Ernestine Shepherd Workout, Diet & Lifestyle [Amazing!]

The 82-year-old Ernestine Shepherd has touched the world with a great sensation of her superb shape that belies her entire age. Her incredible story confirms that you can nevermore be too old for exercise.

Cheering from Baltimore, Maryland, Ernestine Shepherd is comfortably listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s old female bodybuilder. Although she no longer competes, Ernestine holds a couple of titles and have completed nine marathons.

Ernestine-Shepherd-dietShe is a personal trainer and a leader of aerobic classes in Baltimore, and she declares that she feels better than she used during her 40s. Speaking with BBC, Ernestine states that she was too prissy to exercise.

However, she narrates that at 56, she went for a swimsuit shopping trip with her sister and made a pact to start exercising. Her sister passed on a few years later of an aneurysm, but Ernestine decided to move on with their plan to get in shape in tribute to her sister’s memory.

Ernestine has written a book entitled “Determined, Dedicated, Disciplined To Be Fit.” Her overall physical fitness consists of about 10% body fat, 5 feet tall, and she weighs about 120 lbs.

Here we have a video that shows Ernestine Shepherd inspiring others to get fit.

The 81-year-old Bodybuilder Who Inspires Others To Get Fit

Ernestine Shepherd Workout & Fitness Routine

Many would think it was unworkable to get in competitive bodybuilding at their 60s, but that wasn’t the case for Ernestine. She has an incredible workout and fitness routine as she focuses on running her cardio and maintaining her weight.

She rises at 2:30 a.m. for meditation, and her daily devotions followed by breakfast. As a dedicated fitness grandma, she goes out for a 10 miles run every day. Her weekly schedule is simple and straight. On Mondays, she focuses on chest and biceps, on Wednesday shoulders and triceps and then legs and back on Fridays.

After her morning activities, she hits the gym at around 7:30 a.m. for at least four days a week. Ernestine is capable of bench pressing 150 lbs and can lift a weight of around 15-20 pounds. Her overall workout lasts for about 45 minutes to one hour.

As a personal trainer and a leader of exercise classes, Ernestine manages to perform even extra exercises daily. She’s still a girl at heart as she does her hair as well as makeup before getting on her regular run.

After the exhausting schedule, she heads home for a refreshment before returning to the gym at around 5:30 p.m. Her training is mainly focused on people between 20 and 86 years. 

Ernestine Shepherd Diet

Ernestine takes her nutritional needs seriously. She eats at least five times per day, at an interval of 2-3 hours. Her diet is plain and clean, consisting of things like chicken breast, egg white, salt-free brown rice, nuts, and vegetables.

She consumes at least 120 grams of proteins per day, beginning with 10-egg white take before getting into her early start workouts. Her estimated macros incorporate low carbs, mid-high protein, and low fat.

Ernestine Shepherd trains like a professional, counting every calorie and stick to a strict diet even if she doesn’t compete. She also likes water and drinks all day long, rising with 16 oz.

During her early days, she exercised with a nutritionist to set a perfect Diet. She says she eats close to the same every day and does not crave stuff like sweets- but sometimes she cut loose with some sugar-free cherry Jello.

Ernestine’s diet may fail to satisfy everyone, but her focus on healthy foods lessons is in order. She is so settled that she does not rely on performance-enhancing remedies or supplements other than vitamin D.

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Ernestine Shepherd Lifestyle

Ernestine loves her new life’s performance, and she does it with no medications. She enjoys more energy compared to the younger decades, where she was never thriving. But tapping deep into lifestyle Ernestine is a bit intent and would do everything not to scratch her French manicure while lifting weights.

Besides her every day devotions and meditation, Ernestine confesses that she loves going to church on Sundays and likes participating in the choir. She also likes giving back to society, especially to those older people who are longing to try out a new workout experience and want them to know that it’s never too late to start working on fitness.

Despite all the exercises and commitments, Ernestine reveals that she has no instances of aches and cramps and that she hasn’t been injured for the last 17 years of her new lifestyle.

When it comes to self-confidence, she says she used to mind what other people say concerning her, but later dropped that after attaining the of 70 years. More so, she says that age is just a number, and she feels better than before.

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How can you maintain your lifestyle like Ernestine Shepherd?

  • Ernestine does 10 miles per day plus a combination of free weights and Nautilus equipment exercises. However, you can commence right from where you are, depending on your activity level.
  • Below are some of the tips that help Ernestine Shepherd to defy the normal aging- of course, you can apply in your fitness regime as well;
  • She began slowly with expert guidance or personal trainer, and then gradually conditioned her body.
  • Ernestine understands the importance of proper nutrition in terms of adequate proteins and supplements.  You can ideally seek advice from a nutritionist.
  • Support from friends and family members. She perceives to want to go as well as what she wishes to accomplish. She also believes in encouragement and inspiration.
  • She ensures that she provides her body with all necessary needs, from diet and workouts essentials to physical and mental wants.
  • She views her workout activities as fun and perceives her work to be more like a long, happy journey. She also tries to have a positive mindset towards everything.
  • While many folks heed themselves fading and getting old, Ernestine Shepherd is living her life at an impressive age, with the fittest aspect of her life, and even more influential than she’s ever been. As a supreme role model, Shepherd says that she has a lot to teach everyone about shining at any age.
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