Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Review

An upgraded version from the well-known rowing machines brand, Stamina, this one comes with an extra stroke in comparison to others. With its exceptionally stunning sleek look, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine brings you more perks some models may not be able to offer at a mid-range price.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

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The machine is a great value, adjustable, and easy to operate. It’s capable of providing a full-body workout any fitness-minded person can expect from it. More to that, the Stamina X aims at presenting smooth rowing for a great workout experience.

Despite passing all the said upgrades, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is still a budget rowing machine, as it comes at an affordable price. And even though it has some drawbacks, both quality and economy aspects are optimal.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Built Quality

The Stamina X Air Rowing Machine comes with a steel frame structure along with a well-built quality to enhance durability as well as sustaining your hardest workouts.

The handle and the flywheel are connected by a rowing chain, which is regarded as an upgrade from the regular nylon straps utilized by other budget rowers.

The foot pedals are also upgraded to help secure your feet and keep them in pivot while rowing. This gives room for greater comfort and strength during vigorous workouts.

The typical quality issue with this machine rests on the chain. According to Stamina, the query seemed to have been fixed following the newly upgraded model. However, there are still some reports of the chain jumping off the sprocket.

When this happens, it is typically tricky to put the chain back to place. Nonetheless, some users can fix the glitch and hope to evade it afterward. Others have to state their rowers for a replacement.

If the issue occurs, Stamina backs its customers to reach them on 1-800-375-7520 and speak with one of their customer care team to help solve the problem if it occurs. Apart from the chain issue, the Stamina X Air build quality is excellent and will offer quality rowing strokes.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine in More Detail


As the name suggests, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine uses air to generate resistance. There are three more resistance types, namely; water, magnetic, and hydraulic piston. Air is one of the more natural resistance systems, and it is said to imitate the actual outdoor rowing.

Featuring an air resistance mechanism, the Stamina X Air Rower has a variable resistance. The harder you pull the handle, the more the fan will spin, and the more will be the resulting tension.

It doesn’t have a turning knob to adjust the resistance, but instead, the tension adjusts automatically based on your rowing intensity. This means you can work with whichever resistance level you want.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

For instance, by pulling the handle faster, the more resistance you’ll endure. To lower the tension, you just have to row slower. This helps the model to work exceptionally well, even for the high-intensity interval exercises.

The flywheel of this model is made from tough and durable plastics, and it is delivered in a metal housing case. Similar to other air models, you’ll hear the ‘whooshing’ sound as the fan spins. This provides a sort of light breeze, which most users find soothing.

The air resistance system of the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is suitable for most people and can deliver a perfect workout. However, people who are extremely exposed to fitness may find other models like the Concept2 Model E more of a challenge.

Control Panel

The Stamina X Air rower is well equipped with an impressive LCD monitor to help you track your training activities with real-time results. The monitor is quite basic, but it incorporates virtually all the necessary features that you need. It shows the key measurements for your workout including;

  •   Distance
  •   Speed
  •   Time
  •   Calories Burned
  •   Strokes per minute
  •   Number of strokes

It displays the stats in three separate windows, which helps you to track more data while rowing. To turn on, you just press the mode button or practically begin rowing. The monitor automatically turns off after four minutes of inactivity.

The monitor is not backlight enabled, meaning it can be harder for some users to read in low light, but typically not a problem as this is present in most mid-level price models.

A note worth taking is that the ‘Calories Burned’ readout is basically based on that of an ‘average user’ and does not reflect the actual person rowing it.

Therefore it should be used as a workout standard to know which exercise is more energetic and burns more calories. Otherwise, the absence of a backlight apart from the monitor is pretty good in tracking useful fitness data.


When it comes down to convenience, there’s always that group of people complaining about the seat. This trend is present in almost every rower in the rowing industry, leave alone the Stamina X.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

For the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine, the seat is not padded, but it is designed based on users’ perspectives. The place comes with a great shape to facilitate longer workouts without experiencing any discomfort.

In particular, some users have it that the seat is hard, and it’s not large enough. But similar to other rowers with uncomfortable seats, there’s the option of buying a separate cushion cover to make it more comfortable.


The Stamina X Air is quite compact to save you some space. You can easily fold the machine and store it in a closet or corner of a room. It also comes with caster wheels to enhance transportation, meaning you can move it around for your convenience.

The storage process involves simple and straightforward steps; remove the pin and the locking knob, fold the fan backward, and then reinsert the pin as well as the locking knob.

When storing, the model doesn’t reduce the footprint dramatically, but it shortens the footprint’s length a little bit to allow easy moving.

Size and Capacity

The Stamina X Air Rower comes with a decent size, smaller than that of a commercial-grade machine. It features a suitable size for people looking for a simple, easy to go rowing machine. Plus, it comes with a spacing design.

Although the model has worked with persons with exceeding weights, Stamina recommends a maximum user weight of 250 lbs. This is because the machine is made of upgraded materials that are more robust compared to other models.

The unit is also capable of accommodating users of different heights. If you are 6’4″ tall, you can effectively work with the machine and still find enough space for your most extensive rowing strokes. Also, users with an inseam of 39.0″ should not have any issues while using the machine.


After completing every stroke, all air rowing machines will create some noise, comparable to that generated by a huge fan.

While this sound is not as annoying as clicking or squeaking, this model is associated with a pretty loud noise in comparison to other high-end rowers such as Concept2. But it is relatively quiet compared to other lower-priced models.

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Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling Stamina X rower is easy and straightforward. You can have the whole unit put together within as short as 30 min since the machine is delivered with the most critical parts already assembled.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

More to that, the package comes with a very user-friendly manual for proper instructions. That means there’ll be less to zero scopes of confusion.

Every machine calls for maintenance, just like the Stamina X Air rower. However, maintaining this particular rowing machine is not hectic or so demanding.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure the rails track is free of dirt because this might cause glitches to the rail and rollers. Otherwise, the model requires very minimal maintenance.


Stamina is one of the prominent brands, well-known for its fitness equipment. Their products come with remarkable quality and are incredibly priced. On top of that, their products come along with good warranties.

The Stamina X Air Rowing Machine comes with a three-year frame warranty plus a 90 days warranty covering other defects in materials, operation, and service assembly as well as workmanship under normal use.


  •   Solid build quality
  •   Large LCD monitor
  •   Great value for the price
  •   Foldable easy storage
  •   Great customer service
  • · Great for high-intensity interval workouts


  •   Chain quality issues
  •   The seat is not padded
  • · Monitor not backlight enabled

Consumer Reviews

Even though there are some quality and comfort issues, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine retains a striking figure of positive reviews. Most consumers commented that the model is great for the price, and felt that such issues are expected on budget rowing machines.


The Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is a durable piece of fitness equipment that is worth the price. Despite the few mentioned drawbacks behind the chain and the monitor being not backlight enabled, it’s still one of the best budget air rowing machines. It incorporates nearly every essential trait found in high-end models, all at a banging price tag.

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