10 Tips for Running Faster on a Treadmill and Optimize Your Fitness


Do you like using the treadmill at the gym for walking or running? Would you like to know more about the essential tips for running faster on a treadmill?

The treadmill is, apparently, the most popular fitness equipment in the gym. People of various fitness levels can easily employ it to reach their weight-loss targets.

As a versatile exercise machine, the treadmill caters to fitness enthusiasts who intend to alter their walking and running speeds to achieve the fitness objectives they have set for themselves.

tips-to-run-faster-on-a-treadmillPeople who put a premium on convenience also rely on this well-loved and feel-good running equipment which helps them against harmful overexposure to the heat of the sun.

Plus, it keeps the inconveniences caused by unfavorable weather conditions at bay, especially those caused by sleet, rain, snow, and other types of precipitation that may get in the way of a person’s workout session.

But did you know that, although people are familiar with how to use the treadmill properly, plenty of them do not know how to maximize their use of it?

Besides, many do not understand how to utilize this walking and running exercise machine as a piece of useful race-training equipment.

Race trainers and their trainees who are preparing for marathons usually consider the treadmill as their best friend, effectively helpingthem in building high levels of running fitness.

As a fitness aficionado, you may also be interested in race-training.

Moreover, you may not want to be a statistic when it comes to the lack of awareness about how to maximize the use of the treadmill.

Hence, have a look at these ten tips for running faster on a treadmill. They will surely educate you about how to get the most out of your workouts with the best-loved running machine.

You will, therefore, get to enjoy your fitness sessions more, too. Furthermore, you will undoubtedly reach tip-top shape for any marathon you are interested in joining.

When using the treadmill as your regular exercise machine, you should:

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Tips for Run Faster on a Treadmill

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1) Know the specific physical exercise you will do on the treadmill.

Some people just get on the treadmill aimlessly. This action is highly discouraged because they are not only wasting their time, but they are also unable to work on and advance in their fitness goals.

When carrying out your workout routines, you should ensure that you are ready both mentally and physically, so you are on the right track of staying in and achieving peak fitness.

Moreover, you should not forget to bring your workout essentials like your workout towel and water bottle.

This routine is a convenience offered by using the treadmill because you will not be able to carry these things with you when you are already in the actual run or marathon.

2) Select interval training to prevent boredom and burn more calories.

It certainly has occurred to you that running on the treadmill at a convenient speed of 45 minutes without interruption is boring.

You may be burning those unwanted calories and getting in tip-top shape, but you could surely feel dull and sleepy along the way.

This situation can happen even if the TV is on at the gym or in your house with “Saturday Night Live” or “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airing.

Also, electrifying electronic dance music sometimes does not help in keeping you enthusiastically performing your treadmill exercise.

The solution is interval workouts. Being among the essential tips for running faster on a treadmill, this is one great technique of maximizing the use of the fitness equipment.

Aside from helping you burn more calories, interval training keeps you wide awake and interested in your exercises.

It involves changing the speed and incline of your treadmill exercises for every couple of minutes.

This workout strategy challenges and enhances your body to work even harder and prepares you to train for hilly courses in actual marathons.

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3) Use the treadmill for other workout exercises, not just running.

You can diversify your workout plan since the treadmill isnot made solely for running exercises.

You can ask your trainer to help you in performing cross-training routines like sideways shuffle, push-ups, dumbbellslifting, backward jogging, and lunges.

In this manner, your body is further enhanced and not just relegated to the same exercises which usually diminish their positive effects on your body over time.

4) Take maximum advantage of the best features of the treadmill.

The incline, “Hill Climber,” and “Fat Burn” are among the excellent and elaborate features of the treadmill. The high-end versions of this running machine include these benefits.

They facilitate the burning of more calories, muscle-building, and becoming a robust runner.

To acclimatize yourself from running on an incline, increase its percentage up to 10 or 15 percent. Then, perform speedwalking or power walking.

After that, you can lower the incline percentage back down to approximately 3 or 4 percent and begin running.

You will surely feel better from going from the huge incline and back to a slight incline.

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5) Listen to electrifying running playlists to avoid getting bored.

Using the treadmill can be monotonous because the exercise machine merely leads a person to concentrate on making forward motions for several minutes.

To ward off the dullness, you can create a music compilation on your smartphone or tablet which includes powerful and electrifying dance music.

You can also listen to highly engaging TED talks, audiobooks, and podcasts.

If your gym offers a built-in sound system, you can connect your headphones to a radio or a TV from your treadmill.

It is advisable to avoid chatting with your gym friends and reading magazines and books. These activities make your treadmill workouts sluggish.

Besides, they distract you from giving your all in your physical exercises.

6) Remember to warm-up and cooldown to feel good with your workouts.

Using the treadmill enables you to have full control of your exercise speed and your workout time.

Therefore, it is easy to incorporate the warming up and cooling down exercises in your routine.

Before and after doing your physical exercises, always perform walks and light jogs for approximately five minutes.

Warm-up and cooldown exercises are vital because they safeguard you against injuries and make you feel your best after your workout routines.

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7) Perform different treadmill exercises to gain more stamina.

Did you know that performing the same set of treadmill exercises repeatedly over time prevents you from burning more calories?

With your muscles getting used to the given workouts, the strengthening effects of these physical activities lose their efficacy.Moreover, you become highly likely to get injured.

Hence, among the tips for running faster on a treadmill is to use this running machine at least thrice per week.

During those sessions, try performing various kinds of workouts each day.Then, try to add new routines along the way.

8) Use the treadmill as if you are really walking or running outdoors.

The correct way of using the treadmill is to copy the way you walk or run outdoors precisely. This posture is your so-called “road form.”

It is a mistake if you look down at the “dashboard” or your feet which is what most treadmill runners commit as an error.

You can execute your “road form” by ensuring that your back is straight and your eyes are looking forward. Your “road form” prevents you from feeling back and neck pains, too.

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9) Get your hands off of the handrails and always keep your arms free.

The tips for running faster on a treadmillin this discussion enable you to get effective workouts by mimicking the action of running on actual marathons.

They emphasize on keeping you on your “road form.” Plus, you should also ensure that your arms and hands are free.

You should not be clinging onto the treadmill’s handrails or the top of the machine as you walk on a steep incline because these actions lead you to your unnatural walking and running forms.

These mistakes are against the “road form” objective of walking and jogging on the treadmill.

10) Avoid comparing yourself and competing with your gymmates.

The reason why you are working out at the gym is to focus on achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

You may get distracted by comparing and trying to be better than the other people using the treadmill, but this should not be the case.

As the famous adage goes, in life, “The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

Following these ten essentialtips for running faster on a treadmill will undoubtedly help youburn calories,lose weight, and to feel better and energized.

You may be serious and utterly determined to get that optimally fit and healthy body, but always remember, do not forget to enjoy yourself!


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.