Jocko Willink Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

John Gretton Jocko Wilink is a hair-raising 235-pound retired US Navy SEAL who maintains his physique in top vibrant tone, even after leaving the special offers forces.

Jocko Willink holds a Silver Star and Bronze Star, acquired after serving in the Iraq war. He also holds a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and he’s a coach at his own gym in San Diego.

Despite the intimidating structure, Willink is an author, and recently he published a book entitled “Discipline Equals Freedom”- Field Manual.

Jocko Willink diet

He hosts the Jocko Podcast- a weekly podcast that embraces topics from lessons he acquired from Navy SEAL and Jiu-Jitsu workouts. His TED talk has lured almost a million followers on his YouTube feed.

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Jocko Willink Workout & Fitness Routine

While the vast majority prioritize everything but not exercise, Jocko Willink declares that’s got to turn.  He rises at around 4:30 a.m. with his gym clothes handy and awaiting.

Willink performs a variety of pull-ups, squats, planks, yoga moves and jumping jacks, with his workout sessions split into four broad levels. He also does several light movements between his exercises to loosen up and revive muscles memory.

In his book, Willink advocate for a 4-day fitness routine, for the newbies, intermediate and venerable levels. But on restoration days, Willink recommends any light exercise like jogging and callisthenics.

Willink also does more for the core, performing basic crunches as well as hanging leg raises. When it comes to metabolic conditioning, or call it cardio, Willink is always on the centre doing HIIT training, which helps him to up the heart rate for a short period of intensity.

Willink’s pull-ups exercises are typically based on substantial pulls with either rings or bars. After mastering the regular pull-ups using various grips, he shifts to weighted pull-ups- a pulling exercise that involves rocking with your shoulders and hips while bearing a weighted vest.

His push days are mainly based on activities associated with dips and push-ups. He uses a ballast vest to add at least 20%  of his own body weight, after which he does five lots of ring dips.

The video below shows Jocko Willink’s interview about his weekly training schedule.

What is Your Weekly Training Schedule - Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink Diet

Willink explains that bagels, doughnuts and pizza will only sabotage your health. He advises people to skip such staff and go for something healthful instead. He also reminds trainees that it is conceivable to live several weeks without food, meaning if you haven’t had anything in a few hours, you are not actually starving. You just need to stay strong.

When it comes to cutting the carbs, Willink is more like an enthusiast replacing fast and processed food with fruits and vegetables. Not only for health but also to keep him more active and energetic, thereby improving the overall performance.

Even though he doesn’t attend to a specific schedule, he incorporates regular fasting of approximately 24 hours- once after every two weeks, plus 72 hours of fasting at least four times per year.

Willink doesn’t cheat. Instead, he developed a discipline that helps him not only to abstain from junk food but also to eat clean. Sometimes he follows a paleo diet, eating primarily meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Jocko Willink Lifestyle

Before leaving the Navy, Jocko Willink was requested to give a speech on combat regime to a group business execs. After the lecture, several CEOs in the congress proposed to him to proceed and speak to their company.

The whole process turned into a ready-made business for Willink, after which he became an author. He emphasizes that by improving and sticking to specific guidelines and procedures, one can attain the privilege of focusing on goals that matter.

Willink usually sleeps about four-five hours per night, before which he arranges the gym clothes to make sure he’s well prepared for his regular 4:30 wake time.

He has been a big fan of hard-core music ever since his youth and has some passion in playing the guitar, even though he says he’s not good at all.

How can you maintain your lifestyle like Jocko Willink

  • As a civilian, you probably got your entire life saturated, and end up overlooking the importance of cardio exercises. If that the case, Willink’s advice is simple and clear. Start getting to bed earlier, fix your gym clothes before laying down to sleep, rise while others are sleeping, and jump right to your gym shorts. Then follow the 4-day fitness routine;

Day one: Pull-Ups

  • According to Willink, there’s a lot you can do with a bar and several grips. He says that you need a pull-up bar or set of rings and you’ll be able to handle the workout.
  • He prefers weighty kipping pull-ups, where you whirl with your hips and shoulders while wearing a weight vest to add more weight. But he says it is necessary to get standard pull-ups using various grips.

Day Two: Push

Jocko Willink makes much use of gymnastics rings. He says the push day and workouts are based on dips and push-ups, plus all kinds of exercises associated with such movements.

He recommends doing it with a weight vest, belt or something that can add about 20% of your body weight, then perform five xxxxx set of ring dips. You can also use a rowing machine stationery for this workout, but do it at high intensity.

Day Three: Lift

Willink like lifting hefty weights and deadlift starting on the ground spot and lift them over his head. He also likes clean-jerk and other snatch moves which can turn out ugly if not done correctly.

He says it’s a must to create a framework and learn from an experienced character before venturing such type of exercises. And if you lack barbell experience, he suggests you first master the handstand, then build endurance by holding it until you’re tired.

Day Four: Squat

While squatting is primarily a leg exercise, it’s also a whole-body workout with a whole set of notable results. Willink works with many different squats, such as front squats, back squats and overhead squats.

However, he advises that beginners should build up muscle and intensity with jumps before jumping on to standard squats.


On each of the four days, Jocko Willink includes a moment of running out his gut as retired Navy SEAL. He shares his exercises with the hope of encouraging people to get out there and begin trying something different. His workout plan is pretty basic, but he says it’s good to go along with what suits you the best.

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