Sole F63 Treadmill Review

The Sole F63 is the most affordable version in the Sole treadmill line-up that could be a first-class appliance to your home workout regime. Despite being the most reasonably priced treadmill, the F63 is almost equally as sturdy as some of the highly-priced models. It presents virtually similar features, ranging from cushioning to its pre-set workout programs.

This model is not entirely new to most treadmill users. In fact, it’s a re-innovation model that has been modernized with contemporary features and digital sensors. Sole treadmill manufactures has done all that while adhering to a thrifty price range.

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While budget treadmills are typically associated with low quality, the F63 takes a unique trajectory. The unit hits with a steel frame, which is designed to stand the test of time without glitches. The steel might make the F63 treadmill a bit heavier and harsher to move, but that assures you a sheer amount of stability.

Sole F63 Treadmill: Overall Design and Layout

Sole F63 Treadmill

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With its great stability, all treadmill enthusiasts can attest to the comfy feeling using the F63. Although this treadmill might miss the mark when it comes to programming features (as in other high-end models), it is a reliable machine that will last for a great course. We particularly stand by the F63’s robust frame and competitive warranty.

The Sole F63 supports a maximum user weight of 325 lbs- much higher in comparison to other treadmills of the same range. Besides the accommodative weight capacity, the heavy-duty treadmill frame makes you feel comfortable regardless of your workout intensity.

Whether you are doing a first-time walking, or you’re a treadmill enthusiast doing sprint intervals, the machine will grant you what you aspire, clearly and flawlessly.

There are quick control buttons and other convenient keys embedded on the treadmill, and even better, some are on the treadmill arms. Therefore users can quickly shift between inclines and speeds using the treadmill’s button. While these keys take up some bit of arm space, they help you in crafting your suitable workout.

Sole F63 Treadmill

With the modern version of the Sole F63, you can access the top-notch upgrades provided by this currently excellent treadmill. This includes things like a tablet holder that help you hold your tablet or smartphone and Bluetooth speakers that enable you to sync your mobile devices with the unit, though you can alternatively plug into the F63 directly.

Even though it can miss some mark for high-intensity workouts, and is quite basic in terms of technology, the Sole F63 is a long-lasting treadmill that you can count for jogging, walking and running workouts.

Here we have a video featuring Sole F63 Treadmill.

SOLE Fitness - F63 Treadmill - Let Sole Move You

6.5″ LCD Backlight Display

Workout progress is displayed on a 6.5 LCD screen, which you can integrate with the sole fitness mobile to enjoy wireless tracking and workout stats sharing. The Sole Fitness app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. That means you can view your workout progress right from your mobile devices regardless of the type of tech you own.

From the 6.5 LCD, you can track your speed, incline, heart rate, calories, pace, and distance. It also has a visual tracker that grants a couple of tracking options: ¼ visible track and peaks/valley graph, based on the workout.

Moreover, the Sole app can connect with other apps, including MyFitnessPal and FitBit, so you’ll continue enjoying your favorite programs while storing all your workout track in one location.

Sole F63 Treadmill

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Heart rate Monitoring

Monitoring your heart rate is a vital aspect of knowing how much energy the workout session will cost you. The Sole F63 gives you two ways in which you can track your heart rate while using the treadmill.

The first one is where you use the handlebars, which has sensors embedded on them even though they are not entirely accurate. The other one involves the use of a chest strap.

In general, the package comes with a wireless Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring, and adjustable chest strap. Besides being effective than the sensors built-in the handlebars, the chest strap is also essential for heart rate training zone.

You can also utilize the heart rate data to regulate the machine’s workout intensity and choose between speeding up or slowing down your walk, jogging, or running difficulty at any time.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Workout Programs

The Sole F63 comes with a couple of custom programs, which you can customize to suit your parameters- these programs are part and parcel of the ten pre-set treadmill programs. There are other two programs whose performance is based on heart rate. So to activate them, you’ll need to put on the chest strap.

Additionally, there are six pre-made workout programs, which you can use to promote your exercise routine. While the ten pre-set programs help you to achieve your fitness goals much faster, the two user profiles present custom information so you can swiftly catch up from where you left after every workout.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Noise and Space

The treadmill’s motor runs quietly such that you can listen to music or TV during workouts. While space is a consideration with this model, the best thing is that it is a foldable unit that fits in easily without compromising its stability.

