Vigorfit Vs Total Gym

Any fitness enthusiast searching for an indoor workout solution knows how passionately these two products are debated. Whether online or real-life, both Vigorfit and Total gym strive in the same industry selling practically the same set of workout bench.

Moreover, the whole thing from basic features, functionality, exercises and design is just about the same. In fact, the only actual difference in addition to brand names is the product prices.

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

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However, Vigorfit home gym seemingly promotes their products, stressing too much that they are better in comparison to Total Gym. This is quite apparent if you’ve been through their website and seen how deep they’ve been into this. Nonetheless, figuring out what’s behind these two defying brands is nothing terrible.

To come up with a fair comparison, we had to consider a boundless perspective; pick a model from Vigorfit that is close to that of its counterpart, Total Gym XLS. So, for this particular post, we’ve decided to compare and contrast the best sellers of the two brands, Vigorfit 3000 vs Total Gym XLS.

There are several comparative bases between the Vigorfit 300 and Total Gym XLS. Both products are widely held in the home gym fragment, and they both feature an instantly identifiable design. With the 3000 model, Vigorfit presents more features and attachments standard compared to the Total Gym’s best seller XLS model.

Vigorfit 3000 incorporates a free push up bar, sit-up station, pull up bar, Squat board, weight bar, power bands, Pilates kit, weight clips, and free workout guide.

In contrast, the Total Gym’s XLS incorporates the same features, and accessories but not all are free. It features a ribbed squat stand, leg pulley accessory, two ankle cuffs, wing attachments, and their state-of-the-art Ab crunch. In addition to the said attachments, the XLS also incorporates a Start It Up DVD’s workout trainer, a 6-8 minutes DVD exercise including 12 different workouts for all users in general.

It also comes with a 3-DVDs set comprised of a beginner program, an intermediate program, and a five-day advanced workout program. This unit also includes the company’s Exercise Wall Chart, training deck, as well as a nutritional program- meal plan endorsed by Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional Program.

Differences between Vigorfit and Total Gym

One major difference between the Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS is that Vigorfit comes with an extra perk of attachments like the weight bar/clips and free Pilates kit. Vigorfit also provides more resistance levels compared to most of the Total Gym models, including the XLS.

Even so, Total Gym gives value for money through training DVDs, nutrition guide/meal plans and Ab crunch attachment. In their XLS model, Total Gym also includes a padded pillow attached to the top of the moving bar for extra comfort. You’ll also get adjustable nylon strap and ergonomic (rubber-coated) steel cables alongside the pulley system. Vigorfit, on the other hand, utilizes a thin rope to functionalize its pulley system.

Vigorfit 3000 XL

Vigorfit 3000 XL

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Vigorfit provides you with a workout manual, consisting of 107 different exercises while the Total Gym’s XLS comes with an exercise chart, DVDs programs plus the training deck. Vigorfit also offers an Email Based’ platform- a free personal trainer designed to answer questions and help with workouts.

Vigorfit models present more exercises as default as it comes with a handy Pilate kit for free. Contrary, with Total Gym’s XLS, you’ll have to spend extra on a separate Pilate package. Vigorfit incorporates the weight bar as a basic feature, but for the XLS, you’ll have to purchase the bar separately.

Vigorfit and Total Gym Detailed Comparison

Similarities between Vigorfit and Total Gym

As a point of agreement, both models are purposely designed as Bodyweight Home Gym equipment. Both provide the same basic exercises with an incline level and resistance based pulley system. Plus, both feature the same standard attachments.

There’s a smaller amount of differences between the Vigorfit and Total Gym when it comes to performance. Both home gyms are delivered nearly fully assembled, and features a fold-up mechanism for better storage. The Vigorfit allows for 107 workouts while on the Total Gym XLS, you’ll get 80+ exercises. To increase the sheer amount of exercises for your XLS model, you’ll definitely need to buy more attachments. However, with the added accessories, it can certainly provide more exercises compared to the Vigorfit.

