5 Best Weighted Vests For Walking That Burn Your Calories


In this post we are going to review the best weighted vests for walking, weighted vests are an effective way to double up the impact of your workouts. It is known to increase the intensity and efficiency of your workouts.

Now, you may ask how?

So, imagine a scenario where you continue to do the same cardio exercises (say, walking) for about a month. After a point, your body will become habitual of those exercises. As a result of this, over time, the effectiveness of these exercises will not be as clearly visible as before.

Now imagine what will happen if you add some extra weight (say, 5 pounds) and then do the same cardio exercises. To be precise, you’re now doing the workout of a person who is 5 pounds heavier than you. So, naturally, you will have to put in lot more efforts thereby increasing the intensity of your workout. Working out using weighted vests will help you to burn more calories in a shorter span of time. You can simply use a weighted vest for walking and this will strengthen your cardiovascular systems and will engage your entire core.

If you are not too much into exercising, simply using weighted vests while walking will serve your purpose. Walking with weighted vest will boost fat burning, increase your bone and muscle strength and also boost your core strength.

If you are a beginner, walking with weighted vest may be challenging for you at first. But, slowly and gradually, you’ll easily be able to pull off even heavier weights. And that’s when your workout starts to get even more intense. So, now that you’re willing to invest in good quality weighted vests for walking, let us tell you exactly which ones to go for. Do check these out.


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Weighted Vests For Walking: Our Top Picks

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1. RunFast/Max weighted vest

The RunFast/Max weighted vest is meant to add resistance to your workouts. It is the perfect weighted vest for walking and apart from that, it can also be worn while cross training and strength training.

It comes with weights included. These vests are very versatile in nature. Weights can be removed in all models so that is a plus point if you wish to add or remove the amount of weight depending upon your mood.

It also comes with manufacturer warranty. It has great weight balance options as well.

Design and Fit: It is pretty comfortable to wear, when walking around a track. As said earlier, it allows easy and accurate distribution of weight. The size fits most of the people because it comes with a great two band wrap around system meant to fit different body shapes and sizes.

The vest doesn’t come with a good quality shoulder pad and that is what makes it slightly difficult to work with. However, you have an option of separately adding shoulder pads to the vest so you’ll be good to go!

RunFast Max weighted vest

Apt For: This weighted vest is the perfect option of beginners who want to intensify their regular walks. Also, go for it only if you are tall.

Bottomline: The RunFast/Max weighted vest will provide you with what it says i.e. increase resistance. It will increase your body’s endurance and builds muscle strength. It is a great option for you if you are tall and are willing to try out different amounts of weights while walking.

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  • You have the option of removing adding weights. This is what makes walking with vest very versatile for you.
  • The equal and well distributed balance of weights gives you an upright and correct posture while walking.
  • It is sturdy and very comfortable to wear.
  • It comes with a small pocket area to fit in items like your phone.
  • The good quality velcro straps provide you an option of tightening or loosening the vest as per your requirement.
  • It also comes with a manufacturer warranty.

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  • The quality of shoulder pads is very poor.
  • The vest is slightly long and is not suitable for people who are short. If you are short, it may leave bruises while you workout with this vest.


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2. ZFOsports Weighted Vest-Best Pick

The ZFOsports weighted vest is meant to provide you with a better body shape. It can help you get better results in half the time. Wearing this vest while walking is a clever way to add resistance to your workout. You can even choose from the available weight range as per your needs.

This vest is best suited for stationary, cardio and plyometric exercises and workouts.

The noteworthy thing about this vest is that it has an equal amount of front and back weight distribution. This gives a sort of balance to your body while working out.

Also, this vest has a quick and easy setup with clear instructions so that even a beginner can get their hands on this.

Design and Fit: The ZFOsports weighted vest waist belts are completely adjustable and give you the freedom to tighten or loosen it as per your requirement. Since the weights are distributed in the front and the back equally, it is fairly comfortable to work with.

This comes in one size and fits pretty decently for most of the people.It comes with two shoulder straps and two body straps which will help you in making it fit like a glove on your body.



Apt for: The ZFOsports weighted vest is suitable for people who are not habitual of working out for long hours. You can casually go for walking with this and that will be enough to give you the desired results.

