Recumbent Bikes vs Semi Recumbent Bikes – 10 Differences To Know

Recumbent Bikes vs Semi Recumbent Bikes

In this post, I’ll explain the key difference between the recumbent bikes and semi-recumbent bikes. Hope you love this blog post. Modern lifestyle has ripped away a lot of physical activity and mobility from our lives confining most of us to the work tables in our offices and businesses. Therefore, a lot of lifestyle diseases … Read more

4 Types of Resistance in Exercise Bikes Explained – Which is Better?

types of resistance in exercise bikes

When you consider buying a good stationary exercise bike, there are many types of resistance mechanism in these bikes like – magnetic, friction, air, and strap-based. You may be overwhelmed by these options. The resistance in the bikes is needed for an exercise bike to simulate the real bike riding experience. The resistance in the … Read more