Mat Fraser Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

Within a term of three years, the majestically presented Mat Fraser emerged from obscurity to become a dominant champ in the CrossFit sportive.

Despite finishing in second place in 2014 and 1015, the 28 years old was named the Fittest Man there is in the world, all after consecutive winnings in 2016, 2017 and 2018 CrossFit Games.

Before joining the CrossFit, Mat Fraser was an Olympic Weightlifting Athlete but had an injury in 2009, and hence he had to stop to recover. He then moved to college and earned a degree in mechanical engineering.


He reveals that at the start, CrossFit was not pleasing to him, but the faction’s aspect lured him. Mat Fraser is the son of the Olympic model, Don Fraser. His Instagram feed has more than1.5 million followers, and he’s 5’7″ tall and weighs about 190 lbs.

The video below shows what is CrossFit.

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Mat Fraser Workout & Fitness Routine

Preparing workout and a good fitness routine, especially for CrossFit demands a distinct discipline –and Fraser vary it even more by keeping off from any strict schedule.

Mat Fraser trains at least 6 hours a day. His flexed workouts allow him to work at any time, even running on blazing sunbeams.

He typically lifts hefty weights before, after or between his cardio. His daily workouts also involve climbing ropes and performing on gymnastic rings.

He says that gymnastics were tough for him and so he had to work on losing weight. Also, his cardio was vulnerable, and therefore, he had to concentrate on rowing and sprints.

After several events turned out ugly for him, Fraser never hesitated to ask for help. He hired a track and field trainer to coach him on how to improve his technique, form and confidence.

When it comes to overall body workout, Fraser odes almost everything, not even stretching, as he does it during his downtime hours. He says the flexible routine helps him to maintain his endurance and stay active and ready for whatever the sportive throws at him.

During his CrossFit career, Fraser has been injured several times, and when this happened, he forced things in order to rush back to the gym as soon. But today, he spares himself some time to heal, while working on moves that won’t worsen the injury while recovering.

Mat Fraser Diet

After finishing in second place back in 2015 CrossFit events, introduced some basic changes in his diet. He cut all kind of junk down including ice cream, and massive consumption of doughnuts, through which he managed to lose more than 10 lbs in less than two weeks.

He does not depend on a restricted diet like Paleo or even counting macros. However, his distinct regime consists of five meals per day, which primarily includes meat, sticky white rice and vegetables.

He states that cutting junk and sugar has enabled him to sustain his overall health condition and that his activity level is constant throughout. His estimated macros are comprised of mid-high carb, medium protein, and medium fat.

Fraser has his breakfast at around 8:30, normally beacons and eggs. He only prefers bite-size along with protein shakes blended with milk and spinach. He also says most of the calories he consumes at around 5-10 p.m.

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Mat Fraser Lifestyle

Mat Fraser gets to bed at about 9:30 and sleeps about ten hours. He claims that less sleep often affects his performance during the next day.

In 2009 while he was only 13, Fraser acquired his first national weightlifting title and was crowned as the junior national champion of the year.

After graduating from high school, Fraser went to Colorado, where he enrolled for a full-time practice as an Olympic weightlifter. He trained relentlessly, and within one year while weighing 77kg, he says he could have managed a 130 kg snatch.

Fraser uses his downtime to attend various events, where he reviews the activities and then grasps different working things. He also analyzes footage to see where he needs to fix.

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How can you maintain your lifestyle like Mat Fraser

The best thing about Fraser’s form and technique is that it’s completely flexible, and hence it’s easy for anyone to mirror it. Below are major tips to achieve the best out of your training and maintaining your lifestyle like a CrossFit celebrity.

Cut the Junk

  • One of the striking changes that Frasers did was on his diet. He confesses that he used to eat terribly, including downing a pint of ice cream and consuming almost a half dozen doughnuts without even hesitating.
  • After spending some weeks off the junk, he lost 10 pounds and minimized his wear and tear instances on his hands when performing gymnastics like chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle-ups.

Work on your Training Plan

The varied nature traits of CrossFit workouts often demand a versatile training plan, no wonder Fraser abstain from any fixed routine.

For instance, while most athletes begin with endurance workouts in the day time and then cardio in the evening, Fraser shifts the timing and format of his exercise almost every day.

The strategy helped him to appear fitter and more prepared for the notoriously unpredictable games. He says that there’s a handful of chaps who weighs 300-pounds but won’t snatch 250 pounds after running a mile.

Because of such cases, Fraser is more versatile as he would lift weights before, during and after endurance training. He knows how much he can lift no matter the circumstances.

Train with Experts

Besides being hard for weightlifting, Fraser sought a second option after finishing the last on a short distance competition. He realized he needed to work on his sprinting. He found the solution with a coach who helped him to fix issues associated with form and technique.

Working with a specialist also helped him to develop confidence in areas where he was less qualified.

Be Positive

Similar to any dedicated athlete, Fraser managed his injuries like fractured vertebrae and a torn meniscus. He says he gives his body time to heal up, unlike before where he short-changed recovery time to jump back into the gym. He says that there are many moves you can do while on an injury, including modifying almost everything, but it’s much more essential to stay off injuries.


Besides all the said forms and tactics, Mat Fraser heeds the power of little self-talk motivation. After surviving enough killer workouts, he revealed that pain is just temporary, and after pushing through, you are going to feel great at the end. This can help most of us who are striving to stick on a challenging workout.

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