David Goggins Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

David Goggins is a strict endurance triathlete, Ultramarathoner, Ultra distance cyclist, author, and a motivational speaker. He is the only influential model to have ever accomplished the Navy Seal training, Air control training, Air Force Tactical, and Army Ranger School.

David Goggins did a massive number of pull-ups to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundations to acknowledge the fellows who perished in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

He also holds the current world record of most maximum pull-ups within 24 hours (4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours). Although he is asthmatic and has a heart defect, David Goggins has completed over 60 endurance events like running 100 miles within 19 hours’ time constraint, all with no prior training.

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As a mentor and motivational speaker, Goggins has composed a self-guide memoir entitled “Can’t hurt Me.” He dropped more than 100 pounds under two months to be able to meet the SEAL training. He is closely 6.1″ tall and weighs around 190 lbs.

David Goggins Workout & Fitness Routine

Goggins’ workout and fitness routine are not all about cardio exercises. He also works in regular bodyweight and weight lifting exercises. More to that, he is celebrated for his stretching routine that resulted from prescription medication, where he embarked on a 6 hours daily stretching routine.

Since then, he has been stretching for 2-3 hours every morning. He states that he’s missed only two days for the last six years.

Goggins says that he hates workouts, and in particular, he dislikes running, biking, and swimming, but he does them all anyway, notably and much intensively every day.

For early starts and just after his shower, Goggins bikes approximately 25 miles to work and rides back home again. Plus the brief 4.5 miles that he does during his lunch break

When it comes down to weight lifting, the overall daily routine takes around 90 minutes. He insists that core intensity is the key to endurance, and hence he does a lot of core activities to increase his cardio.

However, he does not lift heavy weights more often but does so at times. He prefers to concentrate on lifting several times a week. Goggins also exercises his triathlon functions virtually every day, and his weekly runs and bike rides swings around 150 miles.

Here we have a motivational video from David Goggins itself.

NO LIMITS - Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring David Goggins)

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David Goggins Diet

Goggins relies on a ketogenic diet and practices some intermittent fasting. He admits that he consumes a little more proteins in comparison to the keto diet, mainly due to his substantial training schedule.

Although he rises at around 3, mostly, he does not take anything until 11: a.m. He jumps lunch to run instead, and he eats dinner at around 8:30 p.m.

Goggins says that he often keeps a fast until 11 a.m., and if he has to eat, he likes steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries to start the day. He says the meals hold well for his morning workouts.

David Goggins’ endeavors for a 40-40-20 kind of significant macronutrients, which is comprised of fats, protein, and carbs, respectively. This implies that his diet includes 40% fats, 40% proteins, and 20% carbs. He counts the macros to stick to a high-fat low carb ketogenic diet.

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David Goggins Lifestyle

  • Goggins’ confesses that he was abused throughout his childhood, and as a result, he graduated overweight with a 1.6 GPA. He proceeded to check on his body with a post-it stuck notes that acted as a reminder about his goals as well as essential steps to fulfill them.
  • Being a Navy SEAL was not just a dream; he envisioned himself succeeding, and even today, he imagines how he will feel after a certain accomplishment and the things to achieve at every step of his journey.
  • Goggins ventured to join the Badwater-135 miles Ultramarathon, but that wasn’t successful as he had to start with another ultramarathon first. Since then, he has been competing in many long-distance and endurance races, including Ultramarathon and other events such as the Badwater-135 and the Las Vegas Marathon.
  • As a motivational speaker, he likes traveling and addressing sports teams and other interactive contests. He has spoken to athletes and amateurs from professional clubs about workout routines as well as performance weight loss.
  • Many people have gained inspiration from his journey from being a discouraged-overweight young man to being an example of the world’s top celebrated athletes.

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How can you maintain your lifestyle like David Goggins?

Apparently, Goggins’ daily routine is a little more intense to match up with. He focuses on keeping his mind smart and maintain prominent stamina for his body.  That said, it is quite challenging for average trainee to exercise over 100-mile laps or rather swim a couple of miles per week.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your endurance, it is important to plan your own diet and fitness regime. The process will depend on your interest, level of activity, weight loss goals, and your current health status.

The Navy SEAL shared his ideas about core strength and overall fitness practices with Men’s Health Magazine. He insists that strong back along with abs grants you ultimate stamina and overall durability, thereby pushing your cardio to the next highest level.

You may also use a standard scope of exercise along with a balanced diet, just enough to maintain a happy and healthy living. You may incorporate some of David Goggins’ tips on weight loss and workout activities into your regime.

For fast results, you can ideally reduce your calorie intake and increase your activity level to achieve your primary goals.

Besides having a clean diet, you’ll need to maintain a considerably active lifestyle so you can lose weight and manage to keep it off. Otherwise, for Navy SEAL-level shape, you’ll have to exert more effort and precise workout cycle.


David Goggins’ workout and fitness routine isn’t for the faint-hearted, but his inspirational story confirms that even the 100 pounds overweight trainees can make it to great shape. The model refers to himself as Knuckle- dragger, implying that he’s always enthusiastic to work inevitably to get along with his full potential.

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