Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review: Trainer you should get!

The Nautilus E618 is the latest and most advanced model developed from the original E514. The range consists of the E614, E616, and E618 that is also the most expensive of the lot.

The Nautilus E618 everything you could ask for in a top-level elliptical machine. It is not only of top quality construction but also has top features that will motivate you to exercise every day.

The first indoor exercise machines were invented because people were getting more sedentary, what with desk jobs becoming the norm. They needed to find a way to keep themselves healthy. However, the machines they had then were monstrous. One of these machines was the Gymnasticon invented by Frances Lowndes in 1796.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical

Since then, exercise machines have come a long way. Elliptical machines like the Nautilus E618 represent our technological growth in that area.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer Review

Nautilus is a well-known brand, being the manufacturer of other popular brands such as Bowflex and Schwinn. Thus, it has the technology and experience. The Nautilus E618 has to be good to compete with other brands, and it seems to be doing quite well.

General Features and Technical Specifications

  • Product dimensions – 73″L 27″W x 67″H
  • Product weight – 231 lbs (104.7 kg)
  • Weight capacity – 350 lbs (158.8 kg)
  • Color – Black
  • Stride length – 22″fixed stride.
  • Resistance – Magnetic resistance system with 25 levels.
  • Incline – Motorized ramp system with a maximum incline angle of 100.
  • Monitoring – Grip sensors, included chest strap.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth, USB, telemetry.
  • Media – Dual speakers, tablet holder.
  • Extras – Three-speed fan.

Nautilus E618 Overall Features

Like the others in the series, the Nautilus E618 is a front-drive cross-trainer designed for residential use. The front-drive design seems to be the most popular with manufacturers for home use ellipticals.

The reason is simple: front-drive ellipticals are less costly to produce and hence cheaper. They are also compact compared to rear drives and thus perfect for homes.

Cross-training means being able to do different workouts for different parts of the body. In the E618, this is enabled by the moving handlebars that provide the necessary resistance to work out your upper body and core.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical

This elliptical is also designed to be powered for full functioning. Both the resistance and incline require power to function, so you need to place the machine where it can be connected to mains power.

In terms of build, Nautilus uses the same design as the other models whereby steel tubes are used to form the frame of the machine. That gives it strength and lets it remain light enough for portability. That being said, this machine is pretty heavy at over 230 pounds and will require some help when moving.

The weight limit on the Nautilus E618 is 350 lbs (158 kg), which makes it a heavy-duty machine perfect for heavier people.

Flywheel and Drive System

  • The flywheel of the Nautilus E618 weighs in at 30 lbs (13.6 kg), which is the heaviest in the series. A heavy flywheel is a good thing because it dampens all motions and enables you to have a smooth workout. The weight also contributes to the overall resistance of the machine.
  • For the drive system, Nautilus uses the industrial type V-belt system. This system is popular in many applications, even in powerful factory machines. That is because it allows efficient power transfer and is long-lasting.
  • It also wears very slowly, provided that it is fixed properly. In this elliptical, it also has the advantage of being very silent.

Pedals and Deck

  • The pedals rest on the deck on which they move smoothly back and forth on every cycle. It is a simple design that consists of a pair of rails (smooth round rods) on which the rollers on the pedal assembly can move.
  • The rollers also have ball bearings housed inside them to help make the movement as frictionless as possible. They also help to reduce noise. The rollers need regular maintenance, especially lubrication with silicone.
  • On the other hand, the pedals are simply steel rods with footplates attached. The unique property with the E618 is that its pedals can articulate slightly in their sockets. This ability lets them adjust naturally to the best foot position.
  • They are also well-cushioned with rubber covering to dampen foot impact, which is good for the bones and joints.
  • The stride length of the Nautilus E618 is a comfortable 22″. It is a fixed stride, however, and short people will need to get something more comfortable. However, for medium-height and tall people, it is just perfect.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical

Resistance and Incline

  • The Nautilus E618 elliptical has an advanced magnetic resistance system with 25 levels available from which to choose. From the lowest to the highest, you can always find a level that will suit the intensity you need.
  • There are buttons available on the console with which you can instantly choose the level you want, or just increase it gradually with another set of buttons. A servo motor and a resistance pad receive your commands and act on the flywheel accordingly.
  • For the incline, Nautilus has put in place a motorized ramp system for easy and accurate adjustment. Just like with the resistance, you can press a button corresponding to the level you wish, or you can increase it gradually using buttons on the console.
  • The incline has a maximum angle of 15% (100). That is enough for most day-to-day training demands and will have your thighs burning with exertion.

Pulse Monitoring

  • Pulse monitoring is essential for tracking the progress of your workout, and fortunately, the Nautilus E618 gives you two options to do that.
  • The first is through the EKG pulse monitors mounted on the fixed handles. They can read your pulse with a relatively high level of accuracy, and you can track your readings on the display.
  • Even better, you can make use of the chest strap that comes with the box. It is just a wearable pulse monitor that syncs with the console’s telemetric functions so that you can have real-time pulse readings.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical


The Dual Displays on this elliptical are a bit of an improvement compared to the E616. It is backlit, which makes it easy to read in low light. The primary display is for information like the program you’re running, the percentage of the goal achieved, incline and resistance levels, as well as the rest of the data like pulse rate.

The secondary display is mounted just below the tablet holder so that it remains visible when a tablet is in use. Your pulse, time spent, mileage, and calories are all displayed on this display.

The console also has the buttons to choose the programs on which you want to work. With a total of  29 programs of different types, it ensures that you will never get bored when working out.

There are 12 preset programs like Mount’s Peak, Pyramid, Stream’s Crossing, Easy Tour, etc. Others include fitness tests and a Quick Start manual program.

There are also 4 customizable user profiles, which means you can save your data for later review.

  • Media and Extras

For your entertainment, Nautilus has included a set of speakers mounted on the console. You can play music from your mobile device through Bluetooth or the provided 3.5 mm jack pin.

A media tray is available to hold your device in place as you work out so that you can watch movies or use the fitness app of your choice. You can sync your fitness data to the mixed reality app RunSocial and join others on scenic virtual runs all over the world. You can also sync to MyFitnessPal.

A fan is also built into the console to help provide airflow to your face and chest.

Nautilus E618 Pros

  • Sturdy build that is designed to last for many years.
  • Smooth and quiet performance makes it perfect for indoor use.
  • Advanced magnetic resistance system with 25 levels.
  • Motorized ramp incline with a maximum 100 incline angle.
  • Inbuilt speakers for music.
  • USB function for charging and data exchange.
  • Tablet holder included.
  • It comes with a chest strap for wireless monitoring.
  • Great customer service from Nautilus.

Nautilus E618 Cons

  • The fan is underpowered and is not as effective as you would want.
  • When you use a tablet, you will cover the primary display.
  • It requires long and careful assembly, which could take you more than 2 hours.

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The Nautilus E618 is a very good elliptical that comes packed with a lot of features geared towards your convenience and satisfaction. While most of the other ellipticals in this price range will also have a few of the same features, none will be able to match the E618.

What’s more, it is priced very competitively and is worth every penny you spend on it. Since it has spent some time on the market and has already proved its merit, you should not be afraid to buy it. You can be sure that it will serve its time without significant issues.

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