Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616 Review

The SF-RB4616 recumbent bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a simple, lightweight recumbent bike that almost anyone can use. The console is simple and easy to navigate.

The bike itself weighs only 59 lbs and the frame is quite small, so it is ideal for someone who is looking for a bike that’s simple or who doesn’t have a lot of space to store the bike.

Despite being very lightweight, the bike has an impressive maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is great for such a simple and affordable bike. The bike has 8 magnetic tension resistance levels.

The SF-RB4616 recumbent bike retails at just under $150 on Amazon, so, it is one of the most affordable recumbent bikes out there.

General Information and Technical Specifications

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

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Product Dimensions: Height- 39.5 in (100 cm), Length- 54.4 in (139 cm), Width- 26 in (66 cm)

Assembly: It is recommended to leave a clearance space of at least 12 inches on the dimensions of the bike for easy access and safe use.

Product Weight, Fully Assembled: 59 lbs (27 kg)

Maximum User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)

User Height Range: Customer testimonials say that users in the height range 4’6-6’1 have no trouble using it

Drive and Resistance: Belt Drive, 8 Levels of Magnetic Tension Resistance, Resistance Levels are manually changed using adjustment knob

Console: Simple, LCD screen display to show workout data such as- time, speed, pulse, distance, calories

Seat: Seat adjustable in backward and forward direction, Ergonomically designed and cushioned seat plus backrest. Seat Dimensions are 11 in x 14.5 in at their longest and widest points.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact Heart rate sensors incorporated into handlebar grips

Warranty Information: Structural Frame- 3 years, Other parts- 90 days

Extra Features: Pedals with straps

Operating Temperature: 0-40°C

Storage Temperature: -10 to +60°C

Batteries needed: Batteries needed to run console, 2 pieces of AAA or UM-4. Batteries need to be purchased separately.

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Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4616 Recumbent Bike in More Detail

The resistance for the bike is provided by a magnetic tension resistance system, which is not uncommon in most recumbent bikes.

However, the difference with the SF-RB 4616 is that the resistance level has to be adjusted manually by turning a knob.The knob has to be turned clockwise to increase resistance and anti-clockwise to reduce the resistance.

The good thing about this is that you don’t need to go through various functions in the console to change the resistance, so it great for those who aren’t very tech savvy, and you don’t have to connect it to a power source.

But, this could also make it less convenient for some people who want to change workout parameters through the console only.

Below the console, there are also support handlebars at the front so that you can pedal while leaning forward if you want to.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

The base of the frame comprises of two stabilizers that balances the whole bike. While there are no adjustable levelers, both the front and rear stabilizers have rolling end caps to add stability. The front stabilizer has small transport wheels that make it easy to move the bike around.

The entire structural frame of the bike is one piece, with a sturdy base. The frame is largely made from steel, with round tubing to add extra strength.

The frame’s strength and sturdiness allow the bike to have a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg) which is comparable to other bikes that are of a similar or even more expensive price change.

This aspect is very impressive for a bike that only retails at around $150 and only weighs around 60 pounds.

The design is very minimalist and sleek. There are no bulky parts of the bike. The seat is laid out in a reclined position with handlebar grips that are widely spaced on either side of the seat.

Though the handlebars are quite high up the seat, the design is spacious enough, so that they don’t interfere with anyone getting on or off the bike. This is a better design than bikes with a similar layout such as Exerpeutic’s 2000 bike where the high handlebars can get in the way.

Here we have a video featuring Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4616.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616 Easy Adjustable Seat Recumbent Bike

Seat Design and Features

The SF-RB4616 recumbent bike from Sunny Health and Fitness has been ergonomically designed with a padded seat and back rest to provide a comfortable position during the workouts. The backrest is leaned back, cushioned but is sturdy enough to provide good support for the back.

The seat and backrest are covered in thick padding with the outer layer made from vinyl, so that it doesn’t absorb sweat and easy to clean.

The adjustable seat is mounted on a diagonal profile bar rail with several adjustable settings. By pushing down on the lever located below the seat, you can push the seat closer to or further away from the pedals.

This makes the bike suitable for users of a wide range of heights. Customer testimonials have shown that the bike can be used by people as short as 4’6″ or as tall as 6’1″.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

The minimum inseam height of the adjustable seat is 26 inches from the pedal and the maximum inseam height is 33 inches from the pedals.

The inseam height is simply the diagonal distance from the seat to the pedal, so it directly corresponds to the alignment of your legs when seated, and hence the length of your legs.

The seat’s dimensions are 11 inches by 14.5 inches at their widest and longest points. So, even though the bike can technically support users up to 300 lbs, it would depend on the build of the person. Some may find the seat too small and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the backrest is not adjustable, but, this isn’t an issue specific to the SF-RB4616. Most recumbent bikes in this price range don’t have adjustable back rests.

One limitation of the seat design is that the back rest is not ventilated. So, it could get quite warm and sweaty during the workouts.

