Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike Review



The Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike is the simplest and most lightweight of Exerpeutic’s recumbent bike range. It is a slightly more scaled back version of Exerpeutic’s 4000 recumbent bike which is more advanced with more functions and resistance levels. The 2000 bike is set up in a way that feels like you’re riding a bike while sitting in your computer chair. The highlight of the 2000 bike is the comfortable, ergonomically designed seat with thick cushioning, arm rests and a sturdy backrest.

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Experpeutic 2000 has 8 levels of resistance and 6 pre-set workout programs. The maximum user weight capacity is 300 lbs which is slightly under that of the 4000 model. The Exerpeutic 2000 model retails between $330-$360 online which is slightly cheaper than the 4000 model.

[/vc_column_text]Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors

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Product Dimensions: Length- 54 in (137 cm), Height- 34 in (86 cm), Width- 22 in (56 cm). It is recommended that for use, a clearance space of at least 12 inches are kept from the length and width dimensions.

Equipment Weight: 63 lbs (28.6 kg)

Maximum User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Resistance Levels: 8 Levels- Magnetic Tension Resistance, Adjustable via Console

Warranty Info: Structural Frame- 1 Year, All other parts- 90 days

Workout Programs: 6 Pre-Set Workout programs. Contains 3 training modes: Manual, User and Pre-set programs.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact Heart Rate sensors on handlebar grips

Seat: 3-inch thick cushioning with Air Soft material technology, Armrests, Contoured Back Rest, Adjustable Seating

Accessory Features: Tray for holding Electronics, Water Bottle Holder, Pedals with Straps

Console: LCD Display screen with display data including- Time, Distance, RPM, Heart Rate, Speed, Calories. 

Assembly and Transport: Transport Wheels at the front stabilizer to easily move the bike, Requires 2 people to assemble

Power Requirements: 120 V AC power outlet needed. The bike comes with 120 V in, 6VDC out, 1000 mA power adapter with a US standard plug.


Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors[title_mod title_size=”big” title_pos=”center” title_name=”The Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike in More Detail” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Frame, Layout and Design” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][vc_column_text]

The frame and overall layout is similar to the 4000 Exerpeutic model, except the 2000 one is slightly simpler and smaller. Like the 4000 model, the 2000 one is designed to feel like you’re sitting on a comfortable computer chair and riding a bike. The chair is thick with heavy padding, with armrests and handlebars on either side of the chair. The backrest is also heavy padded like a regular office chair and not ventilated like in the 4000 model. The seat adjustable backward and forwards for people of different heights.

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  • The frame is largely made from steel, which gives it a sturdy base to give strength and stability during vigorous workouts. The bottom part of the frame is made from round bars to add further strength. The strong frame design enables the bike to have a relatively high maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is quite impressive for a simple bike like the Exerpeutic 2000.
  • The drive and the seat rest on two stabilizers at the front and back. The rear stabilizers have adjustable levellers to account for uneven flooring. 
  • Although the design is meant to be a simple, easy walk-through design, the chair’s arm rests and handlebars are positioned quite high up which can interfere with getting on or off the bike.


Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors[title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Seat Features and Design” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][vc_column_text]

The most prominent features of both the Exerpeutic 2000 and 4000 models seem to be its seat. The seat is heavily cushioned, with padding that’s about 3.5 inches thick to provide maximum comfort when seated. The padding uses novel Air Soft material technology where the foam consists of multiple air cells to allow the padding to ‘breathe’ and conform to a shape that provides the maximum level of comfort to the user. It also helps with ventilation when the seat gets warm and sweaty during intense workouts. The seat is coated with synthetic leather. 

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  • The backrest is also heavily cushioned to provide maximum comfort for the back. It is different to the 4000 model where the backrest is sturdy and not cushioned but has a synthetic mesh to provide ventilation. This is a slight limitation on the 2000 model, that the backrest doesn’t offer ventilation. If you plan to do intense workouts, it can get quite hot with the heavy padding on the backrest.
  • The seat is adjustable in two ways- backwards and forwards using a lever. It is only adjustable horizontally, not vertically. The adjustable seat makes the bike suitable for use with people of varying heights, ranging from 5’’3- 6’’3. It is possible for people slightly outside this range to use the bike, but shorter people may not be able to reach the backrest and the taller people may not be able to fully extend their leg. The range of heights is slightly smaller than the 4000 model which has a range between 5’’0 and 6’’3.
  • The seat also features cushioned arm rests which make it convenient to rest your hands while holding on to the handlebars. The handlebars are located on either side of the armrests, so you can hold them while resting your elbows on the arm rests. The handlebars are ergonomically designed with rubber grips which incorporate contact heart sensors that detects your heart rate and sends them to the console during your workouts.
  • Neither the handlebars, arm rests nor the backrest are adjustable which is also a slight limitation. 


Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors[title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Resistance and Drive” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][vc_column_text]

The bike has a magnetic tension resistance system that offers 8 different magnetic resistance levels. Magnetic resistance makes it easier, smoother and quieter to switch between different resistance levels. The resistance can be changed from the console for any workout easily.

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Magnetic resistance uses magnets to add or relieve tension on the drive system. When you increase the resistance on the console, the magnets are brought closer to the flywheel to increase the resistance and vice versa when you reduce the resistance.

