Jason Statham Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

Jason Statham is an English actor and film producer. Hollywood likes to typecast him as an antihero. He is famous for his action-thriller roles depicting tough, irredeemable, and Machiavellian characters. 

Throughout his career, he has preferred to perform personally his stage combat and stunts. He traces these skills to his early days as a youth. There he picked up kung fu, kickboxing, and karate.

Early days

In 1990, he was selected to represent Britain in the Commonwealth Games. He was part of the national diving team.

His break out roles came in Guy Ritchie crime films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000). These two films set him on the path to be one of the most bankable Hollywood actors.

Thereafter, he played Frank Martin in The Transporter trilogy (2002–08). He has enjoyed commercial success in other action series like The Expendables (2010–14) and the Fast and the Furious franchise. 

Jason’s career has been criticized for lacking depth and variety. However, his action hero body has become an obsession among his fans. They want to know what the secret is.

Jason Statham workoutJason Statham Workout & Fitness Routine

First and foremost, Jason does not have a specific routine. His regime keeps on evolving. Nevertheless, do not take it to mean he is not disciplined in his workout. Far from it. This beast pushes himself 6 days a week to keep his ripped badge.

Here is an exclusive of his workout:

Day 1: Pyramid Circuit

Start with 10 reps, decreasing by 1 rep on each circuit (so 10-9-8-7, etc. down to 1). No rest between sets.

  • Warm-up: 10 min. on the rowing machine. Pace: 20 strokes/min.
  •  Push-ups
  •  Ring pull-ups
  •  Squats (bodyweight only)
  •  Stiff leg deadlifts
  •  Hanging leg raises
  •  Cooldown: 10 min. on the trampoline (freestyle)

Day 2: Static Hold Circuit & Big 5 55 Training

Static Circuit: Do 4 sets of each exercise. Hold the weights for 30 secs. 10 sec. rest between sets.

  •  Warm-up: 10 min. on the rowing machine.
  •  Flat bench chest press
  •  Military press shoulder exercise
  •  Dumbbell chest flys
  •  Triceps pressdowns with dumbbells
  •  L-sit hold on dip bars
  •  Bodyweight squat hold
  •  Cooldown: 10 min. on trampoline.

Big 5 55

Five exercises are done 10 times without rest. Start with 10 reps, decreasing by 1 rep on each circuit (so 10-9-8-7, etc. down to 1)

  •  Front squats with weights
  •  Pull-ups
  •  Decline push-ups
  •  Power cleans w/ barbell
  •  Knee to elbows

The video below explains further what is Big 5 55 workout.


Day 3: Interval Training with Boxing & Rowing

 Warm-up: 2000m on the rowing machine.

 Rowing: 6 intervals of rowing. 3 min. active rest (walking around) between 500m rows.


  •  Warm-up with shadow boxing & lunges.
  •  3 min. intervals punching & kicking pad: 5 sets.
  •  2 min. rounds on the heavy bag: 3 sets.
  •  Kettlebell farmer’s hold: 3 sets.

Day 4: Lower Body + Push-ups

Warm-up: row 2000m

  •  Squats, bodyweight-only: 20 reps
  •  Front squats with 175 lb. weight: 5 sets, 5 reps. 90 secs. rest between sets.
  •  Stiff leg deadlifts: 4 sets, 1 rep at each: 130%, 140%, 160%, 180% of bodyweight. 3 min. rest between sets.
  •  Reverse ab crunches.
  •  Cooldown: 200 push-ups. Sets of 15, 20, 25, 20, 15 reps.

Day 5: Cumulative Workout

Warm-up: rope climbs, bear crawl (20 yds) & crab walks (also 20 yds). 5 reps each.

  •  Front squats with 120% body weight: 5 reps
  •  Medicine ball slams: 5 reps
  •  The rope pulls: 5 reps
  •  Flat bench press: 10 reps
  •  Medicine ball slams: 1- reps
  •  Dips: 15 reps
  •  Medicine ball slams: 15 reps
  •  The rope pulls: 20 reps
  •  Medicine ball slams: 20 reps

Day 6: Trail run 1+ hours

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Jason Statham Diet

By looking at Jason, he’s pretty much all skin and muscle. So, what is his secret?

 In the first place, he is a disciplined eater. He keeps a journal and writes down everything he eats, including water. He is that dedicated!

His diet has a lot of lean protein and is low in fat and carbs. For carbs, he takes high fiber foods like oatmeal and brown rice. He avoids refined sugar and flour. He also avoids eating after 7 pm.

Here’s a sample of Jason Statham’s meal plan, which he used while preparing for movies like Death Race and Transporter 2:

  • Breakfast King

Breakfast is big for Statham. He mainly has eggs, oatmeal, and fruit.

  • Quick Light Lunch

Statham keeps it light for his midday meal. He may have soup, or brown rice and steamed vegetables.

  • Disciplined Diner

For dinner, Statham will have a lean protein such as fish, chicken or sometimes lean beef along with a salad or vegetables.

  • Have some water 

The body is about 60% water, give or take. And we are constantly losing water from our bodies. To prevent dehydration, Statham drinks a minimum of 3 liters of water every day.

A simple way to stay hydrated is to use the 8×8 rule. ie drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day.

  • Decadent chocolate

Statham’s favorite indulgence is chocolate while his go-to dessert is fruit with plain yogurt.

To eat like Statham fill your diet with lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, vegetables, salad, oatmeal, brown rice, granola, fruit, yogurt, nuts, peanut butter, water. On what to avoid, keep off refined sugar, white flour, bread, pasta, fruit juice, alcohol, and processed foods

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Jason Statham Lifestyle

1) Lucky Break

In 1998, Statham got his lucky break. He was picked up by Guy Ritchie to star in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The role he was to play was that of a street-wise con artist. By having doubled in street hustles, in his early days, the role fell right on to his 

2) Life-Long Friends

Statham and former soccer player Vinnie Jones go way back. They grew up together and Vinnie introduced Jason to the sport. The bromance would later have them act together on set.

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How can you maintain your lifestyle like Jason Statham

In terms of fitness, vary your routine to fit with your lifestyle. Stick to a natural diet and drink a lot of water. 

And finally, just like Jason you never know when your background will propel you to success.

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