Why is Exercise Bike Necessary for Elders?


Contrary to what you’ve might have seen and heard but it’s important for seniors to exercise. It helps them to lead a healthier and longer life and management serious ailments that can make matters worse. If those exercises are done regularly, they can prevent those things like arthritis, muscular weaknesses, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity blood pressure heart issues – it can, in fact, help to maintain a good balance between the mental and physical health.

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Quite often there’s this dilemma that exercising might lead to injury as certain bones and muscles weaken as one gets older. However doctors recommend that light to moderate exercises done under supervision or with the help of a trainer, a physiotherapist might be a good thing.

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As you already know, regular exercises can improve your blood circulation, metabolism – two things that are crucial for senior citizens.Some assistive devices might make things easier. For example, flat bands, physio rolls, and light cardio along with stretching exercises can help improve muscles, limb coordination, and nerve functions.Hip cycles and recumbent cycles allow for slow pedalling as they lie back comfortably and would be ideal in reducing the ill effects of a sedentary life like obesity, weak muscles all while protecting against injuries.

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Exercise keeps the weight off and helps one stay fit, but where seniors are concerned, it’s much more than keeping a trim waistline. There are a number of benefits, particularly of the physical kind, for people at an older age. Apart from the health benefits mentioned earlier, they can stave off viruses by boosting their immunity.

One very serious concern is falling, resulting in broken bones, injuries and can even be fatal. Exercises routines that focus on balance training, regain muscles mass and just keeping the body in motion the threats from these falls can be lowered.It can control mental health issues too.

Out of which Alzheimer’sandDementia are the most common and affect about 5 million seniors each year, and all it takes is physical exercises to avoid them and reduce risks involved. Exercising boosts blood flow and to the entire body, especially the brain promoting the growth of new cells – a critical function to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.In the same way, it can release endorphins that can fight anxiety, depression and trigger positive moods.

It might increase social interaction too among other senior citizens and friends if they are exercising in a gym and help them to be more independent and self-confident.

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The reason we’re using the term ‘more agile’ is because stationary bikes can exert the body, even when runningthem in the low spinning mode. When it comes to senior citizens, it is better that they get a doctors opinion and a health check-up before starting out on any exercise.When that’s done, they can consider spinning, and gains from it in these ways.

There no stress on the joints, only at a minimal level that’s good for the body. Spinning on a fitted bike puts the body through less initial stress when compared with cycling, rowing, jogging or running.

Even at the lowest speed or intensity, it puts the body through a good cardio workout. It puts you in a comfortable position for pedalling as long as you can cycle before fatigue sets in; you’re working the cardiorespiratory harder than any other sport.

Running and jogging might give senior citizens something to worry about. For example, the lungs and legs aren’t up to the mark and might give in after a short while making it impossible to carry on with the run or jog for a long time. It’s also tough on joints restricts breathing. Breathing is also an issue when swimming, but in cycling, one can get high heart rate levels without these additional concerns. In fact, a senior citizen can stop when they start to feel the exertion and don’t have to leave the comfort of their home.

If spinning at home, elderly people can watch TV as they cycle and even switch to a recumbent bike, if they’d prefer. Most of the controls are at their disposal, and it’s easy to set a difficulty that’s the right level. As opposed to treadmills and other gym equipment, there is no worry about slipping, losing your balance, dropping dumbbells on your legs or feet.

Then, there are a lot of social spinning clubs that are indoors and that combines the benefits of spinning and socialization. This can encourage senior citizens to move out more, even ask the instructor to keep tabs on their progress.

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The best thing about exercise bike is that it allows user to do seated exercise and go easy on the joints. As we age our joints tend to get weaker, so for elderly people it is best to avoid standing workouts on exercise bike. The workouts we are going to mention here are suitable for all ages.

  • Stretch Upper Body while peddling the bike: Adjust your exercise bike to your hip level and start peddling the bike nice and slow. There’s no reason to follow high intensity level while doing this. As you peddle the bike take your arms up while inhaling and join them together to press. This will stretch your spine and upper body. Now take your arms down while exhaling. Do this for three minutes and we are ready for next exercise.
  • Pull and Release: If your exercise bike bar is flexible, maintain a under hand grip on the centre bar then pull and release while peddling the bike. This will double the amount of calories you burn and also a good exercise for chest, grip and forearm. Do this for two minutes and then move to the next exercise.
  • Picking Up your RPM: Now bring your grip to heart rate monitor and increase the resistance a little bit, not too much as we are going easy on joints. Your body and leg will work harder while doing this and will increase your heart rate. Keep an eye on the heart rate monitor and do this work out for five minutes and take rest. If you feel like you still have energy left and you can do more, just repeat the process after taking rest for at least five minutes.

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Exercise should feel good at any age; stationary bikes are safe and effective can be used at any time of day. Traditional bikes are a challenge only because they can take a toll on the back, heart, etc. This is why recumbentbikes are the preferred option.

If choosing a recumbent bike, know that the only difference between this and an upright bikeis the body position you maintain when using one. Instead of the feet being underneath your legs when pedalling, they are in front of you with legs extended. They have a back cushioning to take the strain off your lower back and a set for the pelvis region.

Bikes for outdoor use can be risky and physically taxing and could take you far from home. If you like the feel of an outdoors bike, then upright stationary bikes or an indoor bike might be a good option.

Spinning bikes are suited for serious athletes and those who want intense workouts. Senior citizens might have to adjust the settings first before cycling. Elder people who are still fairly mobile can try dual-action bikes that are like cross trainers and have handlebars that move with the pedals.

Then, use the bike frequently – at least three times a week for twenty minutes.Health improvementswill only show up once you’ve started on a bike that’s good for you and that you work with your doctor’s suggestions.


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.