Total Gym 1400 Vs 1900

Total Gym 1400 Vs 1900

A complete home fitness solution in a more compact space is one brilliant idea behind these two pieces; Total Gym 1400 Vs 1900. You just need a sensible amount of space end-to-end to start pumping iron right from your cave.

However, with so many similarities and thought-provoking ties, it can be difficult to know which model will be a better buy for you. So, how do you figure out the best one between these two chart-toppers on the market?

In this review, we’ll make a detailed comparison focusing on the differences between the Total Gym 1400 vs 1900 model and break down the best home gym solution you should consider and the reasons. Thus, by the end of this guide, you’ll have the much-needed information to make a confident purchase.

Both the Total Gym 1400 and 1900 versions are great home workout equipment that are designed to get you the best physique in the comfort of your home. However, since both are exceptional, how can one determine the best unit to buy?

Before we get into details about these two Total Gym Workout Machines, we will share a side by side contrast.

Total Gym 1400 Overview

Total Gym 1400

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The Total Gym 1400 was introduced to serve as a versatile compact piece of workout equipment that provides you with a whole-body workout right from your own home. This unit offers the optimal balance of both cardio and strength training and is extremely easy to work on. It allows you to perform 60+ varied exercises which we shall explore more on below.

Total Gym 1400 sports an adjustable bench for customizing its height, incline and resistance levels. These adjustments mean you can easily and effectively target various muscle groups and attain the best outcomes from workout sessions.

Total Gym 1900 Overview

Total Gym 1900

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From the very same company, Total Gym, this model is a more premium version of basically the same product.

Significant differences between the Total Gym 1400 vs 1900 model include the eight steps up incline levels and stronger materials utilized in the 1400 model whereas the 1900 model features almost the same built quality but with `12 incline levels.

The Total Gym 1900 comes with a maximum user weight capacity of 340 lbs whereas the 1400 model only allows for 250 lbs. Consequently, the 1900 model also hangs a heavier price tag.

Total Gym 1400 Vs 1900 Detailed Comparison

Under this section, we’ll make an in-depth comparison of both models, covering all the major aspects that will help in determining which among the two to buy. The key points are the materials, cost, functionality, assembly, user weight capacity, height limits, features and then pros and cons.

For any consumer, the product cost is likely to influence your considerations when buying an item. For this case, the Total Gym 1900 costs a bit more than the 1400 model. It, however, comes with more features and attachments, making it suitable for most users.

Total Gym 1400

Product Materials

  • Either of these Total Gym models incorporates Solid Steel rails as well as stiff plastic closures for the floor. Their cables are made of high-workable steel, so the whole total gym equipment has a considerable long life. As for the pulley systems, they are of high quality in both models.
  • They both feature a well-padded and comfortable glide board, and we also found little to nil differences when it comes to smoothness of these glide boards. There was also no notable differences in the structure measurements of both machines, and they come in at nearly the same size. What’s better, it’s good to point out that either both can be folded rather quickly and requires little storage space.
  • One key difference separating the material is the colour. The Total Gym 1900 comes in a red and black finish while the 1400 model sports a white, black and grey finish.
Total Gym 1900


Both the Total Gym 1400 and 1900 models don’t require any assembly, and it should take as short as 5-10 minutes for an average user to start working out. Most of this time will be spent to unpack the unit out of the box.


Total Gym 1400 and 1900 models were designed for perfect home workout solutions. They both give the users the ability to perform over 60 different exercises all in the comfort of your home.

With either of these workout machines, you eliminate the need for many staffs, an exhaustive exercise room, and dishing out a couple of thousand dollars and time. Furthermore, both models are simple and easy to store. With the fold-up mechanism, you can lean it in the wall, have it under the bed, or fit in in a closet.

Total Gym 1400

Design and Appearance

As we’d earlier stated, the most obvious difference between these two is the colour. The 1900 model is red and black while the 1400 model is white, grey and black. The overall structure for the two, still quite much the same.

They come in at 92.5 inches length by 16 inches width, and about 43.25 inches height and both are foldable. They also weigh just about the same weight; 73.2 lbs for the Total Gym 1400 model and 75 lbs for the 1900 model both having 80 lbs shipping weight. So, there is actually no significant difference here to note.

Other Things to Consider

  • User weight capacity: Both machines feature the same height, with an extent of 92 inches. So if you are not above the specified height, you should have no issues working on either model. Nevertheless, there may be some constraints when performing various exercises, depending on your specific setup.

We’ve seen complaints, mainly from users with below-average height having issues accessing the grips.

  • Total Gym 1400 vs 1900- Features: Although both models are delivered the same way nearly fully assembled, the Total Gym 1900 incorporates some add-ons that are not part of or compatible with the 1400 model. Another point of difference is the available adjustment levels. For the 1900 model, you have 12 adjustment levels, while the 1400 model offers just eight levels.

The difference in adjustments brings about different incline levels where they come with 30 and 45 degrees (total gym 1400 and 1900 respectively). This also allows the Total Gym 1900 model to present a stronger resistance and more intense workouts.

Total Gym 1900

They both come with an instruction manual, nutritional guide, and a workout chart.

  • The Total Gym 1400 package includes:
    • A single bonus workout DVD
  • The Total Gym 1900 package includes:
    • Two bonus workout DVDs
    • Leg pulley accessory
    • A Pilates Bar
    • An AbCrunch accessory
    • Two non-skid floor mats
  • Product warranty: Although both machines boast excellent build quality, getting a competitive warranty to cover your purchase is crucial. They are both offered alongside a 1-year warranty against equipment malfunction, breakage under regular home use and faults in craftsmanship.

You may want to pick the 1400 model if:

  • You don’t want to spend too much on home gym equipment.
  • You weigh less than 250 pounds.
  • You are looking for an all in one workout machine with a wide range of workouts.
  • You want a high quality home gym.
  • You want to invest in the best starter non-commercial gym available.

Total Gym 1400 Pros and Cons

Total Gym 1400


  • Priced at $70 lower than the 1900 model.
  • Eight adjustment levels.
  • Easy to use.
  • 30-degree incline.
  • It incorporates two workout DVDs.
  • It supports extra attachments for a more comprehensive workout.


  • Lower user weight limit.
  • Needs more attachments.
  • Not perfect for cardio since it has a low weight resistance.

You might want to purchase the 1900 model if:

  • You want a premium total fitness Total Gym model.
  • Your body weight is more than 250 pounds.
  • You want an all in one home gym package.
  • You want to enjoy all the add-ons at a higher price.
  • You are looking for high-intensity and comprehensive workout.

Total Gyms 1900 Pros and Cons

Total Gym 1900


  • It has a variety of workout DVDs
  • Heavy-duty pulley system compared to the Vigorfit
  • Includes a state-of-the-art AbCrunch attachment
  • Lifetime warranty for frame
  • User weight capacity of 400 lb
  • It comes with more inclusions like nutrition manuals, charts, etc.
  • It allows for more attachments to get more exercise.


  • More expensive compared to the Vigorfit
  • It has fewer resistance levels


After weighing the Vigorfit against the Total Gym, it’s quite apparent that either model comes with a lot to offer. Whichever model you prefer would undoubtedly grant you full workout sessions right from your own home. Featuring the foldable mechanism, both models are pretty compact and occupies the same extent of space.

When it comes to performance, both models are superb and recommending one over the other can be difficult. Trivial complaints have it that Vigorfit has slightly less machine travel than the Total Gym’s. Yet, that’s hard to note if you’ve never worked on a Total Gym machine.

To this end, the best choice is subject to the budget and which brand you trust more.

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