Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical With Bluetooth – Option For Seated Workouts

In this article, we will discuss Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical With Bluetooth – Option For Seated Workouts

Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical With Bluetooth – Option For Seated Workouts: An Overview

Are you struggling to find enough time for your fitness? In recent times people didn’t get to pay much attention to their health mainly because of tight schedules and busy lifestyles. 

Blue-collar jobs make people productive but also lazy at the same time. But there is equipment that can make you fitter while sitting at your desk. 

Seated under desk ellipticals are one of the ways to get fit while sitting or even doing something else simultaneously. Cubii Is the market pioneer in under desk ellipticals. Cubii Pro is the premium seated elliptical of Cubii and also the market leader in under desk ellipticals. It is the upgraded version of Cubii’s own Cubii Jr that does not have Bluetooth. 

Before we dig into each beneficial feature of Cubii Pro, let us see its pros and cons.


  • It features a decent level of resistances with a total of eight levels that you can set between 1 to 8 through a dial on the machine.
  • It also comes with an LCD for tracking your data while working out. It shows you many things like your speed, distance, calories.
  • Bluetooth is the main feature of this elliptical as it’s the only seated elliptical with Bluetooth.
  • It has a handle for portability.
  • It is the most silent seated elliptical that you can find.


  • It is a little expensive than other ellipticals of this category.
  • It is heavier than most ellipticals.

Cubii Pro
Under desk elliptical with Bluetooth connectivity

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Things to consider before buying an Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Seated ellipticals are probably the most passive and low-impact workout equipment that helps you become fitter and healthier. You must know about some things before you go and buy an under-desk elliptical. There are certain features that can make a big difference in your experience. 

We will be listing out the important features you should be looking for in a seated under desk elliptical.

Whichever elliptical you buy, make sure to check these features carefully and don’t get fooled if a product claims to be great without even having the essential features.


Cubii Pro


Level Of Resistances

If you need an adequate to an excellent level of workout, then resistance level should be one of the first things to look at in the elliptical. Some people might like to have a lower resistance so that they can perform other activities along with it, while some may like to have some strong resistance for an intense workout. A decent elliptical should take care of the needs of everyone.

Progress Tracker

You need to keep track of your workout to get effective results. A seated elliptical must have a monitor from which you can track your results. The monitor needs to show things like speed, calorie count, and distance. Some ellipticals even have Bluetooth connectivity to connect them to other tracking devices as well.


Cubii Pro


Calorie Count

Keeping all thing aside everything, the primary purpose of any cardio equipment is to lose calories. A high-level seated elliptical should make you lose at least 100 to 120 calories in an hour at its highest resistances.

Features & Benefits: Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical With Bluetooth

Many Resistances

You need some kind of resistance to fuel your workout and get the maximum results; without proper resistance, your workout won’t be effective. Cubbi Pro features magnetic resistance that ranges from 1 to 8. Eight is the highest resistance level, and one is the lowest resistance level. 

The resistances are strong and consistent with providing you the best low-impact workout possible. The resistances are also very easy to adjust with a dial in the machine itself.

Progress Tracking Monitor

You might not see the perfect results in any workout regime at the beginning. This is where the importance of progress tracking comes into play because when you track your progress with time as you can even see the minor changes that are not visible with the naked eye. 

Stay at the top of the fitness goals you have set with the progress tracking monitor.


Cubii Pro


No Noise

It is known as the most silent seated elliptical, and if you go by the customer reviews, you can see that it actually does justice to the title. People have been using it in their offices without their colleagues even noticing it. It makes sure that you or the people in your workplace don’t get distracted. 

You can work out and also do your office work simultaneously at peace without getting distracted with the Cubii Pro. 

Connect To Bluetooth

Here comes the most exceptional feature of Cubii Pro. The Cubii Pro is the only seated elliptical providing you Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the elliptical with any of your personal tracking devices. It easily connects with a Fitbit or an apple watch. 

It also connects with your mobile by using Cubii’s own app known as The Cubii App. 

The connectivity with various tracking devices helps you track your progress at the tip of your finger. Not only that by connecting the machine to other devices help get more detailed data of your workout like heart rate, pulse, etc.


