WaterRower A1 Review

With its compact and beautiful structure that is designed with some Ashwood treat, the WaterRower A1 has been one of the most stunning rowing machines on the market. And it comes at an attractive price too.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

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Like all water rowers, the WaterRower A1 grants a feeling almost the same to that of rowing a boat. Its rowing position is much more comfortable and comes with ergonomically designed handlebars and a well-padded seat.

The soothing sound created by the model is not distracting at all. Instead, it’s backed by almost all users where they acknowledge that this very aspect makes the WaterRower A1 a great rower overall.

Based on the info and historical data that we’ve gathered from Facebook and fitness forums, users says that the soothing sound matches up with the smooth action experienced after every rowing stroke.

Whether you are a casual trainee or an exposed fitness enthusiast, the A1 can satisfy work out needs at a go, without having to shift between models. Plus, it comes with a single aluminum beam for a stable rowing motion- even at high stroke rates.

WaterRower A1 Resistance Type

The WaterRower A1 indoor rowing machine features a resistance system that utilizes paddles or rather water flywheel suspended inside the tank to generate resistance.

The variable form of resistance of this model function closely similar to that of air resistance rowers, and is ideal for most users at different fitness levels.

The resistance levels vary depending on your owing intensity. If you row at a slower pace, you experience low resistance, and if you row harder, then you endure a lot more resistance.

You can modify the resistance on the WaterRower A1 by altering the water level in the water tank. As for the splashing sound from the water tank, it doesn’t distract at all. In fact, users found the sound to be soothing, enhancing the whole rowing experience.

Overall, the WaterRower A1 has a remarkable water-resistance mechanism, similar to that found with other water rowers.

Users acknowledged the workout experiences offered by the A1. They say it’s incredibly challenging and has an excellent performance in terms of smoothness and strength resistance.

WaterRower A1 in More Detail

The WaterRower A1 incorporates an A1 multi-purposes performance monitor. With the monitor, you can easily track your workout progress and stats such as:

  •   Time
  •   Intensity (Watts)
  •   Distance
  •   Stroke rate
  •   Stroke per minute
WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

All the data is displayed at the same time on the A1 monitor using separate windows. However, the monitor is not backlight enabled, so you have to consider the light of the room.

The intensity window shows the rowing speed in the form of meters/s, miles/h, 500-meter split as well as 2k split. It also displays the intensity watts and calories burned per hour.

For the stroke window, it displays the number of rowing strokes per minute. It can also show the remaining rowing distance should you have a predetermined range for a workout.

The time window shows you the time in hours, minutes as well as seconds. You can also program the window to display the time remaining.

Most users like the simplicity of the WaterRower A1 monitor. It has very few objections, mainly due to the lack of a backlight. The model’s monitor isn’t as top-niche as that of the S4, but it still brings you every feature necessary to analyze your fitness progress.

Build Quality

The WaterRower A1 comes with a handcrafted Ashwood treat that’s fingered with a clear Danish Oil to provide that stunning antique. Ash is basically a premium hardwood that’s extremely durable for long-term service flawlessly and with excellent performance.

Wood is a suitable design, particularly for a piece of rowing equipment. It is naturally pleasing and absorbs noise and vibration. The WaterRower A1 comes with a plank of solid wood and extremely sturdy mainframe.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

The water tank is made of a long-lasting plastic and polycarbonate, which means the container will not break into pieces any time soon. However, just like most budget water rowers, the A1 comes with some quality downgrades, which makes it less pricey in comparison to other high-end models.

These modifications include having a single monorail rather than dual, and the rail stability being rated as ‘medium’ and not maximum. Apart from that, the overall build quality performance of the WaterRower A1 is still excellent.

Water and Tank

The water tank is made of blue polycarbonate and shaped like a wheel. It has a capacity of approximately 3 gallons, but there are different levels which are clearly marked.

Water is sealed inside the tank once you close off the inlet. Thus, it needs no special treatment. There are chlorine tablets included that you can put in every six months to avoid the growth of algae.


The rowing action on the WaterRower A1 is very smooth and works as expected.  It provides a complete rowing motion with pleasurable workout experience throughout the rowing exercise.

It provides users with a sustainable resistance throughout rowing exercise without any instances of lags. Also, the sound from the water tank enhances your overall rowing experience.

