Follow This Guide to Avoid Dizziness after Running on a Treadmill

Have you ever experienced dizziness after running on a treadmill? Do you feel worried and theorize that this unexpected feeling could actually be a symptom of a serious health problem?

To ensure your safety, you need to learn the ways on how to avoid this kind of inconvenience that relates to your wellness.

dizziness after running on a treadmill

But first, let us identify the causes of lightheadedness. As the popular adage goes, knowledge is power. Hence, it is highly appropriate that you learn these three root causes of vertigo.

3 Causes of Lightheadedness People Feel after Using the Treadmill

You may reckon yourself as a perfectly healthy person. You are eating well, getting enough sleep, not smoking, and doing all that it takes to alleviate stress.

Hence, you may find yourself asking, “Why am I all of a sudden experiencing dizziness after running on a treadmill?”

You can protect yourself against the undesirable health disadvantages through learning these possible root causes which are:

1) You stopped your workout with the treadmill quite suddenly.

In this situation, did you notice that you felt lightheaded? The reason behind your vertigo is because your body did not get its needed chance to decelerate properly.

Suddenly halting your treadmill workout causes your blood pressure and heart rate to plummet rapidly. Hence, you feel dizzy.

The solution in this instance is the necessary action of cooling down after intense running on the exercise machine.

The cooldown ensures the blood to continue its seamless and healthful circulation throughout the human body.

Moreover, itenables your blood pressure and heart rate to gradually and safely return to their normal levels.

2)Your body adjusted to the treadmill’s forward motion for a while.

When you are using a treadmill, there is a similarity between using it and an escalator, a moving walkway, or a travelator.

In these instances, your body has to adjust for a while from walking on a stationary surface towards using a forward-moving exercise machine.

Thus, your exercise altered your feeling a little bit. When using the treadmill, you become acclimatized for a while to the motion of the exercise machine which keeps on making forward motion.

Then, once you get off the treadmill, you feel vertigo because your body and senses have to re-adjust to the stationary surface.

The degree of these discomforts actually varies among people.

Therefore, your experience may be less severe or greater as compared to the other people who use the treadmill as a part of their workout regimen.

There are those who usually experience only a brief moment of dizziness, and then they can feel normal again.

To prevent dizziness after running on a treadmill, health and fitness experts highly recommend people to go slower, which issimilar to approaching a yellow traffic light, as they conclude their treadmill exercise.

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3) You forgot to drink enough water before and while on the treadmill.

Dehydration is another possible root cause of dizziness after running on a treadmill.

You may find yourself engrossed in your exercise because you are very eager to burn more calories after enjoying those delicious, fully loaded steak burritos and Tex-Mex nachos for lunch.

What happens then is getting off the machine for a while to hydrate yourself may slip your mind.

Hence, dehydration will inconvenience you. Not only will your throat, mouth, and lips dry out, worse, you will feel a bit disoriented.

Therefore, you should make sure that you take the time to have water breaks in between your treadmill workouts to be able to drink enough water.

Now that you have learned about the threelikely root causes of why you feel lightheaded following your running exercise on the treadmill, let us discuss the ways on how to perform an effective cooldown.

How to Perform Proper Cooldown to Avoid Dizziness after a Workout

A cooldown is an integral part of a person’s workout regimen. In this stage, you allow your body to slow down for approximately ten minutes after subjecting it to vigorous physical activities.

Here are the techniques on how to perform a proper cooldown to avoid dizziness after running on a treadmill:

  1. After you have finished your intense run on the treadmill, slow down the exercise equipment to 3.5 miles per hour (mph).
  2. Then, jog unhurriedly for five minutes. As you perform this cooldown exercise, you should feel both of your breathing and heart rate decelerating.
  3. Decrease the speed of the treadmill to 3 mph. Then, walk on it for a period of three to five minutes.
  4. You may find yourself busy for the day that you do not have enough time for a ten-minute cooldown. Thus, you have the option to walk briskly on the treadmill for three to five minutes. Afterwards, you can step off and finish your workout for the day. You can also perform this option if you are anxious about the treadmill time limits at your gym.
  5. Engage yourself in yoga or post-run stretches. These exercises are the highly recommended, light physical activities following a productive cooldown session.

Since you already understand the importance of the cooldown activity in workouts, it is also vital that you are fully aware of the safety precautions when using the treadmill.

In this way, you get to further safeguard yourself against any incidences of lightheadedness after running on the exercise machine.

Here we have a video that explains further why you feel dizzy after a workout and how to avoid it.

Reasons Why You Feel Dizzy After A Workout And How To Avoid It

Safety Precautions That Prevent Dizziness When Using a Treadmill

When you experience that brief spell of dizzinessafter running on a treadmill, it is an essential reminder for you to follow the necessary safety precautions when using the fitness equipment.

From now on, keep these five reminders in mind and follow them by heart:

  1. Before you get on the treadmill, you should switch it on at a moderate pace. This action will protect you against losing your balance.
  2. Do not forget to attach the emergency stop cord. In this manner, the treadmill will cease moving if you suddenly feel dizzy or if you trip.
  3. Before gettingyourself off of the exercise machine, make sure that the treadmill belt stops moving forward.
  4. When you get off the treadmill, always help yourself by holding onto the railings.
  5. Check the treadmill and make sure that there are no objects that have been dropped or rolled over it to protect yourself against tripping over.

Learning about how to perform a proper cooldown and always following the five essential safety reminders when using the treadmill, indeed, land you on the right track.

However, if you still experience that unwanted dizziness after running on a treadmill, there must be other underlying reasons which could result in more serious health concerns for you.

It is possible that you are experiencing the effects of anemia, high blood pressure or hypertension, low blood sugar levels, heart ailments, and inner ear problems.

These are certainly alarming health dilemmas, and you absolutely have to consult your doctor.

Before using the treadmill, physicians usually advise fitness aficionados to obtain a complete physical checkup.

In this manner, you can avoid the health concerns that we mentioned above, and you can guarantee that you are on your way to achieving your optimal wellness goals.

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