Cubii Pro


Good For Your Joints

You want to stay fitter by using the Cubii Pro, but you definitely don’t want to get injured, and the Cubii Pro takes care of it. It is designed in a manner that even though it is a lower body workout equipment, you still won’t feel any pressure on your joints. 

It makes sure that you have longer workout sessions without worrying about your joints.

Calories Burnt

Cubii Pro provides you the assurance of burning 125 calories in an hour. It is what defines Cubii’s tagline, “get fit while you sit.” Most of the other ellipticals of the same category are not as effective as the Cubii Pro in burning calories. Many of Cubii’s customers have claimed of losing 144 calories at Cubii Pro’s highest resistance level.

Simple Assembly

One might think that the Cubii Pro is difficult to assemble when it comes out of the package, but after following the instruction properly, you will find out how easy it is to assemble the Cubii Pro. Four screws and a screwdriver are all that you need for assembling it. All the necessary items required for assembling have been included in the package.


Cubii Pro


Premium Service

You get the best services once you buy a product from Cubii. Cubii is world-renowned for its customer service. You will never have any queries unanswered or complaints unsolved. 


#1 jfit Under Desk Mini Elliptical Machine

This mini elliptical by jfit is one of the most cocompact seated ellipticals that you can find. Its weight is identical to Cubii Pro as both weigh 32 pounds. The angles of the pedals of this elliptical are adjustable. It can not only be used as an under-desk elliptical but as a stand-up elliptical too. It has a silent operation. 

Head to head with the Cubii Pro:

  • It is a lot cheaper and affordable than the Cubii Pro, with pretty similar features.
  • The primary difference is the Bluetooth connectivity between the two seated ellipticals. It does not come with Bluetooth.
  • One thing in which it has the edge over Cubii Pro is the adjustable pedal angle that lets you use it standing up also.
  • It does not have any resistance bands or straps; hence the chances of inconsistent resistance are high.
  • Both the machines weigh 32 pounds.

It is extremely cheaper than Cubii Pro and also features an adjustable pedal angle, so make sure to check it if you need a seated elliptical that you can use standing up also.

jfit Under Desk Mini Elliptical Machine
Adjustable pedal angle and stand up elliptical

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#2 Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Seated Elliptical Machine

It features magnetic resistance, and it’s also way more affordable than the Cubii Pro. The eight resistances give you an easy low impact workout, and it also does not need much maintenance, so you will be saving money in that department too. 

Head to head with the Cubii Pro:

  • It is cheaper than the Cubii Pro.
  • It has no Bluetooth, so you can’t connect it to your mobile or tracking devices like Fitbit.
  • It is also way more lightweight compared to the Cubii Pro, weighing only 25 lbs.
  • It is not as silent as the Cubii Pro.
  • Its weight capacity is less than the Cubii Pro, which is only 220 pounds.
  • It has better non-slip pedals than Cubii Pro.

If you hate spending money on maintenance, then Cubii this elliptical is best for you.

Sunny H&F Elliptical SF-E3872
Quiet and portable under desk option

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#3 ATIVAFIT Under Desk Seated Elliptical Machine

This elliptical comes in gray and silver color. It has an LCD monitor and also multiple levels of resistance. It has large pedals that are anti-slip and weighs 27 lbs.

Head to head with Cubbi Pro:

  • It’s cheaper than Cubii Pro.
  • It has no Bluetooth.
  • It is more compact.
  • It is 5 lbs lighter than Cubii Pro.

It is cheaper yet almost as sturdy in design as the Cubii Pro. Check it out if you have safety as the number one priority.

ATIVAFIT Under Desk Seated Elliptical Machine
Light, compact and value for money under desk elliptical

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As most people are opting to work from home, staying fit has become difficult as there is little to no physical activity. Lack of activities causes many health problems, with obesity being the most common issue.

Enter Cubii Pro, which is the best under desk elliptical, giving you the necessary equipment to workout while sitting. 

Let’s rewind its benefits again:

  • Bluetooth
  • Silent operation
  • Many Resistances
  • Progress tracking monitor

We hope our review of Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical With Bluetooth – Option For Seated Workouts helped you to make up your mind about taking that step towards Fitness!

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