Do Air Pods Fall Out While Running?

Do Air Pods Fall Out While Running

Air pods are convenient. No earphone wires enable you to run with ease, with as much range of motion as you need. You just connect to Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Better yet, having no iPhone jack taken up allows you to use a portable charger for wireless charging at the same time.

Running without wired restrictions can increase your concentration and stamina while looking up to date with true wireless earbuds technology.

But, do standard AirPods fall out when running? original AirPods can fall out running but is typically due to having a larger ear size than the air pod. Or, producing sweat where the plastic becomes more slippery than it already is.

This can reflect poorly on Apple product size dimensions in the production and manufacturing process of the product.

However, there are other factors that help the air pod stay in while running in comparison to other models.

Keep reading for more information regarding if air pods can fall out during a run.

Are Air Pods Steady and Comfortable to Wear?

No two people’s ear sizes are the same. A headphone fits differently no matter the size of it.

A study showed that many people may not wear air pods well, due to large differences between ear sizes.

Research from this study showed that from the thousands of air pod users tested wearing Apple air pods and other earphones, the conventional-sized earphone falls out 70% of the time.

Consumers with smaller ears have an increase in pain and discomfort when wearing conventional earphones.

But, consumers with larger ears complain that the air pods fall out. Is there a solution to this? The other model called Apple Air pods pro may have a better chance of staying in from its visible upgrade (size-wise) in order to stay in during running.

Do Air Pod Pros Stay in While Running?

Air pod pros are more secure and comfortable than the original air pods. Thus, they are more likely to stay in during your longest runs.

The main reason people buy original air pods is that they are less expensive than the pros. People want wireless headphones for a cheaper price.

But what the pros deliver is worth the extra $100. Water-proof resistant material, a better fit, and active noise cancellation due to the equipped noise-isolating design.

The reason being water-resistant buds stay in your ears longer is because you can get sweat trapped in them, making the earbuds unstable. With a water-resistant factor, it resists water droplets for optimal stability.

They also have more bass and are perfect for running to drown out cars driving on the roads, or your treadmills loud motor.

A drawback is that the airpod pro is made out of silicone that isn’t ideal for some people to stick in their ears.

However, silicone is proven to stay in your ears with a grip material for an apple device earbud. However, if you need more holding of the earphone, Amazon carries AirPods Pro Ear Hooks for extra protection from slipping on your longest runs.

Constructed with silicone material for optimal comfort that is designed for any running-related activity.

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How to Keep Air Pods From Falling out

Some people complain that their wireless earphones fall out when they run, or they feel them slipping out. The solution is to buy an earphone cover designed to fit your Air Pod and help it stay in place during running activities.

Amazon carries Earbud Cover Accessories for Apple Air Pods to increase their grip and stay firmly in place. As a bonus, they fit in the charging case without having to be removed. It includes 6 pairs (earphones not included)

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Amazon has Earskinz AirPod Covers for your AirPods to comfortably conform to the natural ergonomic size of your ear. This is the best solution to keep your earbuds from falling out. Plus you don’t feel the hard plastic for lengthier durations of a run.


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If you want comfort and stability, but you don’t wish to spend money on the AirPods Pro, Amazon’s Ear Hooks Covers are the perfect substitute. They include silicone ear tips and ear hooks that mimic the Air Pod Pro, with a c-shaped design to hug your ear during any run.

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Are Original Air Pods Good for Running?

Air pods are good for running as you don’t have wires to restrict you. Sometimes running with wires can interfere with your running, especially if you accidentally pull it.

Pulling a wire can rip the earphone out of your ear and impede your run. So, wearing air pods can avoid any nuances a wire would give you.

Especially, If you’re running in the winter you wouldn’t want a hat to tug on the earphones with wires.

As Air Pods are made out of hard plastic, so the surface can be a bit slippery. However, since it’s constructed with a long body, it rests against your ear for extra stability.

Again, people have good and bad experiences with these products, as seen in an Air Pod forum review.

The majority of people said they work just fine when they run, so it doesn’t hurt to give them a try if you want a cheaper alternative to the Air Pod Pro. It just depends on your ear shape and material preference.

Are Air Pods Sweatproof?

Unfortunately, air pods are not sweatproof and are the main reason people say they fall out of their ears. Even with regular washing, they aren’t specifically equipped to resists oil or water. However, Apple’s AirPods pro can, the second generation AirPods.

The silicone material is water-resistant, thus keeping sweat or oil out of the pods.

Just use caution if you wear the original in a long run. Otherwise, they can stay in even if you sweat but may be a bit uncomfortable if they slip out a bit.

Wear a silicone ear cover or grip for extra protection of slippages on the original or upgraded Air Pod.

Use Air Pod Grips

Air Pod grips are usually made out of a rubbery material like silicone to optimize the comfort level a plastic Air Pod doesn’t have.

You’ll likely want to put a grip on your earphone if you feel like it slips on your runs due to sweat, or the slippery material of plastic. If your ears are small, not to worry. Grips are thin and just barely hugs the earbud to protect it against scratches and oil.

However, it is advised if you normally have oily ears, it’s recommended to wash the ear skin grips before and after use. Washing it in hot water with soap will also take off any residue before, and bacteria from your ears after you use them.

Amazon sells Silicone Eartips that are the perfect fit to ensure it keeps snug on your ear. Better yet, it’s comfortable as the silicone material feels like skin pressed to your earlobe. They are thin enough they can fit into the charging case.

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Benefits of Using Silicone Earbuds

Silicone is used for many household or apparel products including sportswear. Silicone is a vital component in high-quality earphones.

A study showed that silicone rubber was superior to ordinary organic rubbers in terms of heat resistance, grip stability, scratch resistance, and can withstand warm and cool temperatures.

It also is equipped with suitable thermal capacity.

Silicone is great for adapting to your earbuds shape, as it’s equipped with sealing and flexible material. It is water and temperature resistant – most commonly used from design engineers specialized in product design.

It is very durable, as the quality can be sustained for a long period of time without ripping.

Wearing silicone covers or AirPod pros are ideal to wear during any season on an outdoor run. Most importantly, it is ideal for using it for grip stability during a run so they don’t fall out and interrupt your flow of speed.

If you have larger or smaller ears, you don’t have to worry about traditional EarPods not fitting properly with the help of a silicone-based material. Wearing ear tips can help comfort a smaller ear hole.

The Bottom Line

Air Pods can easily fall out during a run if your ears produce oil or sweat against the plastic or it doesn’t fit the pod well.

The solution is to buy a silicone cover, or ear hook to put over top of the original Air Pod. If you’re willing to spend a little extra for the Air pod pros, they will fit snugger as they are designed for comfort.

An Apple AirPod might not be for everyone from the rubber being placed directly into your ear canal. However, you can barely notice them once you’re in the groove of a good run. For optimal comfort, buy more padding that fits this Air Pod upgrade.

No more fretting about the falling out of an earphone. Follow these tips outlined in this article to feel more at ease on your next run no matter how long it is.

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