Cubii Vs Cubii Jr – Cost And Benefit Comparison

In this article, we will do a Cubii Vs Cubii Jr – Cost And Benefit Comparison

The Cubii Jr and Cubii pro are almost like the two sides of the same coin. Both these under-desk ellipticals are the marker leaders in under desk ellipticals with minor differences. We will dig deep into the benefits of both the seated under desk ellipticals in this article. 

In this article on Cubii Vs Cubii Jr – Cost And Benefit Comparison, we will weigh the claims of both the ellipticals being the best seated under desk ellipticals in the market.

Overview – Cubii Jr Under Desk Seated Elliptical

Cubii is the company that has originated Under Desk ellipticals. Cubii’s founder, Arnav Dalmia, was bored of a desk job and wanted to have a Standing Desk at the company he was working, but his company refused his request, and the concept of Under Desk ellipticals came from there.

Cubii Jr. Cubii Pro
Cubii Jr. Cubii Vs Cubii Jr - Cost And Benefit Comparison Cubii Pro

The Cubii Jr. comes with multiple resistances. The resistances range from 1 to 8, and it also has an LCD display to track the workout progress that shows you various data such as speed, time, distance, and calories burnt. It is super quiet and comes with a handle for better portability.

The dimensions of the Cubii Jr are 23.15 x 17.54 x 10 inches, and it weighs 27 pounds after assembling.

Before digging deep into each of its features, let’s go through its pros and cons.

Cubii Jr.


  • The Cubii Jr has multiple resistances ranging from 1 to 8, with one being the lowest and eight being the highest.
  • It features an LCD monitor to track your progress.
  • It is quite lightweight compared to many of the other ellipticals in this category and also features a handle for portability.
  • It is silent as well, making almost no noise.


  • It does not come with Bluetooth to connect it with other devices.
  • Not many color options are available.

Cubii Jr1
Best elliptical with resistance control, progress tracking and easy to use interface

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Overview – Cubii Pro Under Desk Seated Elliptical

The Cubii Pro is arguably the best under desk elliptical in the market, even though it’s also the most expensive. Just like the Cubii Jr, it also has eight levels of resistance and features Bluetooth to connect it to your other devices, which is Cubii Pro’s most unique feature. 

It is extremely quiet, making almost no noise. The Cubii Pro dimensions are 23.15 x 17.56 x 10. It weighs 32 pounds after assembling. Just like Cubii Jr, it also features a handle for portability.

Before jumping on each feature of the Cubii Pro separately and comparing it with the Cubii Jr, let see some pros and cons of the Cubii Pro.

Cubii Pro


  • It is the only seated elliptical that features Bluetooth connectivity for connecting it to other devices.
  • It is extremely quiet and makes no noise at all.
  • It also has multiple resistance levels from one to eight.
  • Like Cubii Jr, it also has an LCD display to track your workout showing your strides per minute, time, calories burnt, and distance.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It can scratch your wooden floor if you scrape the machine on the floor.

Cubii Pro
Most versatile elliptical for people who want to track health but don't have the time

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Cubii Vs Cubii Jr – Cost And Benefit Comparison

Level Of Resistances

The Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr come with multiple levels of resistance. Both of them have eight resistance levels, with one being the lowest and eight being the highest. The resistances offer enough resistance for anyone to get an adequate workout. It is hard to declare a decisive winner between these two ellipticals in resistance as both of them are from the same brand and have the same level of resistance. It will be a draw.

Result: Draw

Weight & Size

The size of both these seated ellipticals is pretty much the same as they are just two versions of the same model. Both of them come with a handle for better portability, but the real difference comes in the weight of the two under desk ellipticals. The weight of Cubii Pro is 32 pounds, while the Cubii Jr is only 27 pounds. The weight difference of five pounds makes Cubii Jr slightly easy to carry and also the winner of portability.

Winner: Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr.

LCD Display

Both the Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr have an LCD display that lets you track the progress of your workout by providing you the essential data. The LCD monitor of Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr shows you the speed, time, distance, and calories burned. 