The seat is well-padded and very comfortable and comes with most features found on pricier water rowing machines. According to users’ comments and personal preferences, A1’s seat provides maximum comfort even during hard-rowing sessions.

It also comes with a durable and easy to grip ergonomic handle, which offers excellent rowing moments regardless of how long you row. The handle is also lightweight, making everything interestingly practical all through.

The footrests are remarkably safe and adjustable. They secure your feet as you row. You can easily customize the nylon straps to loosen or tighten your feet. Another fore deal with the footrests is that they are 8.0” apart better than 5.5” on other water rower models.

Most users commented on the A1’s comfortability with mostly positive remarks. Others felt that it offers the smoothest rowing stroke in comparison to other rowers on the market.


When in use, the WaterRower A1 extends a fairly large footprint. Nonetheless, it has an upright storage facility, meaning you’ll save a lot of space within a matter of seconds after use.

More so, the water flywheel is built close to the wheels, and the model itself is made of a lightweight wooden frame. Another plus is that the model chips in some intelligent engineering to help you stand the unit flawlessly with minimal effort.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

You can easily lift the machine for storage using one hand. After storage, the model occupies less space, equivalent to your dining room chair. With the dual caster wheels, you can quickly move the machine into the corner of a room or lean it against the wall.


The WaterRower recommends a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. The model’s frame and overall build quality is stable and reliable enough to support the users’ weight without any issues, as long as the maximum capacity indicated by the manufacturer isn’t exceeded.

The rower comes with a reasonably long seat track that allows you to extend your legs up to 43 inches. The seat track features the same length as other water rowing models.

According to previous research, different users ranging from children to people as tall as 6’7” can use it to their maximum without any limitations.

The WaterRower A1 Dimensions

  •   When in use – 84.0 L x 21.0 W x 22.0 H (Inches)
  •   Upright storage- 22.0 L x 21.0 W x 84.0 H (Inches)
  •   Weight- 117 lbs (53 kg) with a full water tank


The assembly of the WaterRower A1 is fairly plain and simple. Even if you are not so good at putting things together, you will surely have a peaceful moment with assembly.

The package comes with the user’s manual. Meaning you can get the whole unit into operation within no time.

The entire process can take as short as 30 minutes. The only tool you’ll require for the assembly is the allen wrench and is provided with the package.


  •  Attractive price for a WaterRower
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Solid build quality
  •   Simple, realistic motion
  •   Dual caster wheels
  •   Stunning Ash wood finish
  •   The seat and the handle are comfortable
  •   Simple upright storage
  •   Excellent customer services
  • Variable resistance


  •   The assembly instruction might not be explicit enough for some users
  • · Monitor not backlight enabled

Consumer Reviews

Most users favored the WaterRower A1. They recommend the natural rowing motion, the refined aesthetics, and the overall quality of performance it offers. Others commented that it looks good in a room, even when not in practice.

A small number of people had difficulties with assembly but were able to fix the problem, of course, with the assistance of customer support. Also, the WaterRower has come up with an instruction video to help avoid the issue.

Price and Warranty

The WaterRower provides a quite competitive warranty which consists of 5 years frame warranty and three years parts warranty. However, you’ll be required to complete a form, or else the warranty is one year.

The WaterRower A1 is a dominant value for its price. It provides one of the most well-made rowing motions, and you will certainly pay for quality. Even though there are some downgrade features, they don’t compromise the entire experience of working on a rowing machine.

Water rowers are promptly available on some online retailers, and it is rare to find them with varying prices. Amazon tends to feature the most competitive pricing along with safe checkout, free shipping, and qualified orders.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine
  • American Ash wood (from sustainable forests) / Black Powdercoated Aluminum Wave Monitor All WaterRower A1 series models are equipped with upgraded 17" handles. In Use: Length - 83.5” / 212 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 20” / 51 cm Stored: Depth - 20” / 51 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 83.5” / 212 cm Weight: 61 lbs / 28 kg (dry), 98 lb / 44.5 kg (17 l of water)

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The WaterRower A1 indoor rowing machine is a great value rowing machine overall. It utilizes a water resistance system, so you’ll have a great rowing stroke at a standard quality. It has very few adversarial comments.

For the few downgrades, users revealed that they’d rather save the cash and not spend on upgrades. Meaning it functions pretty well even without the advancements.

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