Sole SB700 Review – Is This Exercise Bike Really Worth The Price?

The Sole Fitness exercise bikes are known to offer a pure outdoor cycling experience within the comfort of your home. In this post, I’ll present you Sole SB700 review.

The Sole SB700 is the wildly popular spin bike in the range of $1000 that is meant to provide ultimate sturdiness while working out.

This bike is known to have the heaviest flywheel of 48 lbs in the range, that is driven by a Kevlar enforced driving belt. This bike is preferred by the spinners who are willing to have a heavy cardio workout.

The Sole Fitness brand is known to produce some of the best available premium spin bikes.

These are usually Gym class bikes known for their durability and rugged design. If you like less intense workouts and is only the one to use the spin bike you may look at some of the good spin bikes under $300. This bike may not be for you unless you do intense workouts.

So, yes. Let’s dive into the review of Sole SB700 exercise bike, and I’ll let you know if the bike is worth the premium price or not.

Sole SB700 Review – Our Views

Sole SB700

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Build, Durability, and Flywheel

Assembling: Once the package arrives at your doorstep, you’ll take hardly 20 minutes to set things up. The assembling process is straightforward, and the user manual will also be there.

But you may need another person to assemble this because you should be strong enough to lift the 48 lbs flywheel by yourself and fit it in place.

Durability: The frame is of two-millimeter oval steel tubing, that ensures the bike is durable and long lasting in spite of intense workouts.

The solid structure of the bike is great and is professional looking. You’ll be glad that you spent extra money on a bike that is bound to last.

Sole SB700

Flywheel: You’ll notice the heavy flywheel of 48lbs, that ensures a smooth riding experience. The smoothness and the intense workout on this bike are possible due to the heavy flywheel.

At any speed, there’s no wobbling of the bike due to equal weight distribution – thanks to the clever construction.

Storage: The bike itself is heavy. Although the bike comes in with transportation wheels in the front, you need to be clear about where you’ll be using this bike before placing it.

Here we have a video featuring Sole SB700.


Adjustments: The bike has got adjustments for seat and the handlebars to find an optimal position for you to workout without causing fatigue to your shoulders and back.

Seat: The bike is quite uncomfortable like that of all the spin bikes. For this, you may consider adding a gel cover or wearing padded bike shorts while riding. However, you get used to the stock seats after some days of use. That won’t be a matter of concern at all.

Sole SB700

Pedals: The pedals are very strong and are caged. It ensures that you can ride without worrying about slipping your legs off the pedals.

Overall, the bike is very comfortable to ride. If you consider adding more padding to the seat or wearing padded shorts, there’s nothing to complain. You can keep riding this on for hours.

Drive and resistance mechanism

Belt drive: The bike drove with the help of a Kevlar belt. As opposed to conventional chain drive exercise bikes, the belt drive is fully silent, and also no maintenance/lubrication is required in the case of belt drive.

Resistance: The resistance mechanism is mechanical. As usual, the replacement of the brake pads need to be done every year or so, lubrication of the brake pads should be done to ensure the smooth working of the bike.

Sole SB700

Many of the users found they only need to replace the brake pads once in every 2 years. This entirely depends upon the intensity and the time you workout daily. The brakes are of Kevlar which is adamant and also is used in car brake systems.

The resistance of the bike can be adjusted with a tension knob at the front of the bike. The tension knob is very sensitive. For even a small turn, the resistance would go up to a slightly larger extent.

This will be bad news for you if you wish to do high precision workouts and willing to play with fine incremental resistance. However, this is not a major deal-breaker for me.

Because of the heavy flywheel and the build quality of the bike, you can easily ride this bike at maximum resistance while standing. There’s no rocking of the bike whatsoever.


The Backlit Blue LCD will display all the essential data like calories, time, distance, RPM, and also you can feed your data like weight, sex, and age into the console for more accurate tracking of the data.

Sole SB700

The bike is also compatible with a heart rate chest strap to let users track their pulse rate while working out.

You can set the upper and lower range so that the system alerts you with a beep when the range is crossed. However, you also need to note that the ANT+ strap is only compatible with this spin bike, not Bluetooth straps.


There are two water bottle holders at the front of the bike that is easy to reach. It helps you to keep hydrated while working out intensely.

There’s no slot to place your smartphone or mp3 player. You may try to place it in one of the bottle holders, but you need to be careful that the device may slip down while pedaling hard.

The best bet is to keep the mp3 player inside your pockets while working out.

Sole SB700


  • Heavy flywheel that ensures great intense workout experience
  • Outstanding build quality. The bike is built to last.
  • Kevlar belt drive and brakes are very robust and need less maintenance.
  • A very silent bike that makes no noise at all.
  • The sturdiness of the bike makes it possible to sprint and drive it while standing.
  • The company gives a lifetime warranty for the frame, two years for parts and a year for labor.
  • The seat and the handlebar can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, to avoid any discomfort due to improper positioning.
  • Two water bottle holders are great.


  • The bike is heavy, due to the flywheel which makes it quite difficult to transport with the small transport wheels that it comes with. The transport wheels could be larger.
  • Mp3 holder could be included in the bike so that it would be entertaining during long workout sessions.
  • The resistance knob is sensitive, and a little turn increases the resistance to your ride to a larger extent.

Overall, this bike is great if you are looking for a bike that can accompany you in intense workout sessions, and is built greatly.

Hope you found the review helpful.

SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike
  • Features. Weight Capacity: 300lbs.. Platform: Upright/Cycle.
  • Adjustable seat & handlebars: Vertical/Horizontal. Felt pad brake resistance. Made in Taiwan.
  • Model: SB700.

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