Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

Are you a soon to be mum, wondering where to buy maternity workout clothes? Well, we are here to help.

But wait a minute before jumping onto maternity clothes websites. Let’s understand why soon-to-be-moms should workout during their pregnancy. And, if so, what kind of clothes will work for these workouts

Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

All our lives, we have heard about the exceptional benefits of exercise. It adds value to everyday life, from improved physique to better moods and much more[1]. However, as the pregnancy stick changes its color, this conventional wisdom is suddenly turned upside down for a woman. 

Many myths and misconceptions surround pregnancy. One such fallacy is that a pregnant lady shouldn’t exercise. This is misleading as exercising during pregnancy is extremely healthy for both the mother and the baby[2].

Should Pregnant Women Exercise?

If you think the answer to the above question is no, then chew on these facts for a minute:

  • A woman named Sherpa climbed to Everest’s Base Camp while she was in her third trimester
  • Paula Radcliffe made a world record for running twice a day in women’s marathon during the first five months of her pregnancy
  • Alysia Montano, a well-known athlete, was 34 weeks pregnant when she ran in the 800-meter race. 

These strong-willed females busted several myths. They proved that working out is valuable, and science supports them[3]. Why then, do people continue to carry these misconceptions?

Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

The main reason is the fear of a miscarriage. Women are asked to stay away from taking even the slightest of risk during pregnancy. 

Although research is divided over this, there are workout routines and yoga exercises that don’t need any risks.

You don’t need to pick anything heavy; you can take precautions while doing exercise. We assure you that the benefits are worthwhile.

Key benefits of working out during pregnancy

  • Helps in reducing constipation, bloating, backaches and swelling
  • Helps with mood swings and increase energy levels
  • Improves sleeping pattern
  • Maintain weight gain except for the baby bump
  • Tones muscles, increase strength and endurance
  • Reduces the risks for gestational diabetes
  • Shortens labor duration
  • Lower risk of having a C-section 

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Why you need maternity clothes for workout

Regular exercising clothes and yoga pants are tight. It would be best if you avoided them during pregnancy as they don’t allow your body to breathe. They are not stretchable enough for a pregnant woman’s physique. 

As every female is different, so is their pregnancy. It is better to select maternity clothes that compliment your body rather than wearing regular clothes. 

Always choose unique maternity clothes that make you comfortable and fit you correctly. Help with your sweat session by using sports bras or stretchable trousers. 

Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

As your physique changes over weeks, you’ll love the support system these maternity clothes have to offer. Maternity clothes are designed to accommodate the enormous belly and give extra support and flexibility. 

Buying maternity clothes might sound heavy on the budget. But when you consider all the money spent on baby preparation, it isn’t all that expensive. Just a couple of pairs would be enough. 

Well, as promised, here are some well-known and budget-friendly places to scroll through and buy maternity workout clothes.

Stores to buy maternity workout clothes from

Kindred bravely

In the hope of providing the best quality maternity clothes for pregnant women, ‘Kindred bravely’ is known as the top-tiered brand and provides super-soft fabrics. Their nursing bras have become a legend and worth investing your money in them.


Here is the link: Kindred Bravely Nursing & Maternity Wear | Brave New Motherhood

Motherhood Maternity

Another brand that has become classic, known as ‘Motherhood Maternity,’ offers cute maternity outfits and is the best maternity store for shopping.

Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

Here is the link: Maternity Fashion & Basics Online at Motherhood.com – Motherhood Maternity

Old Navy

If you are not willing to spend more on your maternity workout clothes, here is an option that’ll be light on your budget and equally comfortable. 

The store is called ‘Old Navy’ and has many very budget-friendly maternity workout clothes. Their clothes are unique but not too expensive. 

Soon-to-be mothers should pop into their store or visit their online site. 


Here is the link: Old Navy | Shop the Latest Fashion for the Whole Family (gap.com)


The next option is H&M, which offers everything from regular maternity clothes to maternity workout clothes. 


Here is the link: Maternity Activewear | Maternity Workout Leggings | H&M US

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga’s’ Beyond the Bump’ Line, coming to yoga pants that are soft, comfy, and stretchable is on top of customer’s shopping lists.


Here is the link: Yoga Apparel, Workout Clothes, & Activewear for Women | Beyond Yoga

Where to Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

Athleta Maternity

‘Athleta Maternity’ has outstanding reviews on their yoga pants.


Here is the link: Yoga Apparel, Workout Clothes, & Activewear for Women | Beyond Yoga (gap.com)

Ingrid & Isabel

Another most famous and affordable brand for maternity yoga pants is ‘Ingrid & Isabel.’


Here is the link: The Maternity Leggings Collection at Ingrid & Isabel (ingridandisabel.com) 

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Another name that has become popular in maternity clothes and workout yoga pants for pregnant ladies is ‘BLANQI’ with some excellent reviews on maternity bundles and is considered very affordable.


Here is the link: BLANQI Supportwear® Nursing & Maternity Clothes – Support & Style


Last but not least is the brand that isn’t specifically a maternity brand but does have some options for maternity yoga pants known as ‘Prana.’


Here is the link: Sustainable Clothing | Travel, Adventure & Yoga Clothing | prAna


Wrap Up

Amazingly, you are considering maternity workout sessions for yourself or your loved one, as it is essential to stay active, healthy, and equally comfortable. 

Pregnancy can be challenging, and we should do as much as possible to make it less painful. Our clothing should be comfortable, easy to move, and should complement our bodies and our style. 

Having clothes that are comfortable to workout in is also essential, and above are some options to consider when searching for where to maternity workout clothes.


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