How to Organize Workout Clothes

Working out can be more efficient when you’re organized. If you’re thinking that you are the furthest person from being organized, not to worry. Even the most organized people can slack sometimes on how clean their room is, that’s just life.

folded and organized clothes

But it’s important to keep your athletic wear in one place to make the most dreadful of workouts that much more time-efficient.

All you need is a few staple pieces of organization tools and the right mindset to motivate you to feel on top of your organization game.

Let’s dive into how you can start keeping your workout clothes together to prepare yourself for your fitness activity.

Ways to Organize Workout Clothes

This list is composed of the top 9 ways to keep your athletic clothes orderly for easy access for your next workout. Including:

  1. Think quality, not quantity
  2. Drawer dividers (sports bra, socks)
  3. Drawer for fitness apparel (tank tops, workout pants)
  4. Floating divider storage
  5. A shoe rack for running shoes
  6. Organizer for running packs
  7. Hang up athletic jackets
  8. Accessory container (headbands, hair ties)
  9. Beat procrastination

1. Think Quality, Not Quantity

If you’re wanting to be more organized closet or drawer wise, but your clothes are overflowing, it can be difficult to know where to put them.

This is especially important for storing activewear if you have an obsession with buying more.

However, having less athletic wear but in higher quality will enable you to have enough room to be organized and give you fewer options which is a good thing. The higher quality, the more money you invest in something.

Organizing workout clothes

But what if you have a ton of Lulu Lemon clothes, which are high-quality yoga and fitness clothing?

The solution is to buy a bigger dresser or make room in your closet if you want to keep all of them. Another way is to sell what you don’t wear, even if it’s in style because there’s no point in something taking space in your dresser if you never wear it.

Thrift stores will gladly buy your lightly worn, quality clothing off of you. Or, you can sell them on the Facebook marketplace in the clothing section.

Take COVID precautions selling your clothes for drop-offs or pickups as it’s not worth stressing over selling one piece of item for the cost of catching the virus.

Buy a matching workout set. Matching women’s workout clothes is a current trend for 2021, as they are cute workout clothes for a woman to want to wear. As a plus, it will make organization easier for you to find the outfit and throw it on in time for your athleisure workout.

2. Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are perfect for storing clothing from different categories. The major benefits of using a pocket divider is not having to dig through your drawers to find a specific piece of sportswear (though you may need to dig a little if you have a lot of clothes)

Better yet, these dividers can easily fold up to store. If you have extra, simply fold them up and put them in a storage closet. It can organize your clothes in a drawer and at the same time be organizable in terms of storing them.

Some dividers are simple dividers while others open up like a pouch. The pouch type is most beneficial to hold all the essentials in that clothing category.

They come in different sizes, so it’s beneficial to buy a variety of sizes to fit what you need. Smaller dividers work well for socks and bigger ones work for any larger item like muscle shirts for men or sports bras for women.

A tip for organizing socks is folding the upper part inside out to lock the pair together.

By using pocket dividers in your dresser, you will organize it to its best ability and lessen the time you look for a pair of socks, or a whole workout outfit.

Amazon carries simple Dresser Organizers that come in a variety of colours and sizes. They are foldable and made out of cloth to provide a designated spot for your little to large workout gear.

SimpleHouseware Foldable Cloth...
  • Good for organizing your lingerie, underwear, bras, socks, ties, scarves, etc...
  • Made with non-woven fabric
  • The containers are collapsible that save your space. Lightweight solution for easy carrying.
  • The set includes 2 Large Boxes 11"W x 11"D x 5.25"H, 2 Medium Boxes 5.75"W x 11.25"D x 5.25"H and 2 Small Boxes 5.75"W x 5.75"D x 5.25"H

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3.    Drawer Designated for Workout Clothes

If you have lots of workout gear, it’s vital to have one drawer designated for workout clothes. All you need is the drive to fold your clothes and stack them on top of each other matching the right category.

The left side of the drawer could be your go-to tank tops that are the most comfortable and easy to put on. The right side of the drawer could be workout clothing that you don’t wear as much but are of great quality.

Such as yoga pants, leggings, or shorts.

It’s up to you on how to set up your athletic drawer. It’s good to have two separate drawers for athletic clothes. One drawer can be for workout tops, and another could be for workout pants.

The best dressers have at least five or six drawers, so having a workout drawer at your convenience may be good enough to hold all your gear.

You can even buy an entirely separate dresser for your athletic clothing if you have enough space in your room or at your home gym.

Amazon sells a Hallway Storage Cabinet skinny enough to fit anywhere you like. It contains six large and spacious drawers to keep your space tidy and neat.

4. Floating Divider Storage

Floating dividers are an excellent way to store athletic clothes while saving money. They are typically made out of plastic (or cotton) and you simply hang on your closet door.

This is an ideal solution for people wanting a more organized closet, but don’t have much room left in it. Better yet, you can have all your workout clothes in one place.

