Dan Bilzerian Workout and Diet: Let’s Dial it Down!

Every so often Hollywood finds a new person to crush on and this time it’s Dan Bilzerian. In case you haven’t caught up, Dan’s been making the rounds on Instagram and is still raking up followers with tweets and photos of this lavish lifestyle. He now has over 6 million Facebook likes and another 4 million on Instagram and a million more on Twitter.

Dan really is a rare anomaly – he is a multi-millionaire playboy, professional poker player, actor, race car driver, and MMA fighter. But if you think living his dream life is easy, you’re mistaken! Being one of the busiest social media stars, jetting around the world, and doing all the things he likes is tough but he does manage to strike a balance by keeping fit. So what exactly does Dan do?

Dan changes his routine every now and then and is even known to experiment with various types of exercises. That includes bodyweight exercises, boxing, powerlifting, triathlons, SEAL training, and MMA from his earlier military days, as well. He believes that in order for any training and workout program to really make a difference, it’s necessary to put the muscles through a certain level of shock to get them to grow instead of pulling yourself through the same routine.

And he’s right too; experts say that the body can get used to routines when done repetitively over a long period of time. And eventually, those routines start losing their effect as well. Dan says that weight training and MMA is what works for him as it helps him to maintain a tight core and full-body strength. He does not use machines like most of us would, as they damage muscles and stabilizer muscles tend to get overlooked.


The Bilzerian Build

Dan’s physique is pretty out there but it’s clear that 90% of the focus is on his stomach, back and chest. All exercises should be about the pectorals, with less attention on the arms, legs, and shoulders.

We could suggest that you and your trainer develop some routine that gets the chest and back starting at twice a week, and then three to four times as you can manage it.

Also, all heavyweight exercises should be followed by long rest periods and lightweight routines with shorter rest periods. The idea of doing these particular routines in this way is to build as much muscle as you can. Here, the focus should be on the strength work excluding pump training -so that the muscle volume on the arms, legs, and shoulders is low.

This is the first stage to build serious muscle and once you’ve mastered it you have to start shifting gears to bring focus on arms, shoulders so that the entire body looks balanced. So, keeping all this in mind, your weekly training should look like this.

Here we have a video of Dan Bilzerian’s workout and strategy.

Dan Bilzerian Workout Split to Build Muscle

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Monday: Press, Curls and Rows

  • Do three sets of either barbell bench press, incline BD press, incline DB curls using the reverse pyramid training method. In this method, you do one heavy set with the maximum effort, with two easier sets after this one hard set.
  • Then end this session on the cable rows and then a rest-pause.

Tuesday: Squats & Deadlifts

  • Apply the reverse pyramid style training when doing three sets of barbell squats and one set with three to five reps of deadlifts each.
  • Same for Tuesday, and this session with cable rows and then a rest-pause.

Wednesday: Non Gym Activities

MMA training only for Dan, but in your case any type of sport, the non-gym related activity will do.

Thursday: Legs

  • Do two sets of leg extensions, leg curls each in reverse pyramid followed by calf raises, and then rest pauses.
  • Thursdays are a little heavier so add on three sets of weighted pull-ups and seated DB shoulder press.

Friday: Flyes, Pushdowns & Raises

Take it easy on Friday with three sets of weighted pull-ups and a single RPT session of incline DB Flyes, Rope pushdowns and lateral raises each ending them with a rest-pause.

As you can see, this isolation workout involves aesthetics, power, and Olympic lifting. It’s like those programs you had in the seventies, which turned most powerlifters into Olympic lifters.

Things to know

  • Don’t overstrained make sure you do each movement right so that your muscles get used to each of them. Start with weights that you can manage.
  • Warm-up the muscles you intend on working out on before you get started. That is, if you’re working on arms today, do some arm warm-up exercises.
  • For Dan its all about eating clean and lifting weights, you could simply try attainable goals
  • Taking legal steroids instead of anabolic steroids help better.

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Detailed Diet Plan of Dan Bilzerian

Obviously,Dan takes his food seriously enough to hire three chefs to cook for him.His diet is pretty clean and he balances out correct portion sizes of high protein foods, low saturated fats, and non-processed items as well. He has a dose of healthy low-glycemiccarbohydrates right after his workouts everyday and eats every three hours.

You might think that eating out every day and partying hard might take a toll on Dan. The trick is to maintain low body fat levels as possible.

There’s little to no information about the exact kind of diet Dan follows, so he probably makes health-conscious food choices and eats moderately and is active all day. One diet hack for regular people that might work is intermittent fasting.

We have to consider his lifestyle too, and it looks like food isn’t Dan’s go-to comfort zone; so he probably isn’t overeating or worrying about food all day. And we think that’s a pretty smart move too, he also has three trained chefs too, so no pressure there either!

One interesting thing to note is that Dan doesn’t stay in this shredded avatar all the time. There are times when he allows a certain limit of body fat to grow up, usually up to the teen’s level, and then he tightens up his training and diet when things get out of hand.

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