Learn These 10 Factors or What to Look for in a Folding Treadmill


As a fitness enthusiast, you find it comfortable to have your own gym at home. This wellness area is a special place that includes the well-received treadmill.

As a piece of go-to fitness equipment, you may have encountered the other version of this exercise machine – the folding treadmill.

A folding treadmill is also known as a foldable, fold-away, or fold-up treadmill. It has gained a massive following because of its valuable floor space-saving advantage.

what to look for in a folding treadmill

The folding treadmill features a running deck that can be turned and locked.

With a security lock that keeps it in place when you fold it, some of these kinds of folding treadmills also include an automated lifting and dropping systems in place.

These features allow you to lower or raise the deck of the foldable treadmill. Plus, you can tuck your fold-up treadmill on a large cabinet if you do not need it.

Folding treadmills also make cleaning the space where it is lodged more effortless because you just have to fold the exercise equipment.

Then, voila! You are all set to clean and vacuum around and under the location where you usually use it.

Folding treadmills also include wheels, making themeasily transportable to and from their storage.

Fold-up treadmills offer the luxury ofhome workouts. They are ideal for small houses with home gyms, condominium units, studio apartments, and smaller workout facilities.

They are undoubtedly practical to have because even if you have a dedicated room or space in your home, they give you peace of mind of not having to take up space.

If you are interested in availing a folding treadmill, then, you need to consider some crucial factors so that you will get the best version of this kind of exercise machine.

But before we discuss these important details, let us first have a look at the two main kinds of folding treadmills.


What to Look for in a Folding Treadmill

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Two Primary Kinds of Folding or Foldable Treadmill:

If you are thinking about purchasing a fold-away treadmill, you can select from its two versions which are:

            1) Manual Folding Treadmill

When you have this kind of foldable treadmill, you fold it up by lifting the running machine.

Meanwhile, for you to unfold it, you have to hold the unitand carefully put it down on the floor. This type of folding treadmill usually costs below $1,200.

Although this kind of folding treadmill is a space-saver, its weight can be an issue, especially if it is heavy.

This kind of exercise equipment is not suitable for people who are older or has health concerns because it is usually not lightweight and easy to carry.

2) Shock-Assisted or Power-Folding Treadmill

You get more benefits with this kind of fold-away treadmill because you receive some assistance when you fold it.

You just have to press a button, and the folding treadmill already unfolds or folds itself.

As a piece of portable running equipment, it safeguards you against suffering from back pains.

There are quite a few units of power fold-up treadmills available in the market. Meanwhile, shock-assisted ones can be easier to find.

Now that you have an idea about the two main kinds of fold-up treadmills, it is time that we discuss how you can get the best one for your workout needs.

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10 Vital Factors to Consider When Buying a Folding Treadmill

When you have decided that you want to enjoy the wellness and space-saving benefits of a foldable treadmill, you can then think about these ten vital factors to consider or what to look for in a folding treadmill:

Allocate a budget worth $1,500 to ensure you get a quality machine.

You may find foldable treadmills that come at a cheap price enticing. However, if an exercise machine belongs to a low price range, its quality is usually questionable.

They are generally inexpensive because the materials used to produce them are often inferior or subpar, making them cost less once they are made available in the market.

Therefore, if you want a sound investment without having to be bothered by your exercise machine breaking down in less than a year, set a budget starting at the safe level of $1,500.

Folding treadmills that are within or above this costing range guarantee you that you can use the fitness equipment regularly without worrying about it falling apart soon.

You can also look for slightly used fold-away treadmills but are of sound quality if you think a $1,500-worth of a treadmill is costly for you.

Make sure that the folding treadmill has a stable frame.

Always remember that some folding treadmills may come at a steep price, but these kinds of exercise machines are usually the ones with dependable quality.

Before you purchase the fitness equipment, its stability is among the essential factors or what to look for in a folding treadmill.

You can test the exercise equipment first to check if it is stable and has a sturdy construction. You can try running or jogging on it first.

It is also highly suggested that you try to walk and jump on it, too.

By doing these tests, you will get to determine if you will obtain the value of your hard-earned money when you buy the foldable treadmill.

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Adjust to the specific weight capacity indicated.

A folding treadmill may indicate an exact weight capacity on its packaging. However, your actual weight as the user also matters.

If you are a heavy person who will use the fold-up treadmill, you certainly do not want the fitness equipment you just bought to have its bearings, belt, motor, and rollers falling apart sooner.

Hence, for you to be safe, you should ensure that you adjust based on the specific weight capacity required by the exercise machine.

If you weigh heavy, make sure that the folding treadmill can accommodate you by looking for the foldable treadmill model that can holda little more than your weight.

Check the space requirement and ceiling height the machine needs

The folding treadmill may be a space-saver, and this fact diminishes your worries.

However, using a tape measure, it is still vital for you to gauge how much space it will need when it is in use and when you fold it.

Also, you should consider the ceiling height because you will be raised several inches on the folding treadmill when you use it.

Your home gym may feature a sloping or low ceiling where you will lodge the fitness machine.

Therefore, you certainly have to make adjustments by considering the essential specifications which are the running machine’s space and ceiling height requirements.

Find the built-in display that tracks distance, speed, and incline.

As a fitness aficionado, you certainly need to track your progress in the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.

Therefore, when you buy a folding treadmill, you should make sure that it includes a built-in distance display and a timer.

These features help you monitor your workout within the duration that you are using the exercise machine.

The distance display usually tracks the revolutions made by the belt of the treadmill.

The number of revolutions actually translates to the distance or how far you have jogged, walked, or ran for a particular amount of time on the running equipment.

Furthermore, the folding treadmill should include speed controls. These features should consist of variable pace or speeds.

If you are a novice treadmill user, you will undoubtedly set the maximum pace that you will be walking or running to a safe threshold.

Through keeping your treadmill workout at a specific speed, you can quickly fulfill your workout targets.

Being able to adjust the pace appropriate for you also facilitates the advantage that you will get more value as your fitness level gets enhanced.

Finally, the folding treadmill that you will purchaseshould include a feature that allows you to adjust its incline into various angles or levels.

The incline determines the kind of elevation that you can reach when using the exercise machine.

By having the display feature which flashes the incline, speed, and distance that you have accomplished, the fold-away treadmill can help you track how you are advancing in your workouts and wellness targets.

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Look for the heart rate and calorie monitors.

Just like the non-folding treadmill, people use the foldable versionnot only to stay fit but most especially to lose weight.

You certainly want to manage your weight by knowing how many calories you have burned and how many pounds you have shed.

Hence, it is essential that before you purchase a folding treadmill, you should guarantee that it includes a calorie monitor.

Moreover, if you have heart conditions that have to be corrected by running or walking on the fold-away treadmill, it is significant that the machine you will purchase includes a heart rate tracker.

This feature usually comes as a heart or pulse rate monitor. It helps in the cardio-centric physical exercises on the folding treadmill.

This feature helps you get a clear picture of how your heart is performing while you are walking or jogging on the running machine, too.

Although there are many wearables available in the market today that can provide you your exact heart rate as you use the folding treadmill, the built-in heart rate monitor is better.

It facilitates you to have the essential details on the fold-up treadmill’s display in front of you. Hence, you can track everything with just one glance.

See to it that there is a fine-quality security lock in place.

If you are thinking of purchasing a folding treadmill, you should make sure that it is equipped with a high-quality security lock.

This feature of the running machine guarantees that it remains securely locked when you fold it. Moreover, it facilitates the safe and convenient unfolding of the fold-up treadmill.

You should keep in mind that a broken security lock exposes you to the risk of getting injured.

Following this safety reminder is significant because the folding treadmill with this problem usually unfolds uncontrollably, causing you to get hurt.

Find the one with an easy fold-and-unfold feature using hydraulics.

You certainly do not want to experience the pangs of back, knees, and neck aches after you use your folding treadmill.

Hence, you should look for a fold-up treadmill that is bendable and flexible, so it is easy to fold and to set up.

Moreover, this kind of treadmill will not give you the struggling moments of being unable to control the unfolding speed.

In the specifications, also check if the manufacturer discourages the dropping of the folding treadmill, hence, protecting it against the unwelcome wear and tear.

You can find out if the folding treadmill is both easy to fold and unfold by testing it yourself before purchasing, by reading the customers’ reviews on the Internet, and through asking questions in online forums.

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Ensure that the treadmill’s wheels make it easily transportable.

Some folding treadmills require you to fold it back on two wheels to be able to move it to another location when you do not need it.

This version of the exercise machine may be inconvenient for you because of the few wheels involved.

Fitness gurus highly recommend that you seek a foldable treadmill model that comprises four recessed wheels that can come out when you fold the exercise equipment.

This portability benefit makes this type of fold-away treadmill easier to move from one place to another.

By inquiring from the manufacturer’s website or online forums, you can find out if the foldable treadmill you are purchasing is a compact model that includes this advantage which is among what to look for in a folding treadmill.

Remember that top-quality treadmills have years-long warranties.

To enjoy your folding treadmill and protect yourself against worries caused by substandard parts, purchase the one that offers a minimum warranty of one year of service.

Also, the foldable treadmill’s warranty should include at least a two-year warranty for its parts and a five-year warranty for its motor.

As you can see, folding treadmills that will give you peace of mind are those which do not have a warranty that lasts only for less than a year such as a 90-day warranty.

After you have learned these ten essential things to consider orwhat to look for in a folding treadmill, you are ready to make a decision.

Always remember to ask questions and request to test the fold-away treadmill before you make a choice and pay with your hard-earned money.

Moreover, it pays to read the customers’ reviews about the folding treadmill before you buy.

Foreign companies, which put a premium on customer satisfaction, manufacture some of these running machines.

As they feature quality control being their highest priority, these foldable treadmill makers ensure optimum build quality, so you do not end up dissatisfied with their product.

It is certainly advantageous to be meticulous as you learn what to look for in a folding treadmill.

Hence, you do not get yourself trapped into an endless, vicious cycle of money and time-wasting inconveniences such as repairs and purchasing replacements.

Happy folding treadmill shopping!


About Gaurav Dhir

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, PGDCM is an engineer and MBA by training. A fitness aficionado, Gaurav follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to keep himself vigorously active. He loves playing sports and being outdoors. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents.