Joe Rogan Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

While the vast majority have a moderately targeted resume centering on one thrilling skills they’ve honed for ages, Joe Rogan has a whole enticing list of professional talents and experiences.

Joseph James Rogan, widely known as Joe Rogan, is a multi-talented American icon with an impressive matching resume. Over his career, he’s been moving the masses as a stand-up comedian, a UFC commentator, as the host of the Fear Factor, and the incredibly popular podcast- The Joe Rogan Experience.

joe-rogan-dietAt almost 50 years, Joe Rogan is still an astounding martial artist and fitness enthusiast. One of the most striking things about him is his open-minded fitness strategy, which makes him an active and healthy lifestyle advocate.

Besides his frequent interviews with health scholars on his podcast, Rogan mixes his activity schedule with some bodyweight exercises, martial artworks, and kettlebells. He also does free weights and other fitness exercises that make him an exceptional subject for a celebrity workout.

Joe Rogan Workout & Fitness Routine

Rogan declares that he can do everything to put his trunk and brain in the right place and keep it working in the best way it can. His workout and fitness routine is comprised of amazing actions, as we have seen him practicing his big kicks in his Instagram.

He lifts weights at least three times a week and outlines his weekly workout activities on Sundays. He once practiced running at a point in his history to increase his endurance. Mostly, he uses workout equipment such as ellipticals and treadmills, rarely does he use running trails.

He also does yoga and believes that when done regularly, yoga exercises can be a great way to stimulate one’s limits, with great workouts as well as strengthening your cerebral fortitude.

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Joe Rogan Lifestyle

As for the lifestyle, the Fear Factor legend has a hectic schedule. Besides the UFC gig, Joe Rogan is a TV host and a titleholder in taekwondo. Being a man of many talents, Rogan is undeterred by numerous commitments but still manages to maintain a moderate diet that has granted him a youthful aspect.

Rogan is a dedicated advocate of sensory deprivation tanks- lightless floating containers filled with saltwater, usually at skin temperature. He uses the isolation tanks to relieve the mind, similar to meditation.

He is also a fan of studying from books, mostly audiobooks during his free time, but at other times he read material copies as well. He’s a fanatic model with a high empowerment mentality and believes that people can achieve greatness only if they drop their limiting beliefs.

Rogan is also a lifelong learner, and he’s inherently curious about the world. His popular podcast sets a creative platform where he can interact with exciting individuals ranging from doctors to comedians.

When it comes down to goal setting and performance, Rogan is very intentional with the attributes of his lifestyle. He plans his schedule, sets frequent goals, and inquires optimal execution in all areas of life.

Joe Rogan Diet

As for the diet, Rogan has a simple menu meant to supply his body and mind with all the minerals and vitamins.  His diet is quite strict with no bread, sugar, or such, only some bit of few carbs. He states that he relies on healthy food such as vegetables and lots of wild game meat.

More to that, Joe Rogan counts on vitamin supplements such as fish oil, multivitamins, probiotics, and vitamin B12 and D to give his body some energetic building blocks. Rogan is more like a firm devotee in power behind the periodic fasting. It involves selecting an eating pattern that cycles within times of fasting and eating.

The diet plan for the celebrity features 16 hours of fasting by prolonging the fast into the late morning, skipping breakfast- with an attempt to burst what he refers to as the biggest saga in dietary, the importance of breakfast.

Rogan has been associated with testing out some quirky eating in the past, and he says he’s not afraid of trying to see what works best for him. Doing away with sugar is something he struggled with at the beginning. He cut things like fruit juice and other sugary items completely.

How can you maintain your lifestyle like Joe Rogan?

The fact is life tends to be uncomfortable sometimes. Whether you’ve just started a fitness routine, at the end of a toxic contact, or navigating a new environment with a bizarre dialect- the need of being a sound, functioning, and healthy human always holds at its core.

However, we have highlighted some of the practical habits and strategies employed by Joe Rogan.

  • He plans everything

According to Joe Rogan, discipline is an important virtue that can help you to get things right. He continues to urge that when you do things, you’ll achieve more prosperity. He states that the central part of success is not by being lazy and merely doing it- 90% of success is showing up.

  • Learn from Criticisms

Another noteworthy aspect of Joe Rogan’s lifestyle is the ability to learn from your critics. Where Twitter and other social media platforms seem like an irrational source for self-motivation, Rogan says that constructive criticism is a somewhat soft skill that nearly every skilled leader or entrepreneur must figure out.

  • The Pavel Tsauline Protocol

Another practical way on how to maintain your lifestyle like Joe Rogan by following a Pavel Tsauline Protocol, through which you can restrain your reps to around half of your maximum. Rogan doesn’t believe in flop exercises and supports a high rep workout.

  • Functional strength and fitness

Just like Rogan, you can ideally try out functional strength exercise using various fitness tools such as maces, kettlebells, battle ropes, and other types of fitness equipment rather than standard weight lifting machines. 

Additionally, Rogan founded the Onnit supplements, which offer health commodities to those willing to achieve a new level in terms of fitness and endurance. A good example of these supplements is the Alpha Brain supplement.

He confesses that he has indeed given a considerable amount of time to this remedy together with other hobbyists and neuroscientist. Luckily, clinical studies prove that these supplements don’t only increase concentration but also to enhance remembrance.

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