If you don’t fold your clothes already, it will motivate you to fold your workout wear because they will be on display either hanging outside or inside your closet. Thus, making you more organized as a person.

Amazon sells a variety of hanging storage dividers. The 6 Shelf Hanging Storage Box is best used for organizing workout clothes. They are easily storable as you fold them, and are constructed with recyclable material so they won’t harm your clothes.

5. Shoe Rack For Running Shoes

Having a separate shoe rack for your running shoes may seem like too much for some people. However, buying another shoe rack or using an extra one in your household can be perfect for storing all your running shoes in one spot.

If you have an at-home gym, you can store it there. Or, in your room at the back of your closet.

A simple, aesthetic design suggestion is to place a hanging rack for your clothes, with a shoe rack tucked underneath in your room.

Sometimes shoes at the front door can get messy pretty quickly, even if you live alone.

Amazon has a 3-Tier Shoe Rack with a simplistic design to be put in any room of a house. It is silver and made out of metal that will fit all of your athletic shoes at your convenience.

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6.     Running Pack Organizer

If you’re like most people who work out, you can’t be seen without a technological gadget to aid your workouts.

If you’re a runner, you likely have some sort of running pack, running pouch, armband or any type of phone holder to store your essential belongings.

If you are not exactly sure where to place these pieces of clothing, there are organizers on Amazon to help you organize and prevent misplacement of additional workout products.

3 Foldable Fabric Storage Bins on Amazon are a perfect size to put your running packs or armbands in. Their natural beige colour can match any space and be placed on shelves, under a desk, or in closets. The water-resistant bamboo material prevents fabric moisture build-up.

7. Hang Long Sleeves and Athletic Jackets

Athletic long sleeves or jackets can take up space in your dresser drawers, even if they are made out of thin material such as spandex.

It’s beneficial to hang them in your closet, or a whole other separate storage closet to keep your essentials separate from an occasional long sleeve to work out in.

Organize work out clothes

With different seasons, the wintertime usually calls for cleaning out your summer wardrobe or making room for your warmer clothes.

Sometimes, you may subconsciously categorize a long sleeve shirt or jacket as a winter piece of clothing and put it in your drawers with your other clothes.

According to the categorization theory, consumers use categorical representations of certain products to interpret and group information based on the physical product. However, this is counterproductive when it comes to organization.

If you category certain things based on shared characteristics, you may be more prone to hoarding behaviors that are actually the opposite of being organized. Hoarding can be described as the gathering of possessions that are useless or even interfere with the ability to function.

By keeping workout jackets or long sleeve shirts in a different place, it’ll help with keeping essential pieces of clothing categorized in an organized way. Thus, making more room for your items you wear the most.

8. Accessory Container

An essential feature of a workout outfit is a hair tie or headband, especially for women. Less men wear accessories to workout in, however this suggestion applies to all genders.

But since they are tiny accessories they can get lost easily or misplaced.

To solve this, buy an accessory organizer from Amazon to store all of your hair ties, headbands, or scrunchies in one place.

You can either place the organizer in your bathroom, or on your bedroom dresser. Anywhere that is most convenient for you to grab while getting ready for your next fitness workout at home, or outdoor on a run.

Amazon carries a Headband Organizer where you can wrap your headbands around the circular width of the holder.

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  • Use the TRAY LIDS to store rings, bracelets, and other jewelry
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9. Beat Procrastination

Organizing workout clothes can be a drag, especially for those who struggle with procrastination in cleaning-related activities.

Procrastination can be described as associating negative emotions with a certain type of performance that affects one’s well-being.

procrastination combines a failure in motivation, leading to creating a intention-action gap that can cause distress and anxiety.

However, procrastination is less likely to happen in the case of mastery approach goal guide.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that helps people with anxiety and depression. Experts in CBT suggest doing mastery activities to heighten well-being by giving you a sense of accomplishment.

writing down goals to achived

A mastery activity includes writing down a specific goal you want to achieve and taking steps to do it.

For people that struggle with procrastination, or don’t feel motivated to organize their clothing, this is a helpful tool to write down the organizational activity and do it.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a bore. By beating procrastination, you can feel more motivated to work out when your workout clothes are kept in a certain space.

When a space is messy, studies have shown that it can cause distress because your mind sees something that is left undone.

The Takeaway

Organizing your workout clothes can feel less of a chore and more of a pleasurable activity with the right tools and products.

Keep your quality athletic gear and clothing in organized spots in your bedroom, in your at-home gym (if you have one) hallway, or closet area to make it as convenient as possible.

Research shows that cleaning can even heighten your well-being, so it’s important you tackle your large pile or messy drawer of workout clothes to make it tidier.

You need the right mindset, such as being honest with yourself with what you actually wear versus what you don’t. That way, it’ll be easier to sell some sports clothes or place all your essentials in one spot.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried to organize your room in these ways. Share this article with your friends who you think would like fitness-related organizational tips.

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