Cristiano Ronaldo Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

The name Cristiano Ronaldo, is a globally recognizable brand in the world of sport, even by non-soccer fans. Even more so is his nickname CR7, crafted from his initials and his jersey number from Manchester United. The man is such a legend, that he has a museum in his honor in Funchal (Madeira), as well as a line of Samsung Galaxy ‘CR7’ phones.

To become that great, more than a little amount of talent comes into play. But, as CR7 himself says many times, talent without working hard is nothing. So, if you want to get a peek into what he does to be at the top, here it is. His workout routines, diet, and general lifestyle to help inform on better decisions for you.

ronaldo-workoutCristiano Ronaldo Workout

At during his medical pending transfer to Juventus in 2018, Ronaldo was reported to have 7% body fat and 50% muscle mass, and ‘the body of a 20 year old’ even though he was 33 at the time. To get such fabulous results, he works out intensely and only takes a break on Tuesdays and Saturdays for rest.

Through his sponsor, Nike, he has been open about his training regime and they have even teamed up to release an app featuring his training videos free of charge. In general, he says that he trains for explosion, speed, strength, endurance, and functional movement. His typical week looks like this.


  • 8 Barbell Squats.
  • Box Jump to a height of 20”, for 10 reps.
  • Broad Jumps, 8 reps.
  • Jumping Lunge, 8 reps for each leg.
  • Lateral bound, for a span of 12” and a total of 10 reps.


Rest day. CR7 is big on rest, and thinks that it could be even more important than actual exercise.


  • Burpee Pull-ups for 10 or 15 reps.
  • Bench dip for 20 reps.
  • Push-ups, 20-30 of them.
  • Medicine ball toss – 15 reps.
  • Push press – 10 reps.

The whole circuit is repeated thrice, with brief rests in between.


Thursday is for quads and cardio.

  • Power cleans – 5 sets of 5 reps each
  • Sprinting – 8 sets of 200 metres each.


Friday consists mainly of core exercises.

CR7 attributes his longevity in the game to a powerful core. His trainer, Joaquin Sanda, insists that a strong core is the foundation of all movements.

  • One arm side deadlift – 3 reps for each arm, for 5 sets.
  • One-legged dumbbell deadlift – 2 reps for each leg, for 10 sets.
  • Knee-tuck jumps, 10 reps for a total of 3 sets.
  • Overhead slam – 10-12 reps for 3 sets.
  • One leg barbell squat – 5 reps for each leg, 2 sets.
  • Hanging leg raise – 10-15 reps and 3 sets for each.


This is also a day of rest day.


This is another day for cardio. 

  • Rope jumping – 10 sets, with a minute of action and a minute of rest between them.
  • Resistance springs – 50 meters, 10 sets total.
  • Evidently, Cristiano keeps it intense. He also finds time for swimming, outdoor jogging, coordination training, and other ball exercises. He is a dedicated man, and it has borne fruit.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

A good diet is vital for exercise, health and top form. In fact, if you don’t eat well, all that exercise could just be harming your body. CR7 knows this very well, and he makes sure to eat every 2-3 hours to keep up his metabolism.

Apart from the main meals, he will usually have about 6 others  during the day, consisting of light meals or snacks. His plate always has some form of protein, especially fish. Cristiano loves fresh fish, and his favorite recipe is Portuguese. Apart from that, poultry is often included as well as plant protein.

The other important component is carbs. He will incorporate whole carbs in every major meal do keep him powered up. In a day, he will burn through about 3000 calories so he needs to stay pumped. A lot of vegetables and fruits are mandatory.

Many people know that despite growing up with an alcoholic father, Ronaldo is a strict teetotaler. What they don’t know is that he also keeps away from sugary and refined foods just as much, which is not a surprise considering his professionalism.

On a typical day, he will take: 

  • Breakfast – Whole grain cereals, egg whites and fruit juice (he loves pineapple, apple and pear)
  • Lunch – Pasta made of whole wheat grains, baked potatoes, chicken with salad, and green vegetables.
  • Dinner – Rice with some pulses such as beans or lentils, chicken or turkey breast, fresh fruit.

A snack during the day could consist of a tuna roll and fresh juice. He also insists on drinking a lot of water to keep his body hydrated. During a match, he also has a sports drink which is high in carbs and ions, but very low on sugar.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Lifestyle

Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in Funchal, Madeira in Portugal. He is the youngest of four children, and his upbringing was tough. At, he had to have a surgery for a racing heart. Despite that, his football genius shone through because he was playing for Sporting CP by 17 and was signed on by Manchester United at 18. 

He has followed in the steps of legends like David Beckham, and his dedication has ensured that he remains one of the world’s best players at an age when most professional players retire. 

What shines through everything he does is a steely level of dedication. Once he sets his mind to do something, he is unshakeable. He trains 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week – that alone tells you volumes. 

Other than that, CR7 is a proud father of four children, although with different mothers. When he’s not training, he’s often vacationing with them and with his girlfriend, spending time with friends, or, surprisingly, playing casino games such as bingo.

Another gem you can take away from his lifestyle is his insistence on rest. Every night, he makes sure to get at least 8 hours of rest, preferably 10. And in the morning just before starting the day or in the evening, he will take a long bath to relax and meditate. You can find him in a nice hot bath, or a chilling ice bath.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend who will be remembered for ages to come, and not just for his talent. His dedication, hard work and professionalism are already history book material.

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