Total Gym Fit Vs XLS

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the Total Gym Fit vs XLS model and see which one is better to purchase. If you are quite new to home gym equipment, then congrats. You are viewing two of the most popular and incredibly held home gym solutions available on the market.

Both the Total Gym fit and XLS are the latest versions in the Total Gym product series. Thus, they are quite pricey in comparison to earlier models. But they are certainly better options that offer great value for money.

What is The Total Gym?

Total Gym is a home fitness solution that brings users the capabilities to exercise safely at their homes. The brand stands out in substituting traditional weights; instead, it utilizes your body weight, therefore, diminishing the risk of injury.

Total Gym XLS

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The level of workout intensity can be increased or decreased by simply altering the inline levels of the machine. Among the full-body workout models that target all muscle groups, the Total Gym is exceptionally one of them.

Our comparison focuses on these two close clash models; the Total Gym Fit vs XLS. In case you are yet to buy a Total Gym or are thinking through if you should advance, then our in-depth comparison will help address your questions.

Before we get into the main comparison of the Total Gym fit vs XLS model, below is a quick overview of both machines.

Total Gym XLS

The XLS model from the Total Gym line up is the fairy older model of the home-fitness solutions they provide. Although it’s a more former model in comparison to the Total Gym Fit, XLS is still a strong choice for fitness enthusiasts or novice learners who want to workout at home.

The machine grants you a full-body workout that is effective just like any other gym equipment or professional trainers that would cost you more.

Total Gym XLS

The model comes with a user weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, making it an extremely durable and heavy-duty piece of equipment. Furthermore, contrary to other typical home gyms, the Total Gym XLS comes already fully assembled, so you’ll start working out almost immediately.

Total Gym Fit- Signature Series

The Total Gym Fit is more like an upgraded version of the Total Gym XLS. It features more variations in resistance levels with stronger and higher-quality materials. The model features a more trendy and sleek finish plus all the extra goodness you may expect a high-end home gym.

It supports a maximum user weight capacity of 450 pounds and incorporates more accessories which we’ll elaborate in the main comparison. Nonetheless, it cost more than the XLS model, and it allows you to perform Pilates since it includes the ankle cuffs and the ropes required.

Total Gym Fit

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Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym Fit Real Comparison

For this particular section, we’ll get even closer to the key aspects of both machines, so you will know which one is a better buy. We’ll discuss product cos, workout tools, function, resistance levels, user height limits, user weight limit, size, warranty, customer reviews and finally, pros/cons. Be sure to check out this section!

Total Gym XLS vs Total Gym Detailed Comparison

Both Tora Gym Fit and XLS models offer fast, enjoyable and effective workouts. However, there are several differences when it comes to functionality.

The Total Gym XLS offers you the capabilities to complete 80 different exercises, whereas the Total Gym Fit allows for 85+ exercises. The Total Gym Fit model also features an ergonomic glide-board for extra comfort while working out.

Another feature included with the Fit model but not there on the XLS is the New Auto-Lock Height adjustment mechanism. It’s a new feature that allows you to transition amid exercises quickly and more effectively without multiople adjustments.

Available Workout Tools

The difference between the Total Gym XLS vs Fit is quite evident to see the extent of workout tools incorporated. For the XLS, it has three add-ons; ribbed squat stand, leg pull attachment, and a wing attachment. In contrast, the Total Gym fit consists of four add-ons. This includes their bestselling AbCrunch which would cost you $100 as a separate purchase.

It also incorporates the same leg pull attachment as on the XLS, but with a modern upgraded squat stand, and the two-piece wing attachment. More to the basic inclusions, you’ll have six workout DVDs with a Fit model whereas the XLS provides 5.

Total Gym Fit

Resistance Levels

The Total Gym XLS resistance/incline ranges from level 1 (6%) to level 6 (54%), and each level intensifies the resistance by 9.6%. Meaning, level 1 for 6%, level 2 for 15.6%, level 3 for 25.2%, level 4 for 34.8%, level 5 for 44.4% and level 6 for 54%.

The Total Gym resistance levels also differ notably. The Total Gym XLS provides six incline levels which alter the proportion of bodyweight you use. On the other hand, the Total Gym Fit offers 12 levels to modify the incline. These additional levels facilitate workout performance and adjusting the amount of body weight on the Total Gym Fit.