In the face of the simple storage and a breeze takedown, as facilitated by the hydraulic shock, the unit is also stable and does not wobble as during operation.

Cushion Flex Whisper

Featuring Deck technology, the F63 incorporates Cushion Flex Whisper that helps to lessen the impact of jogging, walking, and running on your joint system. With the patented technology, the F63 is precise enough to get through vigorous workouts without exposing you to overuse injury risks, as in the case of outdoor training.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Incline Range: The Sole F63 offers an incline range of 0% to 15%, greater than what is presented by other models at the same price range. You can ideally turn up your workout intensity to become fit faster.

Treadmill Belt Area

This treadmill grants you enough space to work out on, thanks to its 20 inches wide and 60 inches long treadmill belt. The ample space allows even the taller users to feel comfortable during exercise and not feeling as if they’re restricted or fretting about falling off the track while working out.

Easy Folding Deck Design

Sole boast some of the most attractive folding design. The deck lift much easily and compactly lock into any place and remain upright provided the deck is high enough. Also, at the base of the treadmill, there’s a hydraulic system, where you pull a yellow release lever, and the treadmill goes down by itself without you having to touch it.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Benefits: One of the major benefits of investing in the Sole F63 is the high-grade quality and long term performance. Apparently, no one would like to buy a machine that will go astray within few months. For that case, the welded steel frame in which the treadmill is built is more than a signature of Sole treadmills. It also comes with a sturdy console, so if you tend to get tired in between the workout session, you can comfortably lean on the Sole F63. It is truly enough to support you.

Another definite plus stems from the competitive warranty offered in line with this product. While other treadmills under the same price category provide limited coverage, the Sole F63 brings you a lifetime frame and motor warranty plus a 3-year warranty covering the deck and electronic parts and a one-year of labor coverage.


  • The Sole F63 comes with a competitive warranty.
  • It features a more excellent incline range than other treadmills under the same price.
  • The Sole F63 treadmill boasts a turdy 3.0 CHP motor.
  • The model includes a USB charging system.
  • Users can entertain themselves during workouts using the F63’s Bluetooth speakers.
  • The treadmill deck is complemented with in-built cushioning.
  • The workout screen is bright, and backlight enabled
  • Higher weight capacity that fits most users.
  • The treadmill is easy to fold and undo.


  • One of the treadmill fans is said to have a weak airflow
  • Not rich in technology, although this is just trivial, especially for people after a simple and straightforward treadmill.
SOLE, F63 Treadmill, Home Workout...
  • The F63 treadmill has been reviewed as "Simply the best quality treadmill in its price range" by numerous consumer resources and magazines.
  • SOLE builds quality treadmills using the best components and even at a lower price, the F63 is no exception. The strong, 3.0 HP motor delivers challenging speeds up to 12 mph and inclines up to 15 levels. When not in use, the treadmill deck locks into place. Run up to six preset programs, including cardio training and fat-burning programs.
  • The F63 features cooling fans, as well as speed and incline controls on the arm rests.The treadmill console is user-friendly. The display information includes Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse and Pace. There is a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs. The console has built-in speakers that allow you to play music from your media device.
  • The F63 now includes an integrated tablet holder so you can use your smart devices to watch shows or follow workout routines. Also included is a USB port for charging and Bluetooth Audio Speakers so you can listen to music.
  • The Engineering team at SOLE is concerned with a basic design and an emphasis on durable made treadmills. With the market expecting a quality made folding product, a stable base and a quiet machine, SOLE works to achieve and meet these consumer demands.

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Overall, the Sole F63 is an excellent choice for people who want a heavy-duty treadmill that will serve with high efficacy under plenty of use. The treadmill has a sheer number of great notable features, including the heart rate monitoring, higher incline range (0% to15%), chest strap, and a potent 3.0 CHP motor.

So, even though it lacks some of the high-end features incorporated by other similarly priced models like ProForm NordicTrack, the Sole F63 is an exceptional piece of workout equipment if you don’t mind tech.

You can also store the Sole F63 compactly and short of a struggle. While it is not easy to move it around due to its heavyweight, the treadmill comes with considerable dimensions, which makes it compact to most homes.

Plus, it features an easy fold-up design. And all the said features and benefits come at a budget price. Therefore, in general, the Sole F63 Treadmill has secured its place as a one-stop choice workout equipment for almost any user.

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