Concept2 Model E Review

The Concept2 Model E is considered as an advancement to the well-known “Model D” Rower. Similar to its predecessor, the Model E is commercial-grade with incredible resistance along with a state-of-the-art LCD.

The smooth, substantial resistance gives it a professional look and is often used by Olympic rowers and professional gyms around the world. Even the fitness maniacs whom we’ve interacted with on Facebook and fitness forums can attest to the fact based on their experience after rowing this machine.

Concept2 Model E

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Despite its heftier price tag, the Concept2 comes with some additional upgrades and aesthetic solutions in comparison to Model D. This includes the nickel-plated chain, extended monitor arm, and more far-fetched seat height.

With a tremendous amount of 5-star reviews, the model is rated one of, if not the best rowing machine in the world of air resistance. When it comes to quality, Concept2 has set the industry standard, and this product does not disappoint.

Check out our full Concept2 Model E review from now on for the complete listing of pros and cons.

Concept2 Model E: Resistance Type

Being an air resistance rowing machine, the Concept2 Model E is one of the few models with the most definite form of resistance and closely imitates rowing on water.

The air resistance offers the strongest, smoothest, and most aesthetic rowing strokes compared to any resistance type.

To create resistance, the user pulls the handle, which automatically spins the flywheel. The flywheel supersedes the immediate air, thereby generating resistance.

The harder you pull, the more air is occupied by the spinning flywheel, and the harder it will be to row, thereby creating more resistance.

The open relationship between rowing intensity and the generated resistance makes the endurance type quite variable and ideal for high-intensity interval training.

Basically, you can reach multiple resistance levels. You just row faster for more resistance and slower for less resistance.

Since the Concept2 Model E resistance system closely mimics the resistance held while rowing on water, it’s one of the top choices preferred by professionals in CrossFit Games and fitness gyms across the world. Plus it the model itself is a superb,

Concept2 Model E in More Detail

Damper Setting

Besides the adjustable resistance levels, the Model E allows you to adjust the endurance of the rowing stroke without altering the level of resistance.

To adjust the endurance, you select your most suitable damper lever mounted on the flywheel. The Concept2 advises a setting range of 3-5 for a sustainable cardiovascular workout, but the right setting will practically depend on your preferences.

Concept2 Model E

Noise Level

Generally, air rowing machines are usually associated with some bit of noise as the flywheel makes a “whooshing” sound every moment a stroke is completed. However, most users don’t find the sound disturbing, even though some could find it hard to watch TV at a lower volume.

Overall, the Model E resistance is excellent and among the best on the market today. It is smooth, enduring, and closely imitates the resistance encountered while rowing on water. There are no instances of customers complaining about the model’s strength.

Control Panel

The Concept2 Model E comes with the PM5 monitor, which makes it the best rowing machine control panel on the market. 

The monitor brings you a whole variety of benefits and conveniences, including guiding you on how to work with proper form, tracking your vital workout stats, such as heart rate, time, number of strokes, calories burned, etc.

The model also comes with wireless heart rate monitoring and four pre-set workout games to motivate you and keep things interesting even after the workout. It is also a competitor because it gives you the option to race-walk a pace boat.

Concept2 Model E PM5 Monitor

The Model E incorporates a set monitor arm, but it still lets you adjust the angle of the display. It allows you to pick from five different display options:

  •   All data
  •   Force Curve
  •   Pace Boat
  •   Bar chart
  •   Large Print.

Overall, the model’s monitor is great for readability while rowing and features a backlight to enhance readability even in low light frames.

PM5 Features

The PM5 monitor features an ANT+ with Bluetooth connections. This allows the monitor to track your heart rate using a wireless compatible heart rate device.

Another distinguishing feature of this machine is the Polar H7, also known as Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor. It includes a very compatible USB Flash drive that allows saving your workout data, preferred workout setups, and then transfer the data to your comps or various Concept2 rowing machines.

The PM5 monitor operates using 2D batteries, and it automatically turns off after four minutes of inactivity, meaning the cells will serve for a long time.

They’re no negativities concerning the Concept2 Model E PM5 Monitor- the reason why it is regarded as the best performing monitor on the market.

Build Quality

Concept2 possesses an excellent reputation in creating the best quality rowing machines, and Model E is definitely not an exception.

Its structure is tough enough to endure hefty-use in training facilities, fitness centers, and crossfire gyms around the world. That means you can comfortably count on it without fretting about glitches, breakdowns, or such.

