Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

If you want to have whole-body strength training equipment for your home but are not ready to suffer all the incommodious sort of research, then the Weider Ultimate Body Works could be a one-stop option for you.

With its unique design, this model was developed by Wider Fitness, which is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of fitness and bodybuilding equipment.

In this particular post, we’ll get closer to what the Weider Ultimate Body Works has to offer in terms of features/specifications, resistance system, range of exercise pros as well as a downside to this model.

The company offers quite an extensive range of strength training equipment, including free weights, weight benches, and the widely held home gyms. However, some of their first-rate products are the body weight benches- which is precisely where the Weider Ultimate Body Works model comes in.

Technical information Specifications

With a code number WEBE15911.0, this is the newest version of the older Weider Total Body Works 5000. Both are relatively similar. In fact, apart from color and design upholstery, there aren’t many further differences between the two.

With this unit, you can strengthen your whole body by performing different simple and effective workouts. It comes in handy, particularly if you want to burn some calories, strengthen muscles, and get in shape without any commercial gym sessions.

It has excellent customer support with the most positive feedback, so quality strength training is somewhat guaranteed.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

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The model currently falls under the $200 price category. Indeed, it’s competent enough to substitute free weights, and numerous fitness stuff to a certain extent. It’s an all-in-one fitness machine that brings you a wide range of possibilities to perform 70+exercises.

  • Total weight when assembled: 79 pounds
  • Possible workouts: 70+
  • Maximum user weight: 79 lbs/113.3 kg
  • Weight resistance: Bungee cords
  • Warranty- 90-day parts & days labor
  • Assembled dimension: 79″L x 28″W x 48″H inches

Weider Ultimate Body Works: Frame and Parts Construction

Almost all of the machine’s frame is made is composed of steel tubing with pretty sturdy construction. The frame structure is rated for a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds (113.3 kg), but users with 20-30 pounds heavier have reported having used the machine without any problem.

The frame features two main components: the bottom frame and the top frame. Starting with the bottom frame, it is built within the top frame and is reasonably secured by a knob. Apparently, since the frame is composed of two components, you can always adjust its length.

Moreover, the unit is model comes with a fold-up mechanism to help shorten the frame. The process is easy and straightforward. You just slide/move the bottom frame towards the top frame, detach the footplates and handlebars and then lock the legs incline in a horizontal position.

This way, it’ll be easier to store it vertically against a wall and save much space.

When assembled and extended, the unit measures approx. 79 inches (201 cm) in length. That means it can accommodate users with 6’3″ and still provide a sustainable exercise. In fact, taller users can comfortably work on it but will have to make some adjustments for various exercises.

When folded, the frame measures 59″ (150 cm) long and 28″ (71 cm) wide. That means the Weider Ultimate Body Works is not quite a small machine and can take up a significant chunk of space.

On the other hand, the whole thing isn’t actually heavy. It weighs about 79 pounds (35 kg) when fully assembled. That’s something anyone can fold and move for storage.

The Weider Ultimate comes with a central cylindrical station, and it provides enough space and stability for all workouts, so you don’t have to use a mat.

The bench or gliding board includes a consistent 2″ padding that provides maximum comfort. The upholstery features a thick, hard-wearing vinyl material. The gliding board measures about 13″ (33 cm) wide and 45″ (114 cm) long.

It has four rollers that glide along the surface of the frame, providing the possibility to perform virtually any exercise for your body weight.

The roller system comes with long-lasting, sealed ball bearings to support high-intensity workouts while holding still pass the test of time. The bench comes with only two pulleys appended to the upper end of the machine.

These pulleys are composed of a combination of steel and solid plastic, and also includes industrial quality bearings. They are designed to rotate 3600 over their eye bolts. This helps them to adjust accordingly to fit the workout at hand.

