Brooke Wells Workout, Diet & lifestyle

Brooke C. Wells professionally known as Wells is a four-time CrossFit athlete who was marked as one of the fittest women in the world. She got engaged in her first competitive sport while she was only 19, and she emerged as the best Central Regional CrossFit athlete in 2015 before winning again in 2018’s same event.

Before fame, Brooke Wells was a gymnast and a track star in Southside high school but later whirled down a college passion in track to focus CrossFit. She stepped into the fitness realm after her father induced her to join CrossFit gym.

In 2016, the beautiful athlete with muscular physique was comfortably ranked among the top three fittest women in the United States and the top six fittest woman in the world.


Wells has a twin sister who also competes in CrossFit events. Besides having a million followers, her must-follow Instagram page is loaded with numerous inspirational tips and reliable CrossFit Vibes. She’s 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs about 150 lbs.

Brooke Wells Workout & Fitness Routine

When it comes to workout and fitness routine, her schedule typically features at least two workout sessions every day, and her exercises last for 5 hours per day. Wells also has a notable workout base in running, swimming and biking.

After doing gymnastics and performing as a track star, Wells, however, has changed her training style to become a more versatile competitor. She says that being a jack of all trades is one of the principles in CrossFit, and admits that she’s not good enough in both endurance and gymnastics.

Her year-round workout consists of things connected to CrossFit Games, some bit of odd tools on Fridays, swimming and capacity workouts all year round.

To assess her constant gains, Wells states that her, together with her coach, formed benchmark workouts as a measuring standard throughout the year. Some of her recently benchmarked exercises include;

  •       40 sit-ups using a glute-harm trainer
  •       40 wall-ball shots (using 20 pounds ball)
  •       40 pull-ups (chest to bar)

Her goal is to enhance her performance and endurance with time as she takes the workout. She doesn’t dwell much on the hefty lifting but focuses on major areas of her weakness.

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Brooke Wells Diet

Wells has tried several diets including paleo, which she says it wasn’t effective because it lacks enough carbs. She, therefore, hired a nutritionist to help her drop 10 lbs. as preps for the 2016 contests.

She had to narrow her calorie intake to as low as 2,300 to meet her ends. After that, she ventured to count macros but got it to be too difficult. Today, she eats a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat each day, with a minimum of 6 meals per day.

During competitive sports, Wells will regularly take a protein shake, sometimes rice or banana. Wells also load upon diet especially few hours before a contest, just in case there’s no time to eat during the game. During such events, she consumes a lot of fat to help slow down digestion.

As for breakfast, Wells stacks on eggs, oatmeal and fruits. However, after the game, she rewards herself with lots of cheats ranging from Pizza, Burger, doughnuts, ice cream along with others.

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Brooke Wells Lifestyle

Besides being so pronounced in the fitness community, Wells does her best to maintain a vibrant edge while securing a college degree. She says that she had to offer herself a crash schedule to manage time effectively.

She urges on setting clear goals, and that learning new things and enduring new experiences can help to transform oneself into a better version.

Wells is always honest with her weakness. She believes that getting beyond ego can help you to develop and change weakness into a strength.

When it comes to inspiration, one of her biggest part in being in the limelight is to inspire younger girls and ladies in general.

As a dedicated athlete, Wells couldn’t work for CrossFit and move out drinking with fellow college buddies. Instead, she made that small sacrifice to focus on her big goals.

Here we have a video where Brooke Wells talks about her lifestyle, check it out!

Brooke Wells talking about Balancing Fitness, School and Social Life

How can you maintain your lifestyle like Brooke Wells

Being diligent and super ambitious is a pinch for a challenging schedule similar to that of Wells. Besides being so successful in CrossFit, Brooke Wells is also a fulltime student, studying business alongside her everyday workout.

With such a double life, things will only work if you plan your days strictly. You need to arrange your workouts, nutrition and other activities in detail.

Challenging Yourself in all Aspects

Brooke Wells has been competing in numerous events from track star and gymnastics to CrossFit Games. During her free time, she strives to push her own limits and challenge herself. She also applies what she learns in CrossFit in all other areas, which may be through travelling, skydiving, or in her academic life.

Work on Your Weaknesses until They Become a Strength

During interviews, Wells often states that she is open and honest when it comes to dealing with her weakness. She says that the skill helps her to work and improve with time for the foreseeable competitions. The ability to get rid of her ego and be more objective empowers her to advance quickly and intelligently.

While this might not be easy, it calls for a decisive mind and great courage to admit when you’re wrong, or when you’re not able enough with a particular skill.

According to the CrossFit champion, it is easy to progress much faster and even more effectively by being honest to yourself.

Wells confirmed this in 2016’s CrossFit Games when she finished 37th in a 7km Trail Run. She never hesitated to pick herself up, after which she emerged the first in the next event.

Set Clear Goals and Respect other People’s Achievements

Setting clear goals is an essential part of your progress. Experiencing and taking new skills and working beyond your limits will eventually transform you into a whole better version.

Wells and her sister were sporting, especially in competitive sports like CrossFit and gymnastics. Her personal goal is to become the fittest woman in the world. It might sound like a huge goal, but following her achievements, it doesn’t seem impossible for her to meet that aim.


Although Brooke Wells is a highly blooming CrossFit athlete, she’s still a gentle and kind-hearted young woman. She speaks about herself as a competitive soul, but you’ll meet her as lovely and caring. Despite her gruelling training hours, and time spent in academic, Wells will often enjoy time with friends. The pressure may be overwhelming during competitions, but her positive and cheerful charisma is always in effect, smiling whatever situation.

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