Recumbent vs. Upright Exercise Bike: Step by Step Comparison

To get straight into the vast contrast between these bicycles before discussing the advantages/weaknesses of each and how that figures out who the bicycles are for. A Recumbent exercise bicycle varies for the most part from an Upright bike by the way you are situated as you work out.

With a Recumbent, you situated along the floor with your legs before you with the Upright bicycle you are in an all the more how you would ride a bike.

Both of these activity bicycle types can be a decent method to get the cardio practice that is a low effect. The two of them can be tranquil so you can practice when you need at home. It is conceivable to discover bicycles that can fit pretty much any financial limit as well.

Be that as it may when you are taking a gander at which one is the privilege for you it is imperative to take a gander at how these bicycles work and the points of interest and hindrances of each so you can figure out which is directly for you.

Recumbent vs. Upright Exercise Bike

  • Both sorts of bicycles do give a low impact of cardio exercise. The riding arrangement of the Recumbent bike with your legs out in front you have commonly less effect on the joints, so are simpler on them hence.

Riding Arrangement

  • You place back on the Recumbent with your back upheld as you do on a seat, though with the Upright bicycle you sit unsupported as you may on a stool at a bar meaning you have to help yourself more – similarly as you do on a street bicycle.
  • The Recumbent position can give genuinely necessary help to those with back issues, enabling them to, in any case, get a decent cardio exercise. It likewise can support you if you have matters offset with a more extensive seat just as the backrest and handlebars either side of the place offering more help as well.
  • A few people do find that the Recumbent position makes it harder to move their legs quick enough to get their pulse up like they can on an Upright bicycle on account of the point. It can take a touch of becoming accustomed to if you are utilized to an open-air bike.
  • The Upright bicycle position is substantially more like an open-air bicycle and if you are hoping to use as winter preparing or when you can’t show signs of improvement taking a gander at one of these mainly are turned bicycle.

Chest Area

  • The Recumbent bicycle with a to a higher degree a plunk down position and the help for the back doesn’t connect with your chest area to such an extent.
  • You work your arms, belly, chest, and back more when sitting on an Upright bicycle as you have to adjust yourself.
  • With a Recumbent, these are bolstered by the backrest, and your arms can rest uninhibitedly next to you.
  • An Upright bicycle you are somewhat twisting forward and holding yourself Upright, which adds more weight on your chest area.

Recumbent vs. Upright Exercise Bike: Features Comparison

Holding Up

With some Upright bicycles, specifically turn bikes, you can remain on the pedals to do slope climb and run exercises that change up the activity that you won’t get with a Recumbent. It is a lot simpler to work yourself harder, too, which can bring about more calories being singed also improving your cardio wellness.


It is generally felt that you can consume a more significant number of calories on an Upright than you can on a Recumbent bicycle. I surmise this is a direct result of distinction of the position – the Recumbent looks increasingly loose and less dynamic.

Jumping On/Off The Bike

For the most part, a Recumbent exercise bicycle is simpler to jump on and off. The seat is lower, and there is no compelling reason to lift your leg over the edge – as they have a stage through the structure.

With an Upright bicycle, you may need to lift your leg over the edge and relying upon your tallness; you may need to go through the pedals or bounce somewhat to jump on the seat. Dissimilar to the Recumbent which is progressively similar to sitting on a chair.


An Upright bicycle is typically substantially more reduced than a Recumbent exercise bicycle. You are sitting up additionally noticeable all around while with a Recumbent you are situated along the floor all the more bringing about a lower and longer bike.


The upright bicycle has a standard or more extensive than usual bike situate. With this comes the standard solace concerns – they can be tough on the sit bones with numerous individuals needing to cover them or change them to help make them increasingly agreeable.

Some Recumbent bicycles have a bicycle situate however they do will, in general, be increasingly cushioned. In any case, generally, they are significantly more agreeable, which means you may discover you exercise longer than you would on an Upright bicycle situate that causes you to torment after a timeframe.

Recumbent vs. Upright Exercise Bike: Things to Know

  • Muscles Worked : The two bicycles practice your lower body, for example, your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves.

The Recumbent gives to a higher degree an exercise of the glutes and hamstrings than the Upright.

The most significant distinction in the muscles worked is in the chest area where, when utilizing an Upright bicycle, it serves to reinforces and works the stomach area, back, shoulders, and arms.

  • Cost: Upright bicycles will, in general, be littler and require fewer materials. Thus, they do will, in general, damage, not precisely a Recumbent bike.
  • Amusement: You can sit in front of the TV and read a book on an Upright bicycle it merely isn’t as advantageous for what it’s worth with a Recumbent bike in your agreeable seat.

With a Recumbent, you’re not supporting yourself so you can hold a book or specific hardware. Sometimes you can have an included particular hardware rack to help them for you.

Your hands are more liberated so you can make changes, for example, changing the channel, change your music, or turn the page significantly more effectively.

This comfort can take your psyche off your practicing which can be high on the off chance that you can keep up the power yet you may find that you delayed down because your brain is somewhere else.

  • Rundown: You can get a decent exercise from the two kinds of activity bicycles that can enable you to get fit as a fiddle, consume calories, tone up, and for the most part, be increasingly dynamic.

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If you like to be agreeable as you exercise and need to have the option to utilize your hardware or potentially read a book, then the Recumbent bicycle is presumably heading off to a superior choice. This is the equivalent on the off chance that you have back or joint issues as the bike offers help and is gentler on the joints with them frequently being suggested for recuperation from joint damage or medical procedure.

Likewise, if you do have parity issues, it will give you the help for the back too armrests also will help avoid you to lose your parity while on the bicycle.

The most significant thought, other than medicinal or wellbeing reasons, is which one you are destined to use as it is the utilization of the bicycle that will decide your accomplishment in arriving at your wellness objectives whatever they possibly.

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