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  • The drive itself is a V-belt drive which adds to a smoother and quieter operation. 
  • It is possible to do reverse pedaling on this bike as well, and the resistance during backpedaling is the same as the one chosen for front pedaling.


Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors[title_mod title_line=”small-line” title_name=”Console Features and Workout Programs” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_line_color=”#dd3333″][vc_column_text]

The console is a simple, single LCD screen display that shows all the relevant data to the workout such as time, speed, etc. The buttons are also quite simple, with four options: SET, UP, DOWN and START/STOP.

You can use the UP and DOWN buttons to navigate through different pre-set workout modes and to increase or decrease parameters like time, resistance levels and distance.  You can use the SET button to select training modes and to set target goals. 

There are three training modes that the workout programs are divided into: 1 Manual Program, 5 Pre-set program and 1 User Program.

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The LCD display screen shows the following parameters:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

The Exerpeutic 2000 emphasizes on the user’s comfort and they have done a great deal to ensure that, with cushioned seat and backrest. However, the bike is not really the cheapest bike out there and there is still room for changes, especially when compared to other recumbent bikes out in the market that are of a similar price range.

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  • Time This shows the duration of your workout. For manual modes, the time counts up and for pre-set workout programs, the timer counts down from the set duration of the workout.
  • Speed Shows the speed during a workout
  • RPM Shows the pedaling speed in revolutions per minute of the pedal. This will show along with the speed.
  • Level Shows the current resistance level chosen. You can choose from Levels 1 to 8.
  • Distance This shows the distance covered during the workout in miles. Like time, distance counts up in the manual mode and counts down from a pre-set workout
  • Calories- Shows an estimate of the calories burned so far during the workout. Same as time and distance, the counter counts up in the manual mode. It counts down in a pre-set workout mode.
  • Pulse- The console will display the current heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) that is detected by the heart rate sensors on the handlebar grips. To get a proper reading of the heart rate, the grips need to be held firmly. Ensure the grips are clean, clean away any sweat or dirt that could interfere with the reading.

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Manual Program

You can increase the resistance level to your own liking during a manual mode workout. In the manual mode, you can only set one target time or distance. You can’t set both.

Select the manual mode using the UP/DOWN arrows. Then select SET to choose a target time or distance. Use the UP/DOWN values to increase or decrease the values.

You can follow the same steps to set a target heart rate goal for the workout. The display will show the current heart rate detected by the heart rate contact sensors at the handlebar grips. If the user’s heart rate is above the heart rate goal, the heart rate value will start to flash.

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Pre-Set Programs

There are five pre-set programs to choose from: Intervals, Hills, Valleys, Climbing and Plateau. You can set target values for time, distance, calories and a target heart rate goal for each workout. The course profiles are pre-set so you don’t have to manually change the resistance levels. The resistance levels are pre-determined in the workouts, so you just need to keep pedalling and the resistance levels will automatically change as the workout progresses. 

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User Program

There is one user program where the user can tailor the workout to their own liking. You can set values for the time, distance, speed, calories, pulse and resistance level. In the User Program, the user will create their own course profile for the workout.

The course profile is basically the workout split into small time intervals on a grid. For each interval, you will need to set the resistance level. Higher the resistance level chosen, the higher the colored bar will be on the grid. You need to select resistance levels for 10-time intervals.

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  • The first limitation is that the seat is only adjustable horizontally and not vertically. The A20 recumbent bike model from Schwinn is of a lower price range and the adjustability rail there is laid out diagonally so that when you adjust the seat, you adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically.
  • The backrest is also not ventilated, so it would get quite hot and sweaty if you decide to do intense workouts.
  • Although the armrests and handlebars are laid out in a way to provide comfort, they are quite high up and may interfere with getting on or off the bike, especially considering that the 2000 model has quite a small frame and there’s not much room to maneuver. This prevents it from being a complete walk-through design.
  • The warranty is also quite limited as you’re only offered 1 year’s warranty whereas other bikes that are similar to the 2000 model offer a longer warranty period.

[/wpsm_pros][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To sum up the key benefits and drawbacks of the Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike, here is a list of pros and cons:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • For a very simple bike, it has a very high maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Comfort and ergonomics are a key feature in the design. The seat and backrests are cushioned with a thick layer of padding. The padding uses Air Soft material technology to create a ‘breathable’ fabric that conforms to the user’s posture easily. The seat also comes with armrests.
  • 6 workout programs available
  • 8 Levels of Magnetic Tension resistance makes transitioning between different resistance levels smoother and quieter.
  • Has a holder for water bottle and separate holder for electronics
  • The bike is small and lightweight, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • The console is simple and easy to navigate through, even for people who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Heart rate sensors located conveniently on the handlebar grips.

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Seat is only adjustable horizontally. The armrests and backrest are not adjustable.
  • The backrest is not ventilated.
  • Magnetic resistance system could interfere with medical devices or nearby electronics.
  • Caters for a smaller range of heights for the users, between 5’’3 and 6’’3.
  • Armrest and handlebars can get in the way when getting on or off the bike, so not completely a step-through design. [/wpsm_cons][/wpsm_column]

Verdict: To conclude, the Exerpeutic 2000 model emphasizes comfort. The seat and backrest are heavily cushioned with Air Soft material technology to provide maximum comfort during workouts. It is great for people who are looking for a smaller, lightweight bike that emphasizes comfort. It is, however, uses quite simple technology. [/wpsm_testimonial][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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