The cable system consists of robust steel ropes that are covered with PVC sheets. The system is extremely durable and withstands a much higher user weight in addition to the specified weight capacity. They have single grip handles as their finishing, which features a rubber foam material for a more comfortable grip.

Weider Ultimate Body Works: Resistance system

Contrary to other home gyms that count on weight stacks to provide resistance, the Weider Ultimate Body Works utilizes the user’s body weight to create resistance.

In essence, the machine can offer a maximum resistance/intensity equal to virtually nearly 55% of your body’s weight, and you can always add up to 50 pounds of resistance via the four bungee cords affixed at the bottom of the bench.

The systems allow you to add more resistance to your workouts by connecting more bungee cords to the system. This makes it more challenging to pull the body weight, creating a more regular exercise.

Weider Ultimate Body Works


Besides, the bench comes with an inclined bar that provides 7 adjustment positions. While you can increase or decrease the incline for certain exercises, likewise, you can moderate or intensify the weight resistance. Obviously, you will have the most resistance when you set the bar to the highest incline level.

For the resistance cords, the amount of resistance created is subject to how far they are stretched. You can replace the resistance cord as you advance in terms of fitness. You will find some with almost the same specs, and higher resistance just in case you outdo the first ones- although it’s not recommended.

One more aspect about the Weider Ultimate Body Works is whether you can use it for muscle building. While that is quite possible, you’ll need to utilize classic free weights or gym machines if you are so dedicated to building muscles.

The Wider benches are pretty versatile and can help you bulk up some lean muscles to a certain extent. However, since they’re not designed to offer more resistance than your body weight, the realizable benefits will also be limited. So, to clean everything up, this unit is purposely made for aerobic training and muscle toning.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is not actually made for doing leg extensions. Nevertheless, you can use it as a conventional bench for dumbbell chest presses. In this case, you’ll have to pay close attention to your own body weight and that of dumbbells and make sure they don’t exceed 300 pounds to prevent any destruction to the machine.

Assembly and Maintenance

  • Most parts of the Weider Ultimate comes already assembled. This includes all the main components of the frame and the gliding board, which also comes attached. The remaining assembly basically involves adding the footplate, the handlebar, and the incline base.
  • The whole process should 20 minutes at most. Besides, the whole kit and caboodle come with a manual which clearly illustrates all the assembly steps. You’ll need to have your own flexible wrench and a screwdriver to put it together.
  • As for the maintenance, there is no specified upkeep for this piece of exercise equipment; but there are still several to consider. The first thing is that the bench glides along the rollers on the frame.
  • It’s therefore essential to check their functionality regularly and get rid of the dirt that might have stuck on the bars. This will help to maintain and prevent the rollers from any damage. Furthermore, in case the pulley system tends to squeak, you can do a little greasing to smoothen it.


  • Heavy-duty frame and can support 20-30 pounds heavier weight than the stated 250 pounds capacity.
  • Folding design
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Versatile machine that allows you to perform 70+ exercises
  • Excellent for both cardio and strength training
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • It’s suitable for incline dumbbell presses as well


  • Limited weight resistance
  • Does not include a complete workout guide
  • Takes up large when in use
Weider Ultimate Body Works...
  • Dimensions: 59" L x 27.5" W x 48" H
  • Max. Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Cushion material: Foam
  • Cable-and-pulley system allows for greater versatility and an expanded range of motion
  • This item benefits from an Extended 90 Day Return Window

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Overall, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is an exceptional piece of exercise equipment for toning, stamina building, muscular strength, cardio training, and weight loss. It brings you boundless possibilities to perform 70+ different exercises.

It has a heavy-duty frame and a folding design, and comes with handlebar and squats plate for crunches. The bench boasts a gliding design, which is ideal for bodyweight resistance workouts, and you can add 50 pounds of bungee cords for more resistance.

That said, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is an extremely versatile workout machine and falls under $200. It offers great value for the price, and there is no doubt it’s worth the top rankings that it has gained so far.

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