Below are the weight incline proportions subject to levels for the XLS:

  • Level 1″ 6%
  • Level 2″ 15.6%
  • Level 3″ 25.2%
  • Level 4″ 34.8%
  • Level 5″ 44.4%
  • Level 6″ 54% 

The Total Gym Fit allows for lesser increments so you will get through those incline levels more comprehensively as the bodyweight adjusts in less in comparison to the XLS.

User Weight Capacity

  • The Total Gym XLS has a specified user weight of 450 pounds while the Total Gym Fit model can support users up to 450 lbs.
  • User Height Limit: The height limit featured by both machines are virtually the same. Their heights can comfortably accommodate persons who are 6 ft 5″ tall.


The Total Gym warranties may vary depending on the place where the model was purchased. If you buy either of these, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on frame- both the XLS and the Total Gym Fit Signature Series. However, for the parts, the warranty differs on the Total Gym Fit vs XLS. For the Total Gym Fit model, you get two years warranty for the parts whereas on the Total Gym XLS you get just six months part warranty.

Other Things to Consider

Customer Service: Total Gym has numerous options for contact, so they offer reasonable and decent customer service. Still, be sure to ascertain the warranty after purchasing to avoid getting into any issues.

Product Price: The Total Gym Fit model comes at a slightly higher price than the XLS model. However, considering all the add-ons, exercise programs, and more premium quality of the model, the cost is acceptable. Both machines also have a 30 $1 trial but only if you buy it directly from the Total Gym official website.

You may want to purchase the Total Gym Fit if::

  • You want more control over resistance/incline levels
  • You want a more premium version from the Total Gym line-up
  • You want all essentials included in one package
  • You like a machine that will serve for ages with a great warranty backup
  • You’re willing to spend more for a better piece of fitness equipment.

Total Gym Fit Pros and Cons


  • It supports a max user weight capacity of 450 lbs
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • Features an Auto-Lock Height Adjustment mechanism that makes levels adjustments easier
  • It includes the brand’s best selling AbCrunch
  • Allows 80+ exercises to be performed
  • Ideal for Pilates
  • Comes with a modern layout and higher-quality materials


  • Highly-priced compared to the XLS.
  • The unit doesn’t include DVDs for Pilates or the tow bar.

You may want to pick the Total Gym XLS if:

  • You want a decent quality Total Gym solution.
  • You want to have a full-body workout at home.
  • You are okay with the six adjustment options available.
  • You don’t want to spend too much on a home gym solution.
  • You weigh 400 pounds or below.
Total Gym FIT
  • No assembly required
  • Upgraded Squat Stand
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment for wider range of motion
  • Leg Pull Accessory with detachable Bracket

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Total Gym’s XLS Pros and Cons


  • Moderately priced than the Total Gym Fit
  • A widely held Total Gym equipment
  • Can support users up to 400 lbs
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Has fewer add-ons
  • It offers six resistance options
  • Less weight capacity compared to the Fit model
Total Gym XLS Men/Women Universal...
  • CHOOSE FROM 80 ROUTINES: Equipped to handle more than 80 exercises with 6 levels of resistance in 1 machine for a total body workout; Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Concentrates on all the major muscle groups: cardio, strength training, and stretching
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDE: Comes complete with ribbed squat stand, wing attachment, leg pull accessory with 2 ankle cuffs, exercise wall chart, training deck, and nutritional/meal planning guide
  • FREE VIDEO ACCESS: Includes access to stream workouts from Total Gym TV for free for extra guidance and training; perfect for all fitness levels
  • SAVE THE HARD WORK: No assembly required and folds for compact storage; Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 19 x 43 inches; Folded dimensions (L x W x H): 51 x 19 x 9 inches

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Either of these home fitness solutions as we have compared is excellent full-body workout equipment. They are widely accessible and are endorsed by some of the leading names in the industry. Therefore, if you’re looking for an ideal home gym solution, then one of these two models would be a strong choice worth trying out.

After comparing the Total Gym Fit vs XLS model, our verdict is that the Fit signature series is the better buy overall. 

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