Resistance and Drive

There are in total eight resistance levels available.

Magnetic resistance means that there are magnets that are used to apply tension resistance to the drive system. As you increase the resistance level, the magnets will be brought closer to the flywheel which will increase the resistance you have to work against. And vice versa when you reduce the resistance level.

Magnetic resistance is quite commonly used in a lot of recumbent exercise bikes because the transitioning between resistance levels is smoother and quieter.

A risk with using magnetic resistance, however, is that it could interfere with certain medical devices such as pacemakers on the user.

The drive system used in combination with the magnetic resistance is a belt drive, which makes for a smooth and quiet operation.

Console Design and Functions

The console design is very simple, so, even someone who’s not tech savvy should have no problems using it. The console consists of a small and simple LCD display screen. But, even though it makes things simple, the console has limited functions compared to other recumbent bikes with similar specifications.

For example, there are no pre-set workout programs, the resistance levels have to be changed manually and the display won’t show the course profile of the workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

However, the console does show basic workout information such as:

  • Time Displays the duration of exercise. You can set a target time too.
  • Distance Displays the distance travelled during the workout, if you had cycled on a normal road
  • Speed Displays current workout speed
  • Calories Displays calories burned during the workout
  • Pulse Displays the heart rate detected by the contact heart rate sensors on the handlebar grips. You need to hold both contact pads firmly and wait for 6-7 seconds for your pulse to be displayed in Beats Per Minute (BPM).

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616 Pros and Cons

To summarize the benefits and drawbacks of the features on the SF-RB4616, here are a list of pros and cons:

As mentioned before, there are no pre-set workout programs and the course profile is not shown. You will need to adjust the resistance levels manually by turning the knob which is located just below the front handlebars.

There is also no function to store user profiles and corresponding user data such as height, weight, age or gender. Hence, the calorie estimate shown on the screen may not be entirely accurate.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616

The bike will go into Sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity on the console or pedals.

The heart rate is monitored using the contact heart rate sensors that are incorporated into the handlebar grips at the seat. You need to place your hands on the contact pads and hold firmly on to both grips for the machine to detect a reading.

As something that happens with a lot of recumbent bikes with contact heart rate sensors, sometimes the sensors can be very sensitive.

Even the slightest things such as sweat or dirt on the hands, nearby electronics or even small electrical signals produced by the body during heavy muscle contraction can interfere with the accuracy of the heart rate sensors.


  • Very sleek, compact and lightweight design. Incorporates a walk-through design that makes it easy to get on or off the bike.
  • Ergonomically designed seat and back rest with heavy padding to ensure comfort.
  • Seat is adjustable, backwards and forwards to accommodate users of different heights. Customer reviews have shown that the bike can be used by users ranging in height between 4”6 and 6”1.
  • At only 60 pounds, the bike is very compact and lightweight.
  • Front handlebars under the console if you want to lean forward while cycling
  • Very affordable and good value for money
  • For such a simple and lightweight design, the bike has a high maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Magnetic resistance allows for smooth and quite operation. There are 8 magnetic tension resistance levels offered.
  • The console is simple and easy to use with basic functions. Hence, they are even ideal for people who are not very tech savvy. It’s good for children and older people as well.
  • Good warranty period for the structural frame- 3 years. Some bikes with the same specifications only offer 1 year.


  • The console and bike is quite limited in the number of functions. For example, there are no pre-set workout programs offered. The course profiles are not shown on the screen.
  • Resistance levels need to be changed manually, which can be inconvenient.
  • Back rest is not ventilated, so can get quite sweaty and hot during workouts
  • Not possible to create user profiles on the console and input data such as age, gender, weight or height. Hence, this can affect the accuracy of the calories burnt reading.
  • Not many accessory features such as water bottle holder or tray for storing electronics
  • There is a risk of using magnetic resistance, as it could interfere with medical devices. But, this problem is applicable to any recumbent bike using magnetic resistance.
  • Warranty for parts only covers 90 days
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic...
  • Exclusive easy seat adjustment allows you to make seat adjustments, hassle-free, all done while remaining seated on the bike.
  • Large seat and back cushion, Seat: 11L x 14.5W x 1.5H in
  • Self leveling pedals with straps
  • Adjustable Inseam Height Min 29/ Max 38 in
  • Adjustable 8-level magnetic tension Control System

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To conclude, the SF-RB4616 recumbent bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a great bike for those looking for a sleek and simple design. The strengths of the bike is the spacious, ergonomic step-through design that is also lightweight and compact.

So, it’s great for those who don’t have a lot of space to store a large bike. For such a simple and affordable bike, SF-RB 4616 has a high user weight capacity of 300 lbs. The bike itself only weighs 60 lbs. It does, however, have simple technology and doesn’t have a lot of functions such as pre-set workout programs.

This is great for people who dislike complicated technology but not for those who want those added functions.

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