gears. The amount of information they publish on their site is crazy. They almost have 5 stories to tell every day.

They run two podcasts – “The Runner’s World Show” and the “Human Race”.

They also have a magazine in which you can subscribe to get regular issues.

#3. Strength Running


This is a blog started by Jason Fitzgerald back in 2010. After being injured for 6 months running the NYC Marathon, he finally cracked the code of injury-free running and started Strength Running to teach his own findings.

Apart from his blog he also has multiple coaching programs and podcasts named – “The Strength Running Podcast”. He also wrote 7 books related to running. He is a great pioneer in this field.

In his blog, he writes about his new learnings and also delivers some great tips for running and injury prevention.

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#4. RunningMagazine

Running Magazine

This is one of the popular running blogs in Canada. They also run a podcast called – “The Shakeout Podcast”.

This is a similar blog to that of RunnersWorld. It is maintained by many editors. They cover everything related to running from Running nutrition to the psychology of running. They also review some of the best running gears on their blog like running shoes, etc.

It is a must-follow blog for running enthusiasts to stay updated.

#5. Run to the Finish

Amanda Brooks

This blog is found by Amanda Brooks. She has a passion for being active that helped to lead an active outdoor lifestyle, explore more and be adventurous.

Running was an integral part of her weight loss journey. Eventually, she got addicted to running and can’t head a happy life without it!

In her site, she presents some of the great tips for running and also recipes for nutritional food majority of them being of vegetables. Her blog is a Wikipedia for running related information. At the time of writing this blog post, her blog had around 770 articles related to running and fitness.

#6. Run Eat Repeat!


This site is found by Monica Olivas.

She gained a lot of weight as she grew older. She tried many of the popular diets, that made things only worse.

The things turned about when she started this blog on running and eating healthy.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle she also teaches other people how to lead a healthy life through the tips on her blog.

She also runs a podcast named – “Run Eat Repeat”.

Her blog mainly deals with running tips, running diet, and recipes.

#7. Lazy Girl Running

This blog is run by Laura, a personal coach, marathon runner, and a writer. She used to hate running when in teens, but things started to change when she hit her 30s.

She is a level 3 personal trainer and a passionate journalist specialized in Women’s health.

In her blog, she presents some great running and fitness tips. She is the author of two books called “Tricurious”.

#8. Jenny Hadfield

Jenny Hadfield

Jenny Hadfield is a fitness and running coach. She is also called as “Coach Jenny”. She is the founder of a multi-sport training company, a best-selling author, and a popular Runner’s World columnist. She is the author of the two books “Running for Mortals” and “Marathoning for Mortals”.

She also developed a training system called Flow-Based Training System℠ that teaches her students how to train with the rhythm of their body for maximum results.

She runs a podcast called #AskCoachJenny.

In her blog, she writes everything she has learned overtime when it comes to running. You can also follow her blog to keep updated about new podcasts.

#9. Ali On The Run

Ali is the writer and editor from NYC. She started her blog in 2010, in the hope to build networks with like-minded people in Manhattan.

She was a dancer for her whole life. But when she moved to New York, she gained interest in running with her roommate at that time. In 2011 she ran her first marathon.

She blogs a lot about her personal life, running, and marathons. Great blog to stay motivated!

#10. Mile Posts


Dorothy Beal is the founder of Mile Posts. She is a run coach, and also a mom of 3 kids. She is the founder of I Run This Body.

In her blog, she writes about her experiences in marathons and also life. Overall a good blog with loads of information for you to get motivated to wear on your shoes and run.

#11. Hungry Runner Girl


The founder of this blog is Janae. She started running when she was only 12 years old. She was also a high school PE teacher. Her love for post-run endorphins and strength made her stay committed to running.

On her blog, she writes about her running journey and also gives good tips regarding running and healthy lifestyle.

#12. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog


Dr. Campitelli formerly known as Dr. Nick is the founder of this blog. He is a foot and ankle surgeon at Akron, Ohio. He has a special interest in running and as well as providing clinical assistance to running-related injuries.

He has extensive knowledge in sports medicine and also treating running-related injuries.

His blog deals with quality information related to running and also provide tips on marathon preparations.

#13. Weight off my Shoulders


Dani is the founder of this blog and is based in Boston. She struggled with the weight her whole life. She signed up for Weight Watchers back in 2009. That’s when she realized the importance of running for weight loss.

Now, she is a 12x Marathoner and raised $35,000 to the American Stroke Association to date!

In her blog, she records her personal experiences and also gives you some tips regarding running and healthy living.

#14. Jill Will Run


This blog is founded by Jill. She is a distant runner and certified as a running coach with the Road Runners Club of America.

She started blogging back in 2001! She started Jill Will Run in 2008 to share her running experiences and health tips.

She has got great articles on her blog, go now and read them!

#15. Ultra Runner Girl

Stephanie Case is a Human Rights lawyer. After discovering ultrarunning, nine years ago she started running every day and has a closet filled full of shoes. Apart from her running career, she took a job in Sudan in 2014 assisting people who were displaced by violence. During that time, she also started a charity called Free to Run to provide opportunities for young girls to participate in sports.

On her blog, she presents her marathon and racing experiences. Along with it, she also gives expert advice on running and healthy living for runners.

#16. Be Out Running


Gareth is the founder of this blog. He is a long time runner. He has been running from 10 years as of writing this post- that is from 2007.

He presents his running journeys and also some tips regarding running on his blog. His blog tagline is “my ramblings about running”. He has done a good job of connecting with his blog readers humanly!

#17. Fitness Fatale


Nicole is the founder of this blog. She is an exercise addict. She has tried each fitness activity on the earth like barre classes, hot yoga, spin classes, kickboxing, and others. And finally, she settled for running to be a great workout for her.

In her blog, she loves to blog about fitness tips, her running journeys, recipes, and others. She is very transparent with reporting everything that happens in her life to her beloved readers. Her blog was started in 2011, and she does a good job with it.

#18. Cuckoolemon


Nicole is the founder of this blog. She herself is an avid reader of many fitness and running blogs. She lives in the New York City. She is a regular participant in the NYC marathon and even has a dedicated page for it on her blog.

Running is her main passion. Apart from running, she is also an adventurist. She likes to surf, bike, ski, and hike a lot.

On her blog she lets you know in and out of the marathons she runs (including the map), interviews with other runners, and also regarding her occasional adventures. A great blog to keep your motivation levels hig

#19. Lisa Runs for Cupcakes


Lisa is the founder of this blog. She is a working mother and loves running, traveling and cupcakes. Her blog name is witty enough and suggests you that she treats herself a cupcake to make her brain get more addicted to running – a good habit, though! I’m sure she is a fan of Charles Duhigg.

In her blog, she reports her running experiences, and marathon preparations. If you are an avid runner, I highly recommend you following her blog to stay motivated.

#20. Run Steff Run


Steff is the author of this blog. She is from a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania. She is an avid runner. She took Runner’s World Hat Trick in 2013, along with the Goofy Challenge in 2014 which helped her further strengthen her running habit.

On her blog, she records her daily running experiences and also reviews the running gears she is using.

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Wrapping up

I hope you loved this huge list of top running bloggers!

If you ask me, I’m a weight-training freak, but never took running that serious (I’m currently running 7 miles weekly twice) . But after looking at these freaks who took running as a large portion of their life, it motivated me enough to start running at least for 2 hours every day.

Please share this blog with your fanbase, so that they’ll get an easy idea about what blog to follow in the noise.

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