Mark Sisson Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

Mark Sisson is an author, a former triathlete, Ironman competitor, and a marathoner who succeeded in the Olympic events for a distance running back in 1980. Two years later, Mark Sisson came in the fourth position in the Ironman contest.

He co-founded Primal Kitchen, a company that makes healthy sauces, snacks, and condiments- but Kraft Heinz acquired the business in 2018.

Sisson operates a food blog concerning the paleo diet known as ‘Mark’s Daily Apple’ and aspires to encourage people to be more passionate and take responsibility for their health while lessening, pain, distress, and sacrifice as little as possible.

Mark Sisson diet

Mark Sisson is one of the best-selling authors and has several books, including the Primal Blueprint. He served as a volunteer chairperson of the Triathlon Union and worked as a link to the International Olympic Committee. Sisson is 5’8″ feet tall and weighs about 164 lbs

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Mark Sisson Workout & Fitness Routine

With his expertise in intensity training, Sisson states that he’s ashamed to concede how little exercise is needed to sustain an exceptional fitness level.

His weekly workout and fitness routine features three endurance training sessions that include free weights, body weights, machines, and other training equipment such as endurance bands, kettlebells, and so on.

The courses are typically very high intensity, although they last for a short duration. After a cutthroat segment of Ultimate Frisbee every Sunday, Sisson still gets out of beds Monday morning, set for his daily activities.

He usually does a 30-minute cardio on a stationary bike to enjoy the metabolic interests of sprinting without the influence of running. Here we have a video on how to set up your exercise bike.

How to Set Up Exercise Bike

Sisson does a variety of workouts for most of the week, including 30-40 minutes daily high-intensity lifecycle, back and biceps training, leg exercises, sprints along with others. He prefers traveling on Saturdays, but if he’s not, he will often perform his lifecycle routine once again.

The Ultimate Frisbee Sunday is more like a multi-family day for Sisson, and he says it’s one of his favorites. Additionally, Sisson extends for a weekend hike that usually lasts for a minimum of two hours. He also loves Stand-up paddleboard, slacking, and snowboarding.

When doing exercises, Sisson focuses on ensuring excellent performance and high intensity to honor his fitness tag “look good naked.” However, he wholly enjoys the process and also takes control, not to exceed it.

Mark Sisson Diet

Sisson sticks on a paleo menu and has set his release called ‘the Primal Blueprint.’ The diet is radically high on veggies and fat and features a moderate protein level.

According to Sisson, you should only consume clean, naturally processed stuff, preferably locally-extracted. His primal diet is primarily based on food that our ancestors used before the revolution.

He states that our ancestors were not relying on most of the new stuff, such as the processed forms available today. Still, stripping natural things like grains or sugar away, your carb levels will certainly start to decrease.

The primal meals also focus on protein since it is essential for patching and repairing tissues in the body. Sisson also counts on leafy greens, and specific root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and turnips, while avoiding potatoes and other starchy foods.

High quality fats such as animal fat avocado oil, virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, coconut along with other natural fats are all essential, especially for primal diet.

Some of the components to avoid includes hydrogenated oils, trans fats, soybean oil, corn, or any other chemically modified and unnatural fats.

Mark Sisson Lifestyle

Even though the workouts might be exceedingly demanding, Sisson always finds time for fun, and merely will he take anything too gravely. He makes sure he gets adequate sleep, usually eight hours, and runs for breaks in between workouts.

He says the most prominent challenge is the engagement level that people possess towards illnesses and stimulated aging due to manipulation by various factors such as lack of information in the health industry.

As a voracious reader, Sisson believes mental stimulation is essential for healthy living. That said, he reads almost everything but takes frequent breaks from cognitive practices.

He is also a strong proponent of ethical behavior and believes in the saying that “what comes around goes around.” He urges people to take responsibility for their health as well as their life and to be enthusiastic about adopting new ideas.

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How can you maintain your lifestyle like Mark Sisson?

Admittedly, solid and ample exercise can offer you a variety of gains, but if you lack a decent diet, it is quite unlikely to transform your body into the desired structure through workout alone.

For strength athletes and trainees who are seeking to burn calories, they can ideally add some supplemental carbs in the form of wild rice and quinoa, pumpkin, and even legumes only if you aren’t sensitive to them.

Being an advocate for intermittent fasting, Sisson doesn’t heed it essential to add calories on his primal Blueprint Diet. He mainly emphasizes on four pillars: nutrition, exercise, sleep as well as stress management.

He says that whether you want to increase your energy, lose weight, or manage a chronic health condition. Or just sustain your current good health, you need to focus on these areas before anything else.

Below is a summary of the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan;

Lift Hefty Things

  • Endurance workout is the core of fabulous physique and fitness. Strong people are associated with a long life and endure hardships better in comparison to weaker people. 
  • Mark Sisson recommends 2-3 hefty lift workouts for about 7-30 minutes while applying the four primary moves (nutrition, sleep, stress management, and exercise).

Sprinting at least Once Per Week

  • Running is one of the most powerful exercises to improve your buck. It is wildly effective and highly efficient in promoting hormone growth, stripping fat and lean muscle building. 
  • The best thing about sprinting is that it lasts for less than 15 minutes and can take you for the next one week before running again.

Workout at a Slow Pace

Slow and consistent move is the core of fitness. Running, walking, hiking, smooth cycling, and such are not exactly meant to burn your calories but to sustain your moves and improve your ability to work. Sisson recommends a slow-paced movement at least once per week.

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