Total Gym Force Vs Total Gym 1600

Total Gym Force Vs Total Gym 1600

There are many Total Gym products out there, and picking the right one can be rather confusing. Searching through all the numbers, acronyms, buzzwords and such can be tiring. Yet, that should not keep you from securing a home fitness equipment for your fitness needs.

We understand how difficult it is to choose between these two virtually indistinguishable products offered by the very same company. So in this post, we’ll compare and contrast the Total Gym Force vs Total Gym 1600. Either of the two models is certainly one of the most effective ways to get your whole body into shape but at home.

Total Gym 1600, c 751496, Black

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In essence, the Total Gym Force is a newer version compared to the Total Gym 1600. Apart from just being newer, the Total Gym Force is a more premium model in comparison to the Total Gym 1600 model.

Both machines are purposely designed for the same thing. The official seller seems to have discounted the selling-price of the Total Gym 1600 as per their website, – although you can still buy one from other vendors as well.

The major aspects of comparison in the review include features, warranty, cost, product dimension, user weight limit/product weight limit, user height limit, functionality, product dimensions, pros as well as cons.

Differences between Total Gym Force and Total Gym 1600

Features and Add-ons: After purchasing any of the two total gym machines, be sure to get a complete user manual, exercise DVDs, exercise flip chart as basics, nutrition guide and meal plan, as basics. These are common features incorporated by any standard home gym available on the market.

Product Dimensions: Both of these Total Gym products come with technically equal measurements at 16″W x 92.5″ L x 43″ H. What’s better, both models fold up easily and storing it away is rather effortlessly. Another perk is that they both take up roughly the same space when folded. In its folded design, the new Total Gym Force measures about 16″ W x 50.5″  L x 8″ H- fairly compact.

Product Weights: The Total Gym Force weighs 75 pounds while the Total Gym 1600 weighs 73.3 pounds

Attachments and Accessories: The whole package of the Total Gym 1600 includes a multi-functional attachment, a dip bar, press-ups bars, squat stand and leg pulley attachment. They are all designed to facilitate whole-body workouts, meaning you can exercises all muscles in your body.

Total Gym X-Force

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On the other hand, the Total Gym Force comes with relatively more accessories in comparison to the 1600 model. It has the total gym’s best-selling AbCrunch attachment, two mats for added stability, dip bars, squat stand, wing attachments, the contemporary Tri-Grip Shaper bars, and leg pulley attachments.

When looking at both models regarding attachments, the Total Gym Force comes with more to offer. Another difference stems from the fact that the Total Gym Force comes with two DVDs that consist of their intermediate program DVD (Todd Durkin) and Total Body Workout DVD held by Rosalie Brown.

Total Gym Force and Total Gym 1600 Detailed Comparison

The color difference between the two products might be somewhat trivial for some people. Nonetheless, if you are rather selective when it comes to color and style of items in your home, you’ll probably choose the Total Gym Force over the 1600 version. The Total Gym 1600 comes with a black glide board (padded) with a greyish-white Total Gym logo alongside a blue outline. Each side of the board a blue 1600 stripe.

For the new Total Gym Force, the board hits with a trendy black glide faded with silver and black checked spots. It also presents an orange Total Gym logo featuring the orange Force on each side. This product also comes with a padded pillow positioned at the top- something that the 1600 model doesn’t include.

Total Gym 1600, c 751496, Black


Both the Total Gym Force and the Total Gym 1600 bears a resemblance when it comes to functionality. However, the company still managed to part the two with a few things. The first thing they both have in common stems from the wide range of exercises they support. Both are designed to help you+ workouts. That means you can expect some cardio training, stretching, as well as strength exercises from one single piece of equipment.

In terms of performance, the Total Gym Force offers more than 1600. It boasts a couple of extra add-ons that are either not included or not compatible with the Total Gym 1600. These include the AbCrunch, leg pull, and wing attachments- which all give room to more exercises than with the 1600 model.

Resistance levels

One more noticeable difference between these two machines comes from the extent of incline levels. The Total Gym Force features 12 adjustment levels that utilize different proportions of your body weight. On the other hand, the Total Gym 1600 comes with just eight incline levels. As you may already know, more incline levels will give you more control and help customize your workouts.

Total Gym X-Force

User Weight Limit

  • This is another major respect that the Total Gym Force exceeds the 1600 model. The Total Gym Force comes with a specified weight limit of 350 pounds, which is significantly greater compared to the 250 pounds as of the 1600 version.

User Height Limit

The user height capacity is a common factor when buying home gyms. The best thing is that following users’ reviews about their experience with these products, there were no issues on either end concerning user height limitation. Users between 4 ft 8 in and 6 ft 5 in can perform all exercises on this machine without any problems. So if you find yourself with either of these, rest assured that height limit will not be an issue.

Total Gym 1600, c 751496, Black

Other Things to Consider

Cost difference: Another significant difference between the Total Gym Force vs 1600 concerns the cost of either product. As a more premium and most recent version, the Total Gym Force is priced nearly $100 above the 1600 model. Considering all the extra perks, solid frame, stylish design, and greater max user capacity, we think the Total Gym offers a better value for money. Furthermore, the 1600 model seems to have stopped selling on the company’s website, although you can still find one with other vendors, of course at a greater price.

Warranty: Both products are accompanied by a one-year warranty. However, while this is relatively small, most users of Total Gym products found them to be very reliable- others stated 10+ years of use without any problems.

You may want to buy the Total Gym Force if:

  • You want to have more control over all levels of resistance
  • Your body weight is between 250 to 350 pounds
  • You are looking for more premium and newer model
  • You want added versatility in our routine with the available attachments
Total Gym X-Force

Total Gym Force Pros and Cons


  • Offers more exercises right from the box
  • Features more basic attachments
  • Includes Pilates Kit
  • Relatively cheaper than Total Gym XLS
  • Has an out-and-out lifetime warranty
  • Incorporates power bands for extra resistance


  • This model is quite a bit more expensive

You may want to buy the Total Gym 1600 if:

  • Your body weight is 250 pounds or less
  • You’ll be rather comfortable with only eight levels of resistance
  • You can manage the risk of acquiring the Total Gym 1600 model from other sellers
  • You don’t have much interest in all extra add-ons on your home gym machine
  • You are not after any Ab exercises

Total Gym 1600 Pros and Cons


  • It offers more than 60 exercises
  • Eight levels of incline
  • It has Squat Stand and other attachments
  • Can support a maximum user weight of 250 lbs
  • Cheaper than the Total Gym Force


  • It’s no longer available on the official website
  • Fewer attachments in comparison to the Total Gym model


The best machine for you is subject to many factors, most of which we can’t guess. However, the point is that Total Gym products are generally excellent options to pump in and get into shape while at home.

Either of these models come with features and inclusions that are great for everyone. That said, these are outstanding choices and among the best pulley based home gyms. So, whichever model you choose to go along with between the Total Gym Force vs Total Gym 1600, you are bound to be impressed.

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