How Did Spartans Workout?

Who wouldn’t have heard of the Spartans – the warrior tribe of the city-state of Sparta of ancient Greece. Spartans were known for their well-disciplined life, rigorous training methods, and toned bodies. They were once the most powerful and dominant land army in Greece. The word Spartan has almost become synonymous with the extreme fitness … Read more

Why Does Pre-Workout Make You Itch?

If you work out with some serious fitness goals in mind, you are sure to want to achieve the maximum possible benefits in the time devoted by you in the gym. It is a known fact that balanced nutrition post-workout is essential to reap maximum benefits. However, many do not know that consuming something called … Read more

How to Increase Homemade Protein Bars Shelf Life

Making protein bars is a popular snack among those who want a healthy source of nutrition. You decide what ingredients to put in by following any recipe with your choice of protein powder. This source of nutrition can keep the busiest people energized and full while staying active with a couple of bites. It’s also … Read more

How to Organize Workout Clothes

Working out can be more efficient when you’re organized. If you’re thinking that you are the furthest person from being organized, not to worry. Even the most organized people can slack sometimes on how clean their room is, that’s just life. But it’s important to keep your athletic wear in one place to make the … Read more

How to Be Motivated to Work Out Alone

Working out alone is great, at times. Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself to do the bare minimum of putting on your workout clothes because you feel lazy. Or, you simply have always worked out with friends or in classes, and now you are forced to stay inside your house. With the right mindset and … Read more

Why Does a Pre-Workout Make Me Want to Poop?

If you have taken pre-workouts, chances are that you have had moments when you have wanted to poop immediately before or during your workout. This is primarily due to certain ingredients in the pre-workout which tend to activate the colon that is responsible for bowels. Read on to know more. Pre-workouts & Coffee Caffeine is … Read more