Vigorfit vs Total Gym Product Dimensions

Vigorfit comes with relatively compact measurements of 7 ft long, 3 ft 8 inches tall and 27 inches wide. In its folded design, the Vigorfit takes 51 inches long, 8 inches tall and 27 inches wide. The Total Gym, in contrast, measures 90 inches long, 43 inches tall, and 19 inches wide when in use. When folded, the unit measures 51 inches long, 9 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

Both products measure the same length when in use. The Total Gym’s XLS glide board width is smaller, just one inch more than the Vigorfit in its folded design. In other words, both take just about the same chunk of space when folded.

Resistance Levels

The most striking point of the Vigorfit 3000 stems from its tremendous levels of resistance. In its standard form, excluding power bands, the model provides 15 resistance levels. But since it comes with five power bands, you can work out with a total of 75 different levels of resistance.

The user Weight Capacity

Vigorfit 3000 Home Gym is designed to support up to 350 lbs user weight capacity, slightly less than that of Total Gym. The Total Gym XLS can support up to a maximum user weight capacity of 400 lbs, which is much higher even for persons that weigh 300+ pounds.

Vigorfit 3000 XL

Vigorfit 3000 XL

Other Things to Consider

User height limit: Bearing in mind that both machines are designed for comfort and whole-body exercise, you can practically expect the most in terms of height limits. The height limit of the Total Gym and Vigorfit home gym is around 6 ft 5 inches.

Warranty: Although both machines will hardly have any faults outside the stated warranty, the Vigorfit exceeds with a more competitive warranty compared to Total Gym.  The Total Gym offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and six months warranty for other parts. On the other hand, the Vigorfit offers an outright lifetime warranty.

Product Price: The most notable difference between the Vigorfit gym and Total Gym is the great variance in the product price. For the Vigorfit, the stated price is cheaper compared to that of the XLS model, even though it’s not by a considerable margin. Ideally, you may want to plan the best time to make the Vigorfit purchase as sometimes they vend the product at a discounted price. Total Gym’s XLS is currently rated higher than the Vigorfit as per their website. Nonetheless, you can choose between doing a payment plan or the Total Gym $1 trial available on their site.

The Vigorfit could be your strongest option if:

  • You have a bodyweight less than 350 lbs
  • You’re not willing to spend too much on a machine
  • You don’t mind the absence of the workout DVDs
  • You’re not rather picky about using thin ropes alongside the pulley system

Vigorfit Pros and Cons


  • Offers more exercises right from the box
  • Features more basic attachments
  • Includes Pilates Kit
  • Relatively cheaper than Total Gym XLS
  • Has an out-and-out lifetime warranty
  • Incorporates power bands for extra resistance


  • The maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • No workout DVDs

The Total Gym XLS could be your strongest options if:

  • You weigh more than 350 pounds
  • You want to purchase from a more reputable brand
  • You fancy all the exercise DVDs and posh attachments
  • You don’t actually need all the 75 resistance levels
  • You prefer having a more premium model with an excellent finish.

Total Gym’s XLS Pros and Cons


  • It has a variety of workout DVDs
  • Heavy-duty pulley system compared to the Vigorfit
  • Includes a state-of-the-art AbCrunch attachment
  • Lifetime warranty for frame
  • User weight capacity of 400 lb
  • It comes with more inclusions like nutrition manuals, charts, etc.
  • It allows for more attachments to get more exercise.


  • More expensive compared to the Vigorfit
  • It has fewer resistance levels


After weighing the Vigorfit against the Total Gym, it’s quite apparent that either model comes with a lot to offer. Whichever model you prefer would undoubtedly grant you full workout sessions right from your own home. Featuring the foldable mechanism, both models are pretty compact and occupies the same extent of space.

When it comes to performance, both models are superb and recommending one over the other can be difficult. Trivial complaints have it that Vigorfit has slightly less machine travel than the Total Gym’s. Yet, that’s hard to note if you’ve never worked on a Total Gym machine.

To this end, the best choice is subject to the budget and which brand you trust more.

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