Bottomline: The ZFOsports weighted vest is totally adjustable and will fit most of the people very well. Go for it but keep in mind not to workout with this on for a very long period of time as that might be troublesome for your shoulders. This will turn out to be best weighted vest for walking.

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  • The even distribution of weights in the back and the front makes it easier to walk in.
  • The adjustable straps give you room to tighten or loosen the vest as per your needs.
  • The small pockets that this vest has are like an icing on the cake.
  • Once you tighten the straps, this vest will stay intact and not move whatsoever.
  • The weights are adjustable.
  • The material used is good quality and the vest seems to be solid.

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  • When you use it for a long period of time, it would strain your shoulders.
  • It is very rigid so you may not be able to do complex exercises wearing this vest.


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3. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

The Tone Fitness Weighted vest is meant to provide you with more strength, power, speed, and agility. Walking or running with this on will improve your cardio conditioning and will strengthen your core.

It is comfortable to wear as it is made up of neoprene material. Another striking feature is the reflective stripes that this vest comes with. The reflective stripes provide you safety while walking at night.

Design and fit: Unlike what the product guarantees, it does not fit everyone very well. It comes with elastic straps so you cannot do much about it if it is lose for you.

However, if you have a heavy build, it might fit you perfectly. So the fit totally depends on your body structure and you cannot alter it as you would have done if it had velcro straps.



Apt for: The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is suitable for people who are having a heavy build. For most of the people, it turns out to be pretty lose. However, if it fits you perfectly, it will be your best weighted vest for walking.

Bottomline: Before going for this vest, make sure that you know your build. You can go with this vest if you are having a heavy build. But if you are not very sure that it will fit you, don’t invest in this one, rather choose a vest with velcro straps.

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  • The vest is made up of excellent quality material. It will last longer than most of the weights out there in the market.
  • It comes with small pockets to hold tiny things while you workout.

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  • You cannot alter the weights as per your requirement.
  • Doesn’t fit everyone. It is lose for most of the people.
  • It doesn’t stay in place and moves a lot while you do vigorous exercises.
  • The straps are not adjustable.


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4. CROSS101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Using a CROSS101 adjustable weighted Vest is the perfect way to add resistance to your workouts. As the name suggests, you can choose the weights that best fits your need. It works well for stationary, cardio and plyometric workouts.

It comes with an adjustable weight setting. Also, the weights are evenly distributed in the back and the front.

Design and fit: The fit is quite comfortable. It has adjustable straps and can fit people of most of the body sizes and weights. Even a petite person will find this fitting like a glove.


Apt for: This is one of the best weighted vests for walking. You can undoubtedly invest in this one no matter what your body size is.

Bottomline: The figure hugging fit of this vest is what makes it desirable. You will not have to think twice before buying this one because it does what it claims. Apart from the smell part, there are no significant cons as such.

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  • The weights are adjustable. You can easily add or remove weights.
  • It comes with a tiny accessory pocket which is a plus point.
  • It is one of the best vests in terms of quality. It is highly durable.
  • The fit is perfect. It will fit well even on a petite person.

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  • There is a strange smell to this vest.


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5. Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest will help you to gain strength, burning calories at the same time. You can either do a light workout or an intense one wearing this vest and it will lead you closer to your fitness and body goals.

The weights are adjustable and gives you enough freedom to choose as per your need.

Design and fit: This vest is solidly constructed and has the perfect design. It is pretty much comfortable even when working with heavy weights. Looking at it, you can say that it is a good quality product. The vest comes with shoulder padding and velcro straps that are easily adjustable.


Apt for: It is a solidly built weighted vest suitable for all the people, from beginners to professional athletes except for the short ones.

Bottomline: Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is a good option to invest in because it provides all the benefits that a weighted vest should provide. Choose a weight as per your need and capacity and you’ll be good to go!

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  • It will not fit well for shorter people. However, has better fitting than any other weighted vests.


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Wrap up

So that was your guide to picking the best weighted vest for walking. Using weighted vests for walking will give you incredible results. You just need to pick the right one as per your body needs. Also, don’t forget to read the reviews of these products for a more precise selection.


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.