What Muscles Does Exercise Bike Hit? Simple Break Down!


In the age of gym equipment that’s advanced enough to do all the work for you, you might be thinking – ‘what good is an exercise bike anyway?’You’ll be surprised at just how useful they really are. In fact, they’re so good that instructors hold special spin classes, while others feel that this machine gives them more variety when it comes to the kind of exercises they can do. Others stillthink that it’s an affordable way to reduce weight and stay healthy – and they all right! Here are some pretty interesting reasons why you should get on an exercise bike today!

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You know how breathless you get when climbing up the stairs, doing chores or even walking? Well, bike cardio can take care of that. The heartis just like the other muscles in your body and bike exercises help keep it less stressed, allowing it to beat lessfrequently.

Regularexercising can help improve blood pressure, better artery circulation, by ejecting more blood during each muscle contraction. Anyone who needs light to medium cardio can get started with bike exercises and improve the levels of cardiorespiratory level their bodies can manage.Reduce cardiovascular risks, strokes.

But you do need to exercise at least three times a week for some months before you see any results, for about thirty to forty-five minutes. Start with endurance bike sessions and measure your pulse ratesregularly to see the difference.

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Your legs are most likely to feel the burn first and in this respect, the exercise bike is good for your toning your behind,glutes,hamstrings, quadriceps, thighs, and legs. The muscles are put to the test when you increase the speed and resistance settings on the bike. Most people choose the lowest resistance and speed settings for a warm-up then move onto higher endurance training limits.

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  • The bike is the secret to getting rid of belly fat and aids in building your core. Of course, you might have to do additional core exercises that target the upper stomach and chest area along with the lower to mid-back. In this way, it’s a good way to reduce fat and get rid of that stubborn beer belly. The secret likes in the posture you maintain while on the bike slouching or letting your abs sag might not help. On a spinning bike, you need to lean forward so that your lower back muscles feel the burn too.

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  • Although it’s at a much lower level, your arm muscles get a good workout too, but then just like your belly, you might have to do other exercises as well. You can try tightening the handlebars during a high-intensity workout. Try switching to the cross trainer if you’d really like to add more workout on your arms.
  • If you want to stay on the upright or stationary bike, then tryriding out or standing up as you carryon pedaling, preferably at the higher resistance levels. When you do this, the bike puts more strain on your lower back, arms, behind and thighs.
  • On spinning bikes, you use your arms and the handlebars to support your lower body. Particularly when you cycle standing up. To boost upper body workout, you have to do overhead raises, curls, and any arm exercises that won’t throw you off balance or interrupt yourcycling.

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Just like any other exercise, the bike helps you to burn calories and can help you lose weight that way. The good news is that it’s the easiest exercise equipment and is good the beginners who want to shed a few extrapounds. The only things you have to remember is that the higher the intensity, the more calories you will burn. But, the higher the intensity, the more difficult it will be to cycle for more than thirtyminutes. So it’s important to test out all speed, intensity settings to find the balance that’s right for you. What some people do is do a long cardio workout one or twice a week and a shorter, more intensesession once a week.

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Exercise bikes can improve your joints and in many cases is recommended forimproving the conditions of joint and joint muscles after sprains on ankles and knees.The exercise is low impact.Do this after consulting a doctor. If you already have weak joints, then try signing up for classes on recumbent bikes, where you sit in a reclined posture as far back as possible and cycle this way.

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When doing a bike endurance session, your muscles use up most of the glucose, reducing the amount of blood sugar you have and is a good control for diabetes. Your body also secretes hormones like serotonin, endorphins that monitor moods, anxiety, and stress. And, with the time you’ll feel more relaxed, making exercises a good stress buster. You can monitor the amount of bad cholesterol simply through exercises, and the bike is the easiest way to begin.

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If you’re worried about your back, hips because you sit a lot, especially at the office then cycling is something you need to do. When seated for a long period of time your hip muscles shorten and get weaker. Through cycling, you can reinforce or awaken these muscles and make them more flexible. And they don’t get that extraconditioning or strength from other forms of multi-directional training.

And the best part is that spinning bike can be adapted for any environment – you can buy one and set it up at home so you can cycle as you watch the morning news or scroll through Twitter. If you don’t have space at home, check out the local spinning classes at the gym and enroll as soon as possible. With cycling, you don’t have to be an expert or maintain a certain fitness level, simply get on a bike an go!


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.