Being a commercial grande, the model does not incorporate lousy quality parts. The mainframe is made of extruded aluminum beam monorail, with a stainless steel track, and is coated with a clear topcoat powder to extend durability.

For strength and stability, one side of each leg is steel welded. The flywheel of this machine is linked to the handle via a long-lasting nickel-plated steel connection, which calls for little to zero maintenance in comparison to its predecessor, Model D.

With Concept2 Model E, quality is not an issue. You can use rower as hard as your endurance level, without tilting the machine. Plus, it is backed by the leading rowing machine company with a fantastic warranty.

Concept2 Model E


The Model E is an entire comfortable rower with no virtual complaints.  Its rowing motion is excellent when you match it up with water rowing. The man reason why most Olympic athletes prefer it.

The complete rowing motion is smooth from start to end. When you push off, the seat slides flawlessly and effortlessly on its rail.

Another distinct benefit of the Concept2 Model E rest on the seat. The seat is elevated to a height of 20.0” basically 6.0” higher than that of Model D. The seat is more like a standard chair, making it suitable for many people.

Apart from the height, the seat is incredibly contoured and padded to accommodate most trainees. However, some users may find the heightened seat somewhat uncomfortable.

The handle is ergonomic and features a 10-degree curve to get rid of any strain and tension on the wrist and forearms. It allows you to work with a natural hand motion. It’s very comfortable in hands, and users have not stated anything contrary to the handle.

However, some newbies can, by any chance, develop blisters after their very first rowing. But within two weeks, the hands will be used to gripping the handlebars and there’ll be no more blisters. If you’re not accustomed to daily workouts, you can ideally wear gloves to aid your hands to adjust.

The model also incorporates very comfortable footrests that can accommodate a wind range of users due to its easily adjustable sizes. Most users attest that the footrests are perfect even when you’re not wearing shoes — a big plus for unshod rowers.

Overall, the Concept2 Model E offers a very comfortable rowing stroke. It presents one of the best rowing strokes, along with natural rowing motions.

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When in use, the Model E features an extended footprint, you can easily fold it up in seconds to fit your space. The storage process can take as little as 30 seconds. You just dismount the flywheel from the support bar and then stand them upright.

It is easy to part and put back together, plus it is very light in comparison to other models with different forms of resistance, like magnetic. You can ideally store it at the corner of your room or directly inside a spacious closet.

Capacity and Dimensions

The model’s maximum user weight, according to the manufacturer, is 500 lbs. So almost everyone can use the rower. Users over 300 pounds stated that the Concept2 Model E is exceptionally stable and has no issue during rowing regardless of the user’s height.

When it comes to dimensions, the model is great and compact- with the following aspects.

Assembled- 96.0”L x 24.0”W x 20.0”H

Seat height- 20.0”

Rower weight- 65 pounds

Recommended space- 9.0’L x 4.0’W

When folded- 27.0”L x 33.0”W x 54.0”H


Users of this model admit that it is absolutely easy to assemble. The package comes with eight washers, eight screws, and two bolts along with other major pieces and components.

It also incorporates useful wrenches and screwdrivers necessary for assembly. The entire assembly process can take as short as 30 minutes or even less if you’re fast.


  •   Backed by Concept2, the best rowing machine company
  •   Commercial-grade build structure
  •   Incredible warranty
  •   High resale value
  •   500 lbs user weight capacity
  •   No height constraints
  •   Reasonably quiet air rower
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Flexible damper setting
  •   Caster wheels for portability
  •   Superb PM5 monitor
  •   Foldable for storage
  • · Great customer support


  •   Relatively large area to operate
  •   The heightened seat might not be pleasant to some users
  •   Some users can experience blisters in the beginning
  • ·   Air rowers are generally associated with some noise during operation

Consumer Reviews

After checking out the consumer reviews and experiences about the Concept Model E, it was strenuous to spot any checks. Users mostly recommended the solid structure, smooth rowing motion, and the taller seat featured by this model.

For a great course, the Concept2 Model E is rated 5-star by most of the users, and a few of them suggested the seat comfort could be a tad more cushioned.


Overall, with some extra stags to settle with the Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine, it won’t fail you. With its great resistance, best performance PM5 monitor, and excellent build quality, this model is genuinely among the few best models on the market today. And if you want some extra touch and additional features like taller seat height, nickel-plated chain, fixed monitor arm, and so on, then you should grab the Concept2 Model E.

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