Tracking your workout is really important because you might not see visible physical changes initially, but you will stay on track with your workout by monitoring the data.

Results: Draw

Bluetooth Availability

The major differentiator between the Cubii Jr. and Cubii Pro is the Bluetooth availability in the Cubii Pro. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity is the feature that makes it the most unique under desk elliptical. No other seated elliptical in the market comes with Bluetooth. 

The Bluetooth enables the Cubii Pro to connect it to many tracking devices, including an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or your mobile. To connect the Cubii Pro to mobile, you only need the Cubii App.

The Cubii Pro is the decisive winner in this category.

Winner: Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro

Calorie Count

As both these Under Desk Ellipticals are from the same brand and feature resistance levels, they are expected to burn the same amount of calories. Still Cubii Pro claims that it can burn upto 125 calories in an hour, while this is not the case with Cubii Jr. 

Because of that, Cubii Pro wins this round.

Winner: Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro

Extra Accessories

One of the Cubii Jr versions, which is a little expensive than the standard version, comes with a dumbbell set and premium mat that protects your floor. While the elliptical is enough for a lower body workout, a dumbbell set gives you the option for a plethora of upper body exercises. On the other hand, the Cubii Pro does not include any extra accessories in any of its versions. This round, without a doubt, goes to Cubii Jr.

Winner: Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr.


The best thing about these seated ellipticals is that they make little to no noise. They are perfect to use at your office without distracting yourself or others in the workplace. You can also workout at peace without worrying about the noise from the machine disturbing you. 

If we go by most customer reviews, it can be said that Cubii Pro is more silent, but as there is no clear difference, we can’t conclude a decisive winner in this category.

Result: Draw

User Weight Capacity

Both the machines have the same weight capacity. Even though seated elliptical don’t need high weight capacity, but still it shouldn’t be less than the barrier of 200 pounds. Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr both cross this barrier easily with a 250 pounds user weight capacity. The structure of these under-desk ellipticals is safe for everyone.

Result: Draw

Stand Out Features: Cubii Pro Vs. Cubii Jr

It is tough to find differences between the Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro, But there are still some differences between these two seated ellipticals that make them different. 

Both the under-desk ellipticals have stand-out features that make them stand out from each other and also other products in this category.

  • Bluetooth Availability: Cubii Pro, the best under desk elliptical, is the only under desk elliptical that has Bluetooth connectivity and connects to almost all tracking devices. The compatible devices include a Fitbit, an Apple watch, or even your mobile. You only need Cubii App for connecting it to your mobile.

Cubii Pro

  • Easy On Floors: Cubii Jr is easy on your floors as it’s lightweight than most of the other seated ellipticals. One of its versions also has a mat for protecting your wooden floors.
  • Portability: As the Cubii Jr is lightweight and also features a handle, it is more portable compared to most of the other seated ellipticals in this category.
  • Quiet: Cubii Pro is the most silent under desk elliptical available in the market. Customers have been happy with its performance, especially in workplaces as it makes no noise and doesn’t disturb you or your colleagues.


Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr are almost all aspects except some features like weight, Bluetooth connectivity, and impact on floors. Both the Seated Ellipticals have their own customers.

In this section, we will see for whom both the ellipticals are suitable.

Use the Cubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical if

  • You want an elliptical that you can connect to other tracking devices with Bluetooth.
  • You want to have a solid structure and ergonomic design of the elliptical.
  • You need to burn sufficient calories with assurance.
  • You need an effective yet silent seated elliptical.

If you are not tight on budget and want the absolute best product, you should check out the Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical.

Cubii Jr.

Use the Cubii Jr. Seated Under Desk Elliptical if

  • You have a slightly tight budget.
  • You want a lightweight under desk elliptical.
  • You want to have some extra accessories like a dumbbell set and mat as well.

If you don’t want to spend some extra bucks for Bluetooth, then the Cubii Jr is the best option available, and it’s worth giving it a shot.

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