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Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review

The Nautilus R616 recumbent bike is one of Nautilus’s high-end recumbent bikes from their R6 series. It has a variety of features that incorporate the latest technology in recumbent bikes.  It has 29 workout programs, 25 resistance levels, Bluetooth connectivity, ability to connect to the ...

5 Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500 Dollars

Everyone is recommended to get at least a few hours of cardio each week, it keeps the heart healthy and offers numerous health benefits. Recumbent bikes are now one of the best ways to sneak in a session of cardio in without having to leave your home. They are low-impact on joints, easy to use, ...

7 Most Comfortable Peloton Shoes With Reviews

In this post we have reviewed the best Peloton shoes. How many times have your feet slipped off the pedal while cycling or exercising on a gym cycle? I bet thousands of times this has happened to most of us. Wouldn’t you want something that makes sure your feet stay where they are no matter how ...