Chris Pratt Workout and Diet Plan: Simple Break Down!


One of Hollywood’s most unique physique transformative cases is that of Chris Pratt. Believe it or not, but Chris had a smaller role in the hit TV sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’ as Andy Dwyer. Look up some images online and you’ll see that he was anything but fit. Andy was a chubby guyand was actually 300 pounds when he auditioned for Guardians of the Galaxy. He got the role as his personality fit the part, but something was missing.

He lost weight so quickly –60 pounds in 6 months to be precise. Pratt shredded like crazy to get into the Peter Quill role and worked with Phil Goglia (nutritionist) and DuffyGaver (trainer) on everything from his diet to an insane training routine and pretty soon he was worthy of standingalong-side the likes ofChrisHemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior and yes, even the Hulk! So what exactly does Chris do?

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Gaver had Chris train for five whole months initially with four sessions per week, amping it up to six sessions. And later on, Chris would do extra workouts if he could. He did comment on how Pratthad this amazing athleticism, incredible discipline and,phenomenal work ethic and wasn’t the type of client he had to push to get ahead.

Duffy first put Chris though a body-building workout that went on for two months. The following two months, he did this body-building workout but with equal measures of body conditioning too. These conditioning workouts involved either a treadmill or a rower circuit mixed up with calisthenics and weightlifting.

The last month was just this muscle conditioning along with cardio, swimming, circuits, mountain biking as well – but the trick was that all sessions got faster as he progressed. Chris pulled this off to perfection because he knew what he wanted to look like, what he had to do to get ready for this role andgave it his all.Gaver commented that Chris wanted to do justice to his landmark role and wanted to get leaner and build more muscle.

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  • Do the entire warm-up exercises before you start each session
  • The first workout is mostly straight sets
  • The second and third workout has to be done as a circuit; where all exercises are to be done in a row, followed by a long rest after each round.
How Chris Pratt Got Jacked To Play Star-Lord
title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Warm-up Exercises” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][wpsm_pros title=”Use your preferable Sets & Reps split”]

  • 1 set of running with 10 minutes reps
  • 3 sets of pull-ups with 5 reps
  • 3 sets of push-ups with 10 reps
  • 3 sets of squats with 15 reps

[/wpsm_pros][title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Monday: First Workout for Biceps, Back and, Abs” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][wpsm_pros title=”Use your preferable sets & reps split”]

  • 6 sets of lat pull-downs on the cable machine in 20, 15, 15, 15, 12, 12 reps
  • 5 sets of dumb-bells rows in 20, 15, 12, 12, 12 reps
  • 6 sets of barbell curls in 15 reps
  • 6 sets of push-ups in 5 reps
  • 10 sets of concentration curls in 10 reps

[/wpsm_pros][title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Tuesday: Second Workout for abs in-circuit Method ” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][wpsm_pros title=”Use your preferable sets & reps split”]

  • 20 reps sit-ups
  • 20 reps abs crunch using the gym ball
  • 20 reps on alternate sides oblique crunch with 60-second rest
  • Do a total of 5 rounds.

[/wpsm_pros][title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Thursday: Third workout for cardio power ” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][wpsm_pros title=”Use your preferable sets & reps split”]

  • Run half mile reps
  • 15 reps power clean using barbells
  • 10 reps bench press with barbells on roman chair
  • 5 reps high box jump using a box
  • Do three to five rounds

We also suggest you add a recovery day, just like Chris did after all he was 300 pounds. You can do something light and active and we think that some form of cardio should do it. Bike rides, jogs and, walks are some of the other things you could try.

At the same time, try to get some sleep as well – at least 7 hours to allow muscles to repair. Selection of the weight will be different for each person. So find a weight that lets you do all of these reps and, at the end of each set, should leave you thinking that you can do just one more rep. Diversify your active recovery days exercises and stuff you do for cardio selection.

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Friday and Saturday: If possible, you can do the other things that Chris did as part of this training on these recovery days – the swimming, boxing, running, kick-boxing and P90X or even a triathlon if you’re up to it.

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Two foundations of the diet he followed were controlling his calorie intake and focusing on foods that are rich in micronutrients, taking care to stick to these guidelines when at home, on set or on promotional tours.So, for the next eight months, he ate carrot cake muffins, seaweed avocado wraps and ditched all kinds of alcohol.

Goglia, had Pratt consume 4000 calories every day according to the low carb, paleo diet approach and enough water for him to be peeing all day!

For those of you who don’t know, the paleo diet is all about low-carbohydrates, but has higher fat, and moderate protein intake. Protein helps with the muscle growth, while the high fat and low carb balance help to get rid of built-up fat. This diet obviously worked for him and he says that he found it sustainable as well – a critical component to keeping the weight off.

How would you do it? Calculate how many calories you have to take every day and be consistent with it. Ensure you eat right by focusing foods that are nutrient-rich like oats, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats lean meats and low-fat dairy.

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He told the Esquire magazine that he had tons more energy and was sleeping betterand benefitted from the improved blood flow. He was less susceptible to food impulses and didn’t eat all that much. Well, the junk food that is. And he could do 40-inch box jumps too; this is where you jump onto the top of a box without any support. We would think that this would definitely be helping him with all those action stunts.

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