Charlie Hunnam Diet and Workout: Let’s Break it Down

Are you a fan of Sons of Anarchy? Though you might not be into bikes, you probably liked the movie after watching the first episode. And although Charlie Hunnam was usually pictured in heavy biker attire, his ripped body clearly shows off in some scenes.

He appears to undergo a physical transformation and become bulkier and bulkier as the seven seasons of the show progress. Naturally, this led to curiosity and a desire to know Charlie Hunnam’s workout routine. Charlie has among the most demanding workout routines you will come across in Hollywood. Below, we are going to take a look at what his diet and workout processes are and what is involved in getting fit like Charlie. But let us find out more about who he is first.

Charlie Hunnam


Who is Charlie Hunnam?

Charlie is a reputable and well-establish English actor who rose to fame following his Queer as Folk TV drama series role of ‘Nathan Maloney.’ As the years progressed, he featured in television series and films of various genres. His most outstanding performance, however, came in Sons of Anarchy, where he acted as ‘Jackson Teller.’ Charlie needed to bulk up for his Sons of Anarchy role, which is where his fitness journey really began. Currently, his body is among the most ripped in the movie industry.

Hunnam wanted to be solid but lean for his King Arthur role and therefore quit all junk food and ate lots of lean protein. Now, he generally sticks to healthy foods – natural, whole, good-quality food such as quality amounts of protein, fresh veggies, and some complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

He has a soft spot for sweets and is ready to have some during his cheat days. Maintaining hydration levels through drinking lots of water is essential when on a low-carb diet. This is because your body retains reduced water, especially if you engage in intense training sessions.

His Current Stats

Weight: 194 lbs. (88 kg)

Height: 6’1″ (185 cm)

Birthday: 10-4-1980

Accolades: 2017 CinemaCon Winner

Workout Rules and Principles

Charlie Hunnam has disclosed that he has a couple of workout rules that he executes. He does not have a trainer, so he developed a set of his own custom workout rules and workout routine that he adheres to: Go after your endorphins, eat right and honor your core.

The Workout Routine of Charlie Hunnam

If you desire to begin the workout routine of Charlie Hunnam, you will then need to devote yourself to exercising a minimum of four times per week. Furthermore, the workout sessions are as hard as they can get. This is despite their seeming quite different from typical bodybuilding workouts.

Monday and Tuesday: Entire Body Workout

These days, a great aspect is the ability to practice the entire set, including ab exercises, without going to the gym. Instead, all the exercises exploit your body weight; thus, all you will need is a home pull-up bar.

  • 3 – 20 reps sets of wide-grip pull-ups
  • 3 – 20 reps sets of dips
  • 3 – 20 reps sets of military push-ups
  • 3 – 20 reps sets of chin-ups
  • 3 – 25 reps of decline push-ups
  • 15-minute concentrated abs workouts

Wednesday: Cardio and HIIT

One thing you are likely to encounter with most bulking exercises is that the number of calories you ingest increases your BMI. Unfortunately, this is not something you can avoid though you can manage it by incorporating HIIT and cardio training into your weekly strength training sessions.

  • 15-minute running at 16 kph or faster
  • 15-minute high-intensity elliptical
  • 20-minute intense interval training


Charlie Hunnam

Thursday and Friday: Complete Body Workout

There are days to do another variation of compound bodyweight workouts. Since you are simultaneously targeting various functional muscle groups, the workouts could lead to a more significant muscle growth effect.

  • 3 – 10 rep sets of squats
  • 3 – 25 rep sets of wide push-ups
  • 3 – 10 rep sets of standing dumbbell rows
  • 3 – 20 rep sets of parallel dips
  • 3 – 20 rep sets of reverse-grip pull-ups
  • 3 – 20 rep sets of hanging knee raises
  • 3 – 20 rep sets of lying leg lifts
  • 3 – 2 minute sets of planks

Saturday & Sunday: Resting

Though your body requires to recover following all your high level of intensity workouts, you must avoid becoming completely stationary or lazy watching the TV. Instead, step out and walk several times daily to enhance blood circulation. This also helps with preventing your muscles from becoming too sore and stiff.

Charlie does not disclose a lot concerning his accurate healthy diet plans or offer insight on what his meals constitute. Nonetheless, he regularly mentions his eating approach. First and foremost, he regularly mentions staying away from junk food and all processed foods. Though this might be a definite starting point, he takes it a notch higher than people realize.

He appears to steer clear of most highly processed carbohydrates, such as those found in pasta and bread, together with sugary treats. And this reduced intake of carbs is compensated for by enormous amounts of protein.

Charlie Hunnam

Below are some of the supplements he mentions to champion his dietary approach.

  • Whey Protein

Charlie appears to have protein shakes several times a day and not only following his workout sessions. This is sensible, bearing in mind that he practices carb limitation and would need to eat adequate amounts of meat for a significant protein boost.

  • Mass gainer

Meal replacements like mass gainers are not an everyday requirement. Nonetheless, during your primary bulking phase, a mass gainer can be instrumental in giving a boost of up to 1,000 calories from one shake. It is much more practical than digging into a chicken breast pile for breakfast.

The video below shows how Charlie Hunnam prepared for ‘King Arthur’.

Charlie Hunnam on the 'Intense' Way He Got His Amazing Body For 'King Arthur'


Charlie Hunnam, an English actor who rose to celebrity status playing the ‘Nat Maloney’ role in the Queer as Folk TV drama series, is currently among the most renowned personalities in the film industry. He also has a matching physique. He derives this physique from Charlie Hunnam’s meal plan and workout, which varies significantly from primitive bodyweight exercises. Amazingly, you can do the workouts at home or in outdoor workout facilities. By adhering to this diet plan and workout rules, you are guaranteed to get an incredible physique similar to that of Charlie. 

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