10 Undeniable Reasons to Workout in Home Than a Gym

Workout at gym or home? Ahh! It’s a long time debate with quite a contradictory result. For some working out at the gym works better while other prefer working out at home.

Thanks to the growing passion towards health and fitness, workouts back at home are getting popular day by day. You can easily get trainers to come to your home and train you personally with just a bunch of props.

Home workout

While it’s totally your opinion, what you prefer, we believe working out at home has more perks than meeting the gym schedules.

In our opinion, working out at the gym is more of a distraction and it also binds you with strict schedules, which sometimes can make you skip your workout session.

And, when you skip your workout program, it is likely to affect your entire weight loss or bodybuilding cycle.

Not just the schedule and cycle, we have a whole lot of reasons to workout at home. The amusing part here is – people utilize less than 70% of their expensive gym membership.

And even when they are attending the gym regularly, not all of them achieve their goal. So, for the sake of your investment, we are going to share top 10 reasons, why you should prefer working at home.

#1. Working out at home saves time

Let’s admit the fact that going to the gym itself occupies a lot of your time. Even if you choose to go to the nearest gym and care the least about how you look, you are likely to spend at least 30-45 minutes in getting ready and reaching your destination.

On the other hand, if you live in a city of immense traffic, then you are likely to spend more than one hour in traveling.

Apart from the traveling time, there will be waiting lines for the machines, shower, and then, of course, a little socializing that you would have to do without much interest. All over, there will be wastage of approximately one-two hours of your time.

Instead of going to the gym every day, you can set up your gym at home and utilize those two hours in something important.

Those who are on weight loss training can simply utilize this time in jogging, walking, and running. Home gyms also come handy for moms who can’t leave their children back at home.

Just set a time you are comfortable with and stick to it for a healthy body. If you want training experts to assist you, you can watch online videos or hire a personal trainer too.

#2. Save your expenses

To be exact, paying for your gym takes more weight off your wallet than it does from your waist. The average gym membership costs you around $40 -$50 a month, and if you are into a more premium membership, the budget can reach up to $100.

The irony is some people believe that the only way to stay healthy is getting an expensive gym membership, but let us tell you there are other alternatives too.

Even the fuel prices are increasing day by day, and you might have to spend on good clothes and other gears. In total, these gym things sucks out your budget.

Financial and physical fitness can work side by side if you choose to exercise back at home. If you feel less motivated or get bored while working out alone, team up with your spouse, friends, and relatives to maintain the motivation factor.

For those who think that they don’t get the right equipment to work with, we want to tell you there are so many props that you can work with at just your home. Step ups, triceps dips, and chairs are some of the easily found items.

And if you think you need some equipment urgently, you can buy some second-hand equipments. They work equally fine, just act smart while buying them.

We even recommend opting for personal trainers as they can reach out to you according to your requirement and will focus on your objective as their own. So, skip your commercial gym and opt for a home gym to lose weight according to your heart’s desire.

#3. Wear whatever you want

This is a point to which most of the women will agree. Undoubtedly, walking to a gym everyday slams our choice of clothes. Even if you are the last person to care about clothes, you are forced to wear something decent when heading off to the gym.

Who knows whom you bump into after all gym is a place where you meet half of the people from your surroundings and you can’t help anything but look good.

All these problems get solved when you are working out at home. Back at home, it doesn’t matter how you look. You can slip into your old pair of t-shirts as well as pajamas.

You don’t even have to worry about putting on makeup or brushing your hairs in that tight ponytail. Just stick to the basic gym gears and supportive bra and it won’t actually matter what you wear.

As far the look of men is concerned, they don’t have to worry about shaving or getting into their most expensive pair of workout suits.

Wear anything you feel like or go shirtless, the choice is all yours. At home, all that matters is a comfort.

#4. Exercise in confidence

For a lot of people being at the gym is a task full of insecurities. Some people are not confident about how they look, and what people think of them, in such case, gym adds nothing more than discomfort in your daily routine.

Scientifically workout is meant to remove all the stress and let you lead a healthy life, but when you are working under so much pressure, it is likely to affect your health negatively.

By choosing to work at home, you are not going to face any insecurity, plus, it is more convenient to work out in a self-made environment.

No one will watch your cardio steps in your home, plus you get the chance to select your choice of workout. For those who like to dance, home is the heaven.

What we love about working at home is after the long workout hour, you can sprawl out in all your glory without fearing about who is looking at you. Lie down on your bed and again get back to your workout session when your energy level has kicked in.

#5. Sharpen your dancing skills

Believe it or not, there is no better exercise than dancing. Unfortunately, people always put dancing into the category of recreational activity, and it is overlooked as a physical activity. Dance has more positive effect on your life than anything else.

One hour of dance on your favorite beats will not just bring you back in shape, but also make you happier, showing you a positive aspect of life.

Make a CD of your favorite song and groove on it like never before. It relaxes your nerves and the brain muscles, causing your metabolism to increase and leaves you in the perfect mood.

When your metabolism is high, and hormones are in place, it will automatically aid to your fitness objective.

You can stand in front of a mirror in your home and learn steps from videos playing on the TV screen. To start with cardio steps are the best. In the process, you are going to learn your favorite steps and can always become a good dancer.

#6. Schedule your time

By working out in your home, you can choose when your workout session starts and ends. Some people we know, especially the morning lovers prefer to workout at dawn – a time when most of the gyms aren’t even open.

In situations like this, your home is the best place to work out at.

Wake up when you feel like and get back to your home gym as and when needed. Working at home is one excellent choice for those who remain tight on schedule and still want to make it out to their health.

It even works well for moms and to-be moms, you can steal those 10-15 minutes then and now when your kids are asleep.

This is more likely to end-up all the excuses for you to not meet your workout schedules. So, keep up with your work, family, and kids, along with maintaining your fitness.

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#7. Avoid the waiting game

The most annoying thing about going to a gym is – waiting for your turn to come. You have to keep waiting for your trainer to show up, wait in the shower line, and look for equipment.

This is like you are investing half of your time, doing nothing but finding equipment, people, and place. Practically, this is going to do no good to you except for distracting you from your real goal, which is your fitness.

Back at home, you are the king of your entire house and can do whatever you feel like. Start your training the way you want, end it your way, take a shower, and lie down.

Everything goes by your choice. If you have hired a personal trainer, he/she is going to focus individually on your objective.

Being at home, you at least get all the things and attention that you deserve when you are spending so much time and money.

Even if you want you can buy a cheap treadmill or an exercise bike to assist you greatly while doing cardio workouts and is a one-time investment when compared to monthly Gym membership fee.

#8. Motivate your family towards fitness

When you have kids and elders around you, it’s your responsibility to motivate them towards fitness. By working out at your home (in front of your family), you are likely to gain everyone’s attention, and this might motivate them to join you.

You won’t only encourage others, but will also benefit yourself by gaining a workout partner.

It’s always fun to workout with someone by your side. It boosts competitive spirit and let you achieve your goals.

#9. Avoid unwanted interaction

Sometimes all you want to do is concentrate on your motive, but when in the gym you have to face unwanted attention that is likely to distract you.

It’s a bigger problem for people who like to socialize as it’s hard for them to avoid discussion.

On the other hand, there are people who like to keep socializing a bit low. For such people, working out in the comfort of home is the best choice.

#10. Refuel yourself instantly

Dehydration is the last thing, you would like to face while exercising as it can be fatal. Whenever you move out for workout, make sure you are hydrated.

Working out at home gives you access to the entire kitchen, which will help you in refuelling yourself when needed.

It’s not that you don’t get snacks and water at the gym, but it will come with some cost and you might have to wait in a long queue near the water booth.

At home, you have your water, snacks, and protein shakes right in front of you. It automatically feels good when you are having access to all the things that you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Here we have a video that shows workout you can do at home.

The BEST Way To Start Working Out From Home


Undoubtedly, the perks of working at home are high, plus you get to save a lot every month. These are some of the reasons that inspired us to take on home exercise. Share your story with us, why you chose